National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Weather Acronyms: M's

M Mesocyclone, Mach number (followed by figures), or Meters (preceded by figures)
m2/s2 Meters squared per second squared (also m2/S2)
MA Massachusetts
MAN Manitoba
MAP Mean Areal Precipitation or Aeronautical maps and charts
MAR March
MAREP Marine Reporting Program
MAX Maximum
MB or mb Millibars.
MCC Mesoscale Convective Complex
MCD Mesoscale Discussion
MCDW Monthly Climatic Data of the World
McIDAS Man-computer Interactive Data Access System.
MCS Mesoscale Convective System
MCW Modulated continuous wave
MD Maryland
MDFY Modify
MDFYD Modified
MDFYG Modifying
MDL Model
MDLS Models
MDS Minimum Discernible Signal
MDT Moderate
MDTLY Moderately
ME Maine
MED Medium
MEGG Merging
MESO Mesocyclone or Mesoscale
MET Meteorological or meteorology
METAR Aviation routine weather report (in aeronautical meteorological code)
METRO Metropolitan
MEX Mexico
MHKVLY Mohawk Valley
MI Michigan
MIC Meteorologist-In-Charge
Micro-ART Microcomputer Automatic Radiotheodolite Master Control Unit
MID Middle
MIDN Midnight
MIFG Shallow fog
MIL Military
MIN Minutes or Minimum
MISG Missing
MLLI Mean Layer Lifted Index
MLLW Mean Lower Low Water
MLOS Microwave Line-Of-Site
MLTLVL Melting level
MLW Mean Low Water
MN Minnesota
MNLND Mainland
MNLY Mainly
MNM Minimum
MNT Monitor or monitoring or monitored
MO Missouri
MOD Meteorological Operations Division or Moderate
MOGR Moderate or greater
MON Above mountains or Monday
MOS Model Output Statistics
MOV Move or moving or movement
MOVD Moved
MOVG Moving
MOVMT Movement
MOVS Moves
MPC Marine Prediction Center
MPH Miles per hour
MPL Max Parcel Level
MRF Medium-Range Forecast model
MRGL Marginal
MRGLLY Marginally
MRNG Morning
MRTM Maritime
MS Mississippi or Minus
MSG Message
MSL Mean Sea Level
MST Most
MSTLY Mostly
MSTR Moisture
MT Montana or Mountain
MTN Mountain
MTNS Mountains
MTU Metric units
MTW Mountain waves
MUCAPE Most Unstable CAPE
MULI Most Unstable Lifted Index
MULT Multiple
MULTILVL Multi-level
MWO Meteorological watch office
MX Mixed type of ice formation (white and clear)
MXD Mixed