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Henry Reges, the CoCoRaHS National Coordinator, visited NWS Louisville today to present on the status of CoCoRaHS in the area.  He pointed out that while central Kentucky and southern Indiana continue to have a number of active observers, that number has been dwindling in recent years, and provided us with several ideas to re-invigorate our CoCoRaHS efforts.  You can watch Henry's presentation on Periscope.

If you're not familiar with CoCoRaHS, check out the video, and their website.  CoCoRaHS observers are true "citizen scientists" who help the NWS tremendously every day - with daily rainfall reports that are incorporated into our river forecast models, hail reports, and significant weather reports of heavy rainfall that we have used on several occasions at NWS Louisville as the basis for issuing Flash Flood Warnings.  We also use the daily CoCoRaHS observations to help us generate high resolution precipitation maps like the one below resulting from the remnants of Hurricane Nate in early October: 

24-hour precipitation ending 7 am Oct 8, 2017

Archives of ALL of our daily precipitation maps - including Kentucky statewide maps, are available on  our Daily Precipitation and Temperature page - just click on the calendar date above the maps to select a date. 

If you used to be a CoCoRaHS observer, but have stopped reporting, we want to encourage you to start back up! If you have never been an observer, but want to become one, it's easy - just go to the CoCoRaHS site and click on the "Join CoCoRaHS box in the upper right part of the page!

If you have any questions, please email us at and we'll do what we can to help you out!  

photo of attendees to CoCoRaHS meeting at NWS Louisville

Attendees at today's CoCoRaHS presentation pose outside NWS Louisville on Nov 13, 2017: L-R, Henry Reges (CoCORaHS National Coordinator) Tawana Andrew (WAVE TV), Erin Rau - (NWS LMK Forecaster), Ted Funk (NWS LMK SOO), David Calvert (Allen Co KY CoCoRaHS coordinator), Ron Malinowski (Scott Co KY CoCoRaHS coordinator), Mike Callahan (NWS LMK Hyrdrologist), Dan McKemy (NWS LMK Forecaster), Ryan Sharp (NWS LMK Lead Forecaster), Joe Sullivan (NWS LMK WCM)