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Weather Acronyms: F's

F scale Old tornado intensity scale named after Tetsuya Fujita.
F Fahrenheit
FA Aviation Area Forecast
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAH Fahrenheit
FAM Familiar
FAX Facsimile transmission
+FC Funnel cloud (tornado or waterspout)
FCEXEC A component of the NWSRFS FCST Program.
FCST Forecast
FCSTD Forecasted
FCSTG Forecasting
FCSTR Forecaster
FCSTS Forecasts
FDR Fire Danger Rating
FEB February
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFA Flood or Flash Flood Watch
FFG Flash Flood Guidance
FFS Flash Flood Statement
FFW Flash Flood Warning
FG Fog
FIC Flight information center
FIG Figure
FILG Filling
FIR Flight information region
FIRAV First available
FIS Flight information service
FL Flight level or Florida
FLD Field
FLG Flashing or Falling
FLN National Flood Summary
FLRY Flurry
FLRYS Flurries
FLS River Flood Statement
FLT Flight
FLUC Fluctuating or fluctuation or fluctuated
FLW River Flood Warning, follow(s) or following
FLWG Following
FLY Fly or flying
FM From
FMT Format
FNCTN Function
FNT Front
FNTGNS Frontogenesis
FNTL Frontal
FNTLYS Frontolysis
FNTS Fronts
FORNN Forenoon
FOS Family of Services
FOS Family of Services
FPM Feet per minute
FPO Flood Potential Outlook
FQT Frequent
FQTLY Frequently
FREQ Frequency
FRI Friday
FRM Form
FRMG Forming
FRMN Formation
FRONT Front (relating to weather)
FROPA Frontal passage
FROSFC Frontal surface
FRQ Frequent
FRST Frost
FRWF Forecast wind factor
FRZ Freeze
FRZG Freezing
FRZN Frozen
FST First
FT Feet (dimensional unit) or Terminal forecast
FTHR Further
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FU Smoke
FVRBL Favorable
FWD Forward
FYI For your information
FZ Freezing
FZDZ Freezing drizzle
FZFG Freezing fog
FZRA Freezing rain