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Consolidation and Reformatting

After multiple social science engagements, including focus groups, surveys and the 2015 Hazard Simplification Workshop, we received consistent positive feedback for reducing the number of products (consolidation) and simplifying the product text (reformatting).  


Winter Weather Changes

As such, beginning in 2016, the Haz Simp project team has asked NWS partners and the public to comment on a series of consolidation and reformatting proposals for a variety of hazards. On Oct. 2, 2017, after receiving positive feedback, NWS reformatted all Winter products into a “What, Where, When, Additional Details, and Precautionary/Preparedness Actions” format and consolidated Winter Weather products as shown below:


Future Changes

While the Haz Simp team received positive feedback on the 2017/2018 winter season, we also realized that the Haz Simp timeline was beginning to converge with another NOAA initiative, Hazard Services. By aligning with Hazard Services it actually improves forecaster ease of use and simplifies the consolidation process. With this in mind, most future Haz Simp consolidation will be postponed until the deployment of Hazard Services in late 2019/early 2020.

However, the good news is we’ll be making progress in the meantime! The Haz Simp team continues to engage users around further consolidation and reformatting. Please be on the lookout for two surveys to be released in July; these will focus on:

  1. Options for potential consolidation of Winter Warning products

  2. Potential consolidation of Flood Watch, Warning, and Advisory products

Prior to the implementation of Hazard Services, we will also continue to reformat to “What, Where, When” across our marine, visibility, temperature, and wind products over the next year (pending positive feedback). In addition, Flash Flood Warnings will transition to Impact Based Warning (IBW) format in Spring 2019.