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Snow Spotter Information




You are asked to contact the Gray NWS office whenever you observe any of the following:

  1. 1. Tornado
  2. 2. Funnel Cloud
  3. 3. Flooding of roads or homes
  4. 4. Wind damage to structures, power lines, poles, trees, etc.
  5. 5. Injuries or deaths resulting from severe weather or it's damage.
  6. 6. Hail of any size. (Please reference the diameter of hail using "coins". e.g. "Quarter size hail")
  7. 7. Storm total snowfall of 1" or more (or any hourly rate of snowfall 1" or more)
  8. 8. Any accumulation of ice
  9. 9. Rainfall of 1.00" or more in 24 hours or less (if you have a rain gauge)


  • Snow fall is recorded to the nearest one-tenth of an inch. (i.e. 0.1)

  • Please convert all FRACTIONS to decimal Here is a sample table to help you.


   	If measure:			Convert to:

	1/4				0.3
	1/3				0.3
	1/2				0.5
	2/3				0.7
	3/4				0.8		


  • Snow depth is recorded to the nearest whole inch. (i.e. 15)

  • Trace amounts of snow or rain are recorded as "T".

  • If snow melts after it has fallen and before your next regular observation, try to eyeball an estimate.

  • If you miss a day or several days, please record as "M" for missing. Then just pick up when you return. Rain observers in this situation can put a total from their guage on the day they return. From the preceding "M" reports, we'll know this is a several day total.