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A combination of very rainy and snowy conditions to start the year, along with moist soil conditions, led to a prolonged period of flooding along the Illinois River in Central Illinois for the first part of 2019.  The long period of flooding conditions put stress on levees and led to evacuations, particularly south of Beardstown.  Closures and traffic limitations along portions of the river impacted commercial and recreational activities.



Flooding conditions have existed from the first week of February right through the current time at Beardstown and Havana.  During the majority of that period, the river was in moderate flood conditions at those sites. Minor flooding is expected to continue there for the next week or so as the river continues to fall.



Although flooding length records are not normally kept for the Illinois, Peoria and downstream river gauges have been in flood at least half the 196-day period between January 1st and July 16th.

Total Days in Each Flood Category
     Minor     Moderate  Major   
Henry 26 18 1
Peoria 98 40 0
Havana 175 135 37
Beardstown 176 110 13
La Grange 130 60 43


Below normal precipitation is expected through the remainder of July enabling the river to continue to fall.