National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Weather Acronyms: W's

W White, west, or west longitude
WA Washington
WAA Warm Air Advection
WAC World Aeronautical Chart
WADL West African Disturbance Line
WAFC World area forecast center
WB Westbound
WBND West bound
WBZ Wet-Bulb Zero
WCM Warning Coordination Meteorologist
WDI Wind direction indicator
WDLY Widely
WDSPR Widespread
WDSPRD Widespread
WEA Weather
WED Wednesday
WEF With effect from or effective from
WER Weak Echo Region
WFO Weather Forecast Office
WFOS Weather Forecast Offices
WFP Warm front passage
WI Within or Wisconsin
WIBIS Will be issued
WID Width
WIE With immediate effect or effective immediately
WILCO Will comply
WIMS Weather Information Management System
WINT Winter
WINTEM Forecast upper wind and temperature for aviation
WIP Work in progress
WK Weak
WKDAY Weekday
WKEND Weekend
WKN Weaken or weakening
WKNG Weakening
WKNS Weakens
WKR Weaker
WKST Weakest
WL Will
WLY Westerly
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WND Wind
WNDS Winds
WNW West-northwest
WNWLY West-northwesterly
WNWRN West-northwestern
WNWWD West-northwestward
WO Without
WPLTO Western Plateau
WRM Warm
WRMFNT Warm front
WRMFNTL Warm Frontal
WRMG Warming
WRMR Warmer
WRMST Warmest
WRN Western
WRNG Warning
WRNGS Warnings
WRS Worse
WS Wind shear
WSFO Weather Service Forecast Office
WSFOS Weather Service Forecast Offices
WSHFT Wind shift
WSHFTS Wind Shifts
WSOM National Weather Service Operations Manual
WSR-88D Weather Surveillance Radar
WSR-74 A NWS Weather Surveillance Radar designed in 1974.
WSR-57 A NWS Weather Surveillance Radar designed in 1957.
WSTCH Wasatch Range
WSW West-southwest
WSWLY West-southwesterly
WSWRN West-southwestern
WSWWD West-southwestward
WTR Water
WTRS Waters
WTSPT Waterspout
WTSPTS Waterspouts
WUD Would
WV West Virginia or Water Vapor
WVS Waves
WW Severe Thunderstorm Watch or Tornado Watch
WWA Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Tornado Watch, or Watch status reports
WWAMKC Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watch Status Report
WWD Westward
WWS Severe Weather Watches
WX Weather
WY Wyoming