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Weather Acronyms: V's

V Base Velocity
VA Virginia or Volcanic Ash
VAD Velocity-Azimuth Display
VAL In valleys
VARN Variation
VC Vicinity
VCNTY Vicinity
VCOT VFR conditions on top
VCS Velocity Cross Section
VCTR Vector
VCY Vicinity
VDUC VAS Data Utilization Center (NSSFC)
VER Vertical
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VFY Verify
VFYD Verified
VFYG Verifying
VFYS Verifies
VHF Very high frequency [30 to 300 MHz)
VIL Vertically-Integrated Liquid water
VIP Very important person
VIP Video Integrator and Processor
VIS Visibility or Visible
VLCTY Velocity
VLCTYS Velocities
VLNT Violent
VLNTLY Violently
VLY Valley
VLYS Valleys
VMC Visual meteorological conditions
VOL Volume
VOLMET Meteorological information for aircraft in flight
VOMIT VIL Of the Moment In Time
VOR VHF omnidirectional radio range
VORT Vorticity
VR Veer
VRB Variable
VRBL Variable
VRG Veering
VRISL Vancouver Island, BC
VRS Veers
VRT MOTN Vertical Motion
VRY Very
VSA By visual reference to the ground
VSB Visible
VSBY Visibility
VSBYDR Visibility decreasing rapidly
VSBYIR Visibility increasing rapidly
VT Vertical Totals or Vermont
VV Vertical velocity
VVP Volume Velocity Processing
VWP Velocity Azimuth Display (VAD) Wind Profile