National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Weather Acronyms: T's

T Thunder or Temperature
T. D. Tropical Depression
T.S. Tropical Storm
TAF Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
TAFB Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch
TAS True airspeed
TC Tropical cyclone
TCE Tropical Cyclone Position Estimate
TCM Tropical Cyclone Forecasts/Advisory
TCNTL Transcontinental
TCP Public Tropical Cyclone Advisory
TCU Towering Cumulus or Tropical Cyclone Update
TDA Today
TDO Tornado
TDWR Terminal Doppler Weather Radar.
TEMP Temperature
TEMPO Temporary or temporarily
TEN Theta-e Index
TEND Trend forecast
THD Thunderhead
THDR Thunder
THK Thick
THKNG Thickening
THKNS Thickness
THKR Thicker
THKST Thickest
THN Thin
THNG Thinning
THNR Thinner
THNST Thinnest
THP Three-Hour Rainfall Rate
THR Threshold
THRFTR Thereafter
THRU Through
THRUT Throughout
THSD Thousand
THTN Threaten
THTND Threatened
THTNG Threatening
THTNS Threatens
THU Thursday
TIL Until
TIP Until past ... (place)
TL... Till (followed by time by which weather change is forecast to end)
TMPRY Temporary
TMPRYLY Temporarily
TMW Tomorrow
TN Tennessee
TNDCY Tendency
TNDCYS Tendencies
TNGT Tonight
TNTV Tentative
TNTVLY Tentatively
TO To... (place)
TOP Cloud top
TOR Tornado Warning
TOVC Top of overcast
TPC Tropical Prediction Center
TPG Topping
TR Track
TRBL Trouble
TRIB Tributary
TRKG Tracking
TRML Terminal
TRMT Terminate
TRMTD Terminated
TRMTG Terminating
TRMTS Terminates
TRNSP Transport
TRNSPG Transporting
TROF Trough
TROFS Troughs
TROP Tropopause
TRPCD Tropical continental
TRPCL Tropical
TRRN Terrain
TRSN Transition
TRW Thunderstorm
TRW+ Thunderstorm with heavy rain shower
TS Thunderstorm without precipitation
TSB Technical Support Branch
TSFR Transfer
TSFRD Transferred
TSFRG Transferring
TSFRS Transfers
TSHWR Thundershower
TSHWRS Thundershowers
TSIP Thundersleet
TSNT Transient
TSQLS Thundersqualls
TSRA Thunderstorm with rain
TSSN Thundersnow
TSTM Thunderstorm
TSTMS Thunderstorms
TT Total Totals or Teletypewriter
TUE Tuesday
TURB Turbulence
TURBC Turbulence
TURBT Turbulent
TVS Tornado Vortex Signature
TWD Toward or Tropical Weather Discussion
TWDS Towards
TWEB Transcribed Weather Broadcasts Route Forecast
TWI Twilight
TWO Tropical Weather Outlook
TWRG Towering
TWS Tropical Weather Summary
TX Texas
TYP Type of aircraft
TYPH Typhoon