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Convective snow showers occurred across parts of the area overnight into this morning ahead of an upper level low pressure system and surface cold front.  Some mixed precipitation occurred during the evening as well.  Although the precipitation was generally short-lived in most areas and scattered in nature, the snow showers were quite intense where they occurred.  This type of precipitation is analogous to summer-time thunderstorms that produce very heavy rain, hail, and strong winds in narrow corridors, while nearby areas may receive little to no precipitation.  In the areas where the snow showers were more persistent, locally heavy snowfall totals occurred.  Below is a radar animation from around 3 am through 7 am showing the scattered nature of the precipitaiton.  The heaviest snowfall amounts generally occurred across Roseau into Lake of the Woods Counties.  

radar animation


Below is a satellite image from early this morning around 3 am.  The circled area shows a region of convective clouds associated with some of the heavier snow showers.  Lights from cities, in addition to clouds, are also sensed from this type of satellite image.   

nighttime satellite


Snowfall Reports Tuesday

Location Amount
3 W Warroad, MN 6.5"
4 NE Salol, MN 6.2"
Warroad, MN 6.0"
5 NE Roseau, MN 6.0"
Ada, MN 3.0"
Baudette, MN 3.0"
Laporte, MN 2.5"
Lancaster, MN 1.1"
Rothsay, MN 1.0"
Greenbush, MN 0.5"
3 SSE Grand Forks, ND 0.5"
NWS Grand Forks, ND Trace