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Weather Acronyms: I's

'I' See inphase
IA Iowa
IAO In and out of clouds
IC Ice Crystals, Diamond dust (very small ice crystals in suspension), or In-Cloud Lightning
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICE Icing
ICG Icing
ICGIC Icing in clouds
ICGIP Icing in precipitation
ID Identifier, identify, or Idaho
IFFDP International Flight Folder Documentation Program
IFLOWS The Integrated Flood Observing and Warning System
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IL Illinois
IMC Instrument meteorological conditions
IMDT Immediate
IMDTLY Immediately
IMPL Impulse
IMPLS Impulses
IMPR Improve or improving
IMPT Important
IMT Immediate or immediately
INBD Inbound
INC In cloud
INCL Include
INCLD Included
INCLG Including
INCLS Includes
INCR Increase
INCRD Increased
INCRG Increasing
INCRGLY Increasingly
INCRS Increases
INDC Indicate
INDCD Indicated
INDCG Indicating
INDCS Indicates
INDEF Indefinite
INFO Information
INLD Inland
INOP Inoperative
INP If not possible
INPR In progress
INS Inertial Navigation System
INSTBY Instability
INSTF Intensify or intensifying
INSTL Install or installed or installation
INTCNTL Intercontinental
INTL International
INTMD Intermediate
INTMT Intermittent
INTMTLY Intermittently
INTR Interior
INTRMTRGN Intermountain region
INTRP Interrupt or interruption or interrupted
INTS Intense
INTSFCN Intensification
INTSFY Intensify
INTSFYD Intensified
INTSFYG Intensifying
INTSFYS Intensifies
INTST Intensity
INTSTY Intensity
INTVL Interval
INU Inertial Navigation Unit
INVOF In vicinity of
INVRN Inversion
IOVC In overcast
IP Ice pellets
IPV Improve
IPVG Improving
IR Infrared or Ice on runway
ISA International standard atmosphere
ISOL Isolated or Isolate
ISOLD Isolated
ITCZ Intertropical Convergence Zone