National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Weather Acronyms: C's

C Center (runway identification) or Degrees Celsius (Centigrade)
CA Cloud-Air Lightning or California
CAA Cold Air Advection
CADAS Centralized Automated Data Acquisition System
CAPE Convective Available Potential Energy
CAPPI Constant Altitude PPI.
CARIB Caribbean
CASCDS Cascades
CAT Category or Clear Air Turbulence
CAVOK Visibility, cloud and present weather better than prescribed values or conditions
CAVU Ceiling and visibility unlimited
Cb or CB Cumulonimbus Cloud
CBMAM Cumulonimbus Mammatus
CBS Cumulonimbi
Cc or CC Cirrocumulus
CC Cloud-Cloud Lightning
CCA (or CCB, CCC ... etc, in sequence) Corrected meteorological message (message type designator)
CCL Convective Condensation Level
CCLDS Clear of clouds
CCLKWS Counter-clockwise
CCSL Cirrocumulus Standing Lenticular
CD Climatological Data
CDA NOAA or NESDIS Command and Data Acquisition (CDA) Station
CDC Climate Diagnostics Center
CDFNT Cold front
CDFNTL Cold frontal
CEM Civil Emergency Message
CFP Cold front passage
CFS Cubic Feet per Second
CG Cloud-Ground Lightning
CHC Chance
CHCS Chances
CHG Change
CHGD Changed
CHGG Changing
CHGS Changes
CHSPK Chesapeake
Ci or CI Cirrus
CIG Ceiling
CIGS Ceilings
CIN Convective Inhibition
CISK Conditional Instability of the Second Kind.
CLA Clear type of ice formation
CLD Cloud
CLDNS Cloudiness
CLDS Clouds
CLKWS Clockwise
CLR Clear
CLRG Clearing
CLRS Clears
CM Centimeter
CMPLX Complex
CNCL Cancel
CNCLD Canceled
CNCLG Cancelling
CNCLS Cancels
CNDN Canadian
CNFDC Confidence
CNIF Calibration Network Information Files
CNL Cancel or canceled
CNTR Center
CNTRD Centered
CNTRL Central
CNTRLN Centerline
CNTRS Centers
CNTY County
CNTYS Counties
CNVG Converge
CNVGG Converging
CNVGNC Convergence
CNVTN Convection
CNVTV Convective
CNVTVLY Convectively
CO Colorado
COE An acronym for Corps of Engineers
COM Communications
COMPAR Compare
COMPARD Compared
COMPARG Comparing
COMPARS Compares
COND Conditions
CONS Continuous
CONSHELF Continental Shelf
CONT Continue(s) or continued
CONTD Continued
CONTDVD Continental Divide
CONTG Continuing
CONTLY Continually
CONTRAILS Condensation Trails
CONTS Continues
CONUS Continental United States
COOR Co-ordinate or co-ordination
COORD Coordinate
COR Correction
COT At the coast
COV Cover or covered or covering
CPBL Capable
CPC Climate Prediction Center
CPHC Central Pacific Hurricane Center
CR Composite Reflectivity
CRC Composite Reflectivity Contour
CRC Circle
CRCLC Circulate
CRCLN Circulation
CRNR Corner
CRNRS Corners
CRP Critical Rainfall Probability
CRS Course
Cs or CS Cirrostratus
CS Combined Shear
CSC Combined Shear Contour
CSDR Consider
CSDRBL Considerable
CSI Conditional Symmetric Instability
CST Coast
CSTL Coastal
CT Connecticut or Cross Totals
CTGY Category
CTSKLS Catskills
Cu or CU Cumulus.
CUF Cumuliform
CUFRA Cumulus Fractus
CVR Cover
CVRD Covered
CVRG Covering
CVRS Covers
CW Cloud-Water Lightning or Continuous Wave
CWA County Warning Area
CWF Coastal Marine Forecasts
CYC Cyclonic
CYCLGN Cyclogenesis