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Why is excessive heat dangerous?

Hot weather is on tap for the Memorial Day weekend, as high temperatures reach into the lower 90s. The heat index will be in the mid 90s during the afternoon hours. 

High temperatures next 3 days (click images to enlarge):

Day 1 high temperature Day 2 high temperature Day 3 high temperature


With it being a holiday weekend, many people will be spending time outdoors. If you fall in this category, keep these safety rules in mind:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Wear light weight, light colored clothing. 
  • Reduce strenuous activity, or reserve it until early or late in the day.
  • Make sure children and pets are never left unattended in vehicles! Temperatures inside can quickly reach lethal levels. 
  • If possible, spend time in an air conditioned environment. Check with local officials to see if any cooling shelters have been opened in your area.