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NOAA Weather Radio station KXI-48 (162.450 MHz) is broadcasting on reduced power due to an equipment malfunction.  Although the station remains on the air and is being received in much of Jasper County, many other locations that would normally receive programming from this station will not receive a clear broadcast.  

When working at full power, this station covers southeast Illinois including Effingham, Greenup, Marshall, Newton, Robinson, Olney, Flora, Lawrenceville, Fairfield, and Albion.

At this point a timeline for restoring the station to full power is unknown, but it will be in this degraded condition into the week of Sept. 20th-26th. 

Listeners in the following locations have additional options to receive weather radio broadcasts: 

Most of Jasper County will continue to receive forecast information and severe weather warnings on KXI-48 (162.450 MHz/Channel 3) from Newton 


Clark County can receive forecast information and severe weather warnings on station KXI-47 (162.525 MHz/Channel 6) in Paris


Effingham County can receive forecast info and severe weather warnings by station KXI-46 (162.550 MHz/Channel 7) located in Shelby County.


Clay County, RIchland County, and Wayne County can receive forecast info, with warnings only for Wayne County on station KXI-49 (162.475 MHz/Channel 4) in Salem, IL


Lawrence County and Crawford County can receive forecast info only on station WWG-83 (162.425 MHz/Channel 2) in Edwardsport, Indiana


Edwards County can receive forecast info and severe weather warnings by station KIG-76 (162.550 MHz/Channel 7) in Evansville


Additional information on the coverage area of KXI-48 can be found here.