National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Weather Acronyms: L's

LA Louisiana
LABRDR Labrador
LAM Logical acknowledgment (message type designator)
LAN Inland
LAT Latitude
LCL Local
LCLY Locally
LCTD Located
LCTMP Little change in temperature
LCTN Location
LDG Landing
LEN Length
LEWP Line Echo Wave Pattern
LFM Limited Fine Mesh Model
LFTG Lifting
LGRNG Long range
LGT Light or lighting
LGTD Lighted
LGTR Lighter
LGWV Long wave
LI Lifted Index
LIS Lifted indices
LK Lake
LKLY Likely
LKS Lakes
LLJ Low Level Jet
LLWAS Low level wind shear alert system
LLWS Low Level Wind Shear
LMT Local mean time
LMTD Limited
LMTG Limiting
LMTS Limits
LN Line or Lines
LO Low
LOC Local or locally or location or located
LONG Longitude
LONGL Longitudinal
LP Low Precipitation
LRG Large
LRGLY Largely
LRGR Larger
LRGST Largest
LSQ Line squall
LSR Local Storm Report.
LST Local standard time
LTD Limited
LTG Lightning
LTGCC Lightning cloud-to-cloud
LTGCCCG Lightning cloud-to-cloud cloud-to-ground
LTGCG Lightning cloud-to-ground
LTGCW Lightning cloud-to-water
LTGIC Lightning in cloud
LTL Little
LTLCG Little change
LTR Later
LTST Latest
LV Light and variable (relating to wind) or Leaving
LVL Level
LVLS Levels
LWR Lower
LWRD Lowered
LWRG Lowering
LYR Layer or layered
LYRD Layered
LYRS Layers