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Weather Acronyms: A's

AAA (or AAB, AAC, AAD... etc., in sequence) Amended meteorological message (a message type designator)
AAL Above aerodrome level
ABNDT Abundant
ABNML Abnormal
ABT About
ABV Above
Ac or AC Altocumulus
AC Anticipated Convection Outlook
ACC Area Control Center or area control
ACCAS Altocumulus Castellanus
ACCID Notification of an aircraft accident
ACCUM Accumulate
ACFT Aircraft
ACK Acknowledge
ACLT Accelerate
ACLTD Accelerated
ACLTG Accelerating
ACLTS Accelerates
ACPT Accept or accepted
ACPY Accompany
ACRS Across
ACSL Altocumulus Standing Lenticular
ACT Active or activated or activity
ACTV Active
ACTVTY Activity
ACYC Anticyclone
AD Aerodrome
ADA Advisory area
ADDN Addition or additional
ADJ Adjacent
ADL Additional
ADM Administrative Messages
ADQT Adequate
ADQTLY Adequately
ADR Advisory route
ADRNDCK Adirondack
ADVCT Advect
ADVCTD Advected
ADVCTG Advecting
ADVCTN Advection
ADVCTS Advects
ADVIS Headwater Advisory Program
ADVN Advance
ADVNG Advancing
ADVS Advisory service
ADVY Advisory
ADVYS Advisories
ADZ Advise
AFCT Affect
AFCTD Affected
AFCTG Affecting
AFD Area Forecast Discussion
AFDK After dark
AFOS Automation of Field Operations and Services
AFT After (time or place)
AFTN Afternoon
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGL Above ground level
AGN Again
AGRD Agreed
AGRMT Agreement
AGRS Agrees
AHD Ahead
AHOS-S Automatic Hydrologic Observing System - Satellite
AHOS Automatic Hydrologic Observing System
AHOS-T Automatic Hydrologic Observing System - Telephone
AIRMET AIRman's METeorological Information
AK Alaska
AL Alabama
ALERT Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time
ALF Aloft
ALG Along
ALGHNY Allegheny
ALQDS All quadrants
ALSTG Altimeter setting
ALT Altitude
ALTA Alberta
ALTHO Although
ALTM Altimeter
ALUTN Aleutian
AMD Amend or amended (used to indicate amended meteorological message; message type designator)
AMDD Amended
AMDG Amending
AMDT Amendment
AMP Amplify
AMPG Amplifying
AMPLTD Amplitude
AMS Air mass
AMSL Above mean sea level
AMT Amount
ANLYS Analysis
ANS Answer
AOA At or above
AOB At or Below
AP Anomalous Propagation or Airport
APCH Approach
APCHG Approaching
APCHS Approaches
API Antecedent Precipitation Index
APLCN Appalachian
APLCNS Appalachians
APPR Appear
APPRG Appearing
APPRS Appears
APR April
APRNT Apparent
APRNTLY Apparently
APRX Approximate or approximately
APRXLY Approximately
APSG After passing
AQI Air Quality Statement
AR Arkansas
Arcus Arc Cloud
ARFOR Area forecast (in aeronautical meteorological code)
ARND Around
ARPT Airport
ARR Arrive or arrival
ART Automatic Radio Theodolite Master Control Unit As or AS - Altostratus
ASAP AHOS SHEF Automatic Processing System or as soon as possible
ASAPTRAN The software component of ASA
ASC Ascent to or ascending to
ASH Assistant Service Hydrologist
ASL Above Sea Level
ASMD As amended
ASOS Automated Surface Observing System
ASSOCD Associated
ASSOCN Association
AT... At (followed by time at which weather change is forecast to occur)
ATAD Automated Telephone Answering Device
ATDTDCS Automated Tone Dial Telephone Data Collection System
ATLC Atlantic
ATMU Air Transportable Mobile Unit
ATP... At... (time or place)
ATTM At this time
ATTN Attention
AUG August
AVBL Available or availability
AVG Average
AVN Aviation model
AWC Aviation Weather Center
AWHPS Area Wide Hydrologic Prediction System
AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWOS Automated Weather Observation System
AWT Awaiting
AZ Arizona
AZM Azimuth