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Weather Acronyms: R's

R Base Reflectivity, red, right, or restricted area
RA Rain
RADAT Radiosonde observation data
RAFC Regional Area Forecast Center
RAFS Regional Analysis and Forecasting System.
RAG Ragged
RAMSDIS RAMM Advanced Meteorological Satellite Demonstration and Interpretation System
RAOB Radiosonde Observation
RAOBS Radiosonde observations
RCH Reach or reaching
RCHD Reached
RCHG Reaching
RCHS Reaches
RCKY Rocky
RCKYS Rockies
RCM Radar Coded Message
RCMD Recommend
RCMDD Recommended
RCMDG Recommending
RCMDS Recommends
RCRD Record
RCRDS Records
RCS Reflectivity Cross Section
RCV Receive
RCVD Received
RCVG Receiving
RCVS Receives
RDA Radar Data Acquisition
RDC Reduce
RDGG Ridging
RDR Radar
RDVLP Redevelop
RDVLPG Redeveloping
RDVLPMT Redevelopment
RE Regard or Recent
REC Recreation Report
RECON Reconnaissance
REF Reference
REP Report or reporting or reporting point
REPL Replace
REPLD Replaced
REPLG Replacing
REPLS Replaces
REQ Request or requested
REQS Requests
REQSTD Requested
RES Reserve
RESP Response
RESTR Restrict
RFC River Forecast Center
RFD Rear Flank Downdraft
RGD Ragged
RGL Regional Model
RGLR Regular
RGN Region
RGNS Regions
RGT Right
RH Relative Humidity
RHI Range-Height Indicator
RHINO RHI not operative
RI Rhode Island
RIOGD Rio Grande
RL Report leaving
RLBL Reliable
RLTV Relative
RLTVLY Relatively
RMK Remark
RMN Remain
RMND Remained
RMNDR Remainder
RMNG Remaining
RMNS Remains
RNFL Rainfall
ROBEX Regional OPMET bulletin exchange (scheme)
ROC Rate of climb
ROD Rate of descent
ROFOR Route forecast (in aeronautical meteorological code)
ROML Regional Operations Manual Letter.
ROSA Remote Observing System Automation
ROT Rotate
ROTD Rotated
ROTG Rotating
ROTS Rotates
RPD Rapid
RPDLY Rapidly
RPG Radar Product Generator
RPLC Replace or replaced
RPLCD Replaced
RPLCG Replacing
RPLCS Replaces
RPRT Report
RPRTD Reported
RPRTG Reporting
RPRTS Reports
RPT Repeat
RPTG Repeating
RPTS Repeats
RQR Require
RQRD Required
RQRG Requiring
RQRS Requires
RR Report reaching
RRA (or RRB, RRC ... etc., in sequence) Delayed meteorological message (message type designator)
RS Receiver station
RSG Rising
RSN Reason
RSNG Reasoning
RSNS Reasons
RSTR Restrict
RSTRD Restricted
RSTRG Restricting
RSTRS Restricts
RTD Delayed (used to indicate delayed meteorological message; message type designator)
RTE Route
RTN Return or returned or returning
RTRN Return
RTRND Returned
RTRNG Returning
RTRNS Returns
RUC Rapid Update Cycle
RUF Rough
RUFLY Roughly
RVA River Summary
RVF River Forecast
RVI River Ice Statement
RVR River Recreation Statement or Runway Visual Range
RVS River Statement or Revise
RVSD Revised
RVSG Revising
RVSS Revises
RW Rain Shower
RWY Runway