Commuting Options to SSMC

There are several alternatives to driving to the office. The federal government offers a transportation subsidy that will cover a set amount of commuter expenses each month. This subsidy only applies to bus or rail travel. Check with the secretaries for current subsidy amount, and a form to apply for the subsidy. Many contracting companies also provide subsidies or travel spending accounts; contractors should contact their HR department for options.


Metro Rail 

Metro Rail service is focused in Washington DC, however each metro rail line extends into Maryland and Virginia. This option is good if you live near a metro rail station, commute on MARC or VRE trains into Union Station, or ride a bus to a metro station. SSMC#2 is located adjacent to the Silver Spring Metro station, on the red line.

Local Bus Service

Metro Bus service exists throughout the greater Washington DC area, filling in gaps that metro rail does not service. Use the trip planner on the site to determine what bus and/or rail route is most suitable. Also, from SSMC#2, if you cross Colesville Road, walk under the metro rail crossing, and head up the stairs to the left, there is a commuter store on the right side, all the way back toward the street (2nd ave.) which contains brochures that illustrate all metro bus routes.

Montgomery County Ride-On busses are also a local option. Use their website to find routes and fares, and the service locator tools to find bus stops near you. 


Commuter Bus 

MTA Bus service is also an option if you live in the Burtonsville/Laurel/Columbia area. The 305 and 315 buses connect Columbia/Burtonsville/Laurel areas to Silver Spring (bus runs along route 29 corridor). Route 325 offers service from Columbia to Silver Spring. Check their website for exact fares and schedules.  


Commuter Rail

MARC rail service is an option for those who live northeast and northwest of Washington DC. Both rail lines extend over 80 miles away from the city. Check the site for maps and fares. From the northwest (Brunswick Line), the train station is against SSMC#2. From the northeast (Penn Line / Camden Line), you have to transfer to metro rail at Union Station.

Virginia Railway Express offers rail service along the I-95 and I-66 corridors, from Fredericksburg and Manassas to Union Station. You would have to ride a metro rail train from Union Station to Silver Spring.


Driving / Parking

Driving in to the office may suit you best. You can park in the parking garage under SSMC#3 (315 East-West Highway), in metered spaces only (unless you have a PCS permit). Generally after 9 AM, the metered spaces will be full, and you will have to park in another parking garage within the area. DO NOT park in Giant's parking lot, as your vehicle can and may get towed. PCS permits can be purchased from Montgomery County to park within the garage under SSMC#3, or any other country-regulated garage within the area.