National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Weather Acronyms: S's

S South or southern latitude
SA Surface observation or Sand
SACSMA Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting Model
SAO Surface observation
SAOS Surface observations
SAP As soon as possible
SARPS Standards and Recommended Practices (ICAO)
SASK Saskatchewan
SAT Saturday
SATFY Satisfactory
SAW Preliminary Notification of Forthcoming Watch
SAWRS Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting Station
SB Southbound
SBCAPE CAPE calculated using a Surface based parcel
SBLI Lifted Index (LI) calculated using surfaced based parcel
SBND South bound
SBSD Subside
SBSDD Subsided
SBSDNC Subsidence
SBSDS Subsides
Sc Stratocumulus
SC South Carolina or Stratocumulus
SCA Small Craft Advisory
SCC Tropical Storm Summary
SCND Second
SCNDRY Secondary
SCS Spectrum Width Cross Section or Soil Conservation Service
SCSL Standing lenticular stratocumulus
SCT Scattered
SCTD Scattered
SCTR Sector
SD Storm Data or South Dakota
SDF Second-Day Feet
SDM Senior Duty Meteorologist or Station Duty Manual
SE Southeast
SEB South-eastbound
SEC Second, or seconds
SEL Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Tornado Watch
SEL Watch Cancellation
SELS SEvere Local Storms Unit
SELY Southeasterly
SEP September
SEPN Separation
SEQ Sequence
SERN Southeastern
SEV Severe (used e.g. to qualify icing and turbulence reports)
SEWD Southeastward
SFC Surface
SFD State Forecast Discussion
SFERICS Atmospherics
SFP State Forecast Product
SG Snow Grains
SGFNT Significant
SGFNTLY Significantly
SH... Shower (followed by RA = rain, SN = snow, PE = ice pellets)
SHARP Skew-T Hodograph Analysis and Research Program
SHARS Subtle Heavy Rainfall Signature
SHEF Standard Hydrologic Exchange Format
SHEFPARS A software decoder for SHEF Data.
SHFT Shift
SHFTD Shifted
SHFTG Shifting
SHFTS Shifts
SHLD Shield
SHLW Shallow
SHRT Short
SHRTLY Shortly
SHRTWV Shortwave
SHRTWVS Shortwaves
SHSN Snow Shower
SHUD Should
SHWR Shower
SHWRS Showers
SIERNEV Sierra Nevada
SIG Signature
SIGMET SIGnificant METeorlogical Information
SIGWX Significant weather
SIMUL Simultaneous or simultaneously
SKC Sky clear
SKED Schedule or scheduled
SLD Solid
SLGT Slight
SLGTLY Slightly
SLO Slow
SLOLY Slowly
SLOR Slower
SLP Slope
SLPG Sloping
SLS Watch Redefining Statement
SLT Sleet
SLW Slow
SLY Southerly
SM Statute mile
SMA Soil Moisture Accounting Model or Subtropical Forecast/Advisory
SMK Smoke
SML Small
SMLR Smaller
SMPDBK The Simplified Dam Break (DAMBRK) Model
SMRY Summary
SMS Synchronous Meteorological Satellite
SMTH Smooth
SMTHR Smoother
SMTHST Smoothest
SMTM Sometime
SMW Special Marine Warning
SMWHT Somewhat
SN Snow
SNBNK Snow bank
SND Sand
SNFLK Snow flake
SNGL Single
SNOINCR Snow increase
SNOINCRG Snow increasing
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SNST Sunset
SNW Snow
SNWFL Snowfall
SO Southern Oscillation
SOO Scientific & Operations Officer
SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea Convention
SOP Standard operating procedure
SP Snow pellets
SPA Subtropical Cyclone Public Advisory
SPC Storm Prediction Center
SPCLY Especially
SPD Speed
SPDS Speeds
SPECI Aviation selected special weather report (in aeronautical meteorological code)
SPECIAL Special meteorological report (in abbreviated plain language)
SPENES Satellite precipitation estimate statement
SPF Probability of Tropical Cyclone Conditions
SPKL Sprinkle
SPKLS Sprinkles
SPLNS Southern Plains
SPOT Spot wind
SPRD Spread
SPRDG Spreading
SPRDS Spreads
SPRL Spiral
SPS Severe Weather Potential Statement or Special Weather Statement
SQ Squall
SQAL Squall
SQLN Squall line
SQSN Snow Squalls
SR Sunrise
SRH Storm-relative Helicity.
SRM Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity Map
SRN Southern
SRND Surround
SRNDD Surrounded
SRNDG Surrounding
SRNDS Surrounds
SRR Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity Region
SRY Secondary
SS Sandstorm or sunset
SSE South-southeast
SSELY South-southeasterly
SSERN South-southeastern
SSEWD South-southeastward
SSHP Site Specific Hydrologic Prediction System
SST sea surface temperature
SSW South southwest
SSWLY South-southwesterly
SSWRN South-southwestern
SSWWD South-southwestward
St or ST Stratus
STAGN Stagnation
STBL Stable
STBLTY Stability
STD Standard
STDY Steady
STF Stratiform
STFR Stratus fractus
STFRM Stratiform
STG Strong
STGLY Strongly
STGR Stronger
STGST Strongest
STI Storm Tracking Information
STLT Satellite
STM Storm
STMS Storms
STN Station
STN Station
STNR Stationary
STNRY Stationary
STNS Stations
STP Storm Total Precipitation
SUB Substitute
SUBTRPCL Subtropical
SUF Sufficient
SUFLY Sufficiently
SUG Suggest
SUGG Suggesting
SUGS Suggests
SUN Sunday
SUP Supply
SUPG Supplying
SUPR Superior
SUPS Supplies
SUPSD Supersede
SUPSDG Superseding
SUPSDS Supersedes
SVG Serving
SVR Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Severe
SVRL Several
SW Southwest or Spectrum Width
SWA Severe Weather Analysis (SWA)
SWB South-westbound
SWD Southward
SWE Snow Water Equivalent
SWEAT Index Severe WEAther Threat Index
SWI Showalter Index
SWLG Swelling
SWLY Southwesterly
SWO SPC Mesoscale Discussions or Convective Outlook
SWODY1 Day 1 Convective Outlook
SWODY2 Day 2 Convective Outlook
SWOMCD SELS Mesoscale Discussion
SWP Severe Weather Probability
SWPC Space Weather Prediction Center
SWR State Weather Roundup
SWRN Southwestern
SWS Severe Weather Statement
SWWD Southwestward
SX Stability index
SXN Section
SXNS Sections
SYNOP Synoptic
SYNS Synopsis
SYS System