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Weather Acronyms: E's

E East or eastern longitude
EB Eastbound
EBND East bound
ECMWF European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting model
EFCT Effect
EHI Energy Helicity Index
EIF Enhanced IFLOWS Format
EL Equilibrium Level
ELEV Elevation
ELNGT Elongate
ELNGTD Elongated
ELSW Elsewhere
EMBD Embedded in a layer (to indicate cumulonimbus embedded in layers of other clouds)
EMBDD Embedded
EMC Environmental Modeling Center
EMERG Emergency
EMWIN Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
ENCTR Encounter
ENDG Ending
ENE East-northeast
ENELY East-northeasterly
ENERN East-northeastern
ENEWD East-northeastward
ENHNC Enhance
ENHNCD Enhanced
ENHNCG Enhancing
ENHNCMNT Enhancement
ENHNCS Enhances
ENRT En route
ENSO El Niño Southern Oscillation
ENTR Entire
EPD Extended Forecast Discussion
ER Here...or herewith
ERD Excessive Rainfall Discussion
ERL Environmental Research Laboratories
ERN Eastern
ERY Early
ERYR Earlier
ESA Electronic Systems Analyst
ESE East-southeast
ESELY East-southeasterly
ESERN East-southeastern
ESEWD East-southeastward
ESF Flood Potential Outlook
ESNTL Essential
ESP Extended Streamflow Prediction.
ESPINIT ESP Initialization Program
ESS Water Supply Outlook Product
EST Eastern Standard Time or Estimate or estimated or estimate (message type designator)
ESTAB Establish
ESTS Estimates
ET Echo Tops or Electronic Technician
ETA Eta model or Estimated time of arrival or estimating arrival
ETC Et cetera or Echo Tops Contour
ETD Estimated time of departure or estimating departure
ETIM Elapsed time
EV Every
EVAD Extended Velocity
EVE Evening
EWD Eastward
EXC Except
EXCLV Exclusive
EXCLVLY Exclusively
EXCP Except
EXER Exercises or exercising or to exercise
EXP Expect or expected or expecting
EXPC Expect
EXPCD Expected
EXPCG Expecting
EXTD Extend or extending
EXTDD Extended
EXTDG Extending
EXTDS Extends
EXTN Extension
EXTRAP Extrapolate
EXTRAPD Extrapolated
EXTRM Extreme
EXTRMLY Extremely
EXTSV Extensive