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The following is a PDF collection of some of the documents and posters contained within JetStream.


Night of a 1000 Trains poster:11"x17" | 26"x40"
Flash Riprock and the Bolt from the Blue poster:11"x17" | 26"x40"
The Water Cycle
El Hidrológical Ciclo

Owlie Skywarn Booklets

Tropical Cyclone Tracking Charts

Central/Eastern Pacific: 8"x14"
Eastern Pacific: 8"x14"
Gulf of Mexico: 8½"x11" | 11"x17"
Western Atlantic: 8½"x11"
8½"x14" | 11"x17" | 24"x36"


Tsunami: The Great Waves
English | Spanish

Miscellaneous Documents

JetStream Wheels

Psychrometric Calculator
For station pressures:
22.00" - 27.49" Hg
Psychrometric Calculator
For station pressures:
≥26.00" Hg
'Hole' in the Clouds 1
Color | Black & White
'Hole' in the Clouds 2
Color | Black & White

Note: Most pdf wheels consist of three pages. The first page is for one-sided printing. Pages two and three are designed for 'two-sided' (duplex) printing.