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Weather Acronyms: P's

PA Pennsylvania
PAC Pacific
PARL Parallel
PBL Planetary boundary layer
PC-GRIDDS PC-Gridded Interactive Display and Diagnostic System
PCD Proceed or proceeding
PCPN Precipitation
PD Period
PDMT Predominant
PDS Particularly Dangerous Situation or Periods
PE Ice pellets
PEN Peninsula
PERM Permanent
PFD QPF Discussion
PGTSND Puget Sound
PHYS Physical
Pibal pilot-balloon observation
PIBAL Pilot balloon observation
PIBALS Pilot balloon reports
PIREP Pilot Weather Report
Pixel A contraction of "picture element"
PL Ice Pellets or Sleet
PLNS Plains
PLS Please
PLTO Plateau
PLVL Present level
PM Post meridian
PMD Prognostic Discussion
PNHDL Panhandle
PNS Public Information Statement
PO Dust devils
PoP Precipitation Probability
POS Positive
POSLY Positively
POSS Possible
PPINE Plan Position Indicates No Echoes
PPSN Present position
PQPF Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
PRBL Probable
PRBLTY Probability
PRBLY Probably
PRECD Precede
PRECDD Preceded
PRECDG Preceding
PRECDS Precedes
PRES Pressure
PRESFR Pressure falling rapidly
PRESRR Pressure rising rapidly
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRI Primary
PRIM Primary
PRIN Principal
PRIND Present indications are
PRJMP Pressure jump
PROB Probability
PROC Procedure
PROD Produce
PRODG Producing
PROG Forecast
PROGD Forecasted
PROGS Forecasts
PRSNT Present
PRSNTLY Presently
PRST Persist
PRSTNC Persistence
PRSTNT Persistent
PRSTS Persists
PRT Pulse Repetition Time
PRVD Provide
PRVDD Provided
PRVDG Providing
PRVDS Provides
PS Plus
PSBL Possible
PSBLTY Possibility
PSBLY Possibly
PSCZ Puget Sound Convergence Zone
PSG Passing or Passage
PSH Preliminary Tropical Storm Report
PSN Position
PSND Positioned
PTCHY Patchy
PTLY Partly
PTNL Potential
PTNLY Potentially
PTNS Portions
PUGET Puget Sound
PUP Principle User Processor
PVA Positive Vorticity Advection
PVL Prevail
PVLD Prevailed
PVLG Prevailing
PVLS Prevails
PVLT Prevalent
PW Precipitable Water
PWS Precipitable Waters (plural)
PWO Public Severe Weather Outlook
PWR Power
PY Spray