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Weather Acronyms: G's

G Gust or Green
GA Georgia
GEN General
GENLY Generally
GEO Geographic or true
GEOREF Geographical reference
GF Ground fog
GFS Global Forecast System
GICG Glaze icing
GLFALSK Gulf of Alaska
GLFCAL Gulf of California
GLFMEX Gulf of Mexico
GLFSTLAWR Gulf of St. Lawrence
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GND Ground
GNDFG Ground fog
GOES Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellite
GOM Global Ocean Model
GPS Global Positioning System
GR Hail
GRAD Gradient
GRDL Gradual
GRDLY Gradually
GRID Processed meteorological data in the form of grid point values
GRT Great
GRTLKS Great Lakes
GRTLY Greatly
GRTR Greater
GRTST Greatest
GS Small hail and/or snow pellets
GSTS Gusts
GSTY Gusty
GV Ground visibility