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SSMC Features and Services


ssmc 2 is shown with a star (MDL's location)
(*=MDL location)

Public Parking Underneath SSMC3 
Nearby Public Parking at
Cameron Street and Ramsey Avenue
SSMC1 - 1335 East-West Highway
SSMC2 - 1325 East-West Highway
SSMC3 - 1315 East-West Highway
SSMC4 - 1305 East-West Highway
NOAA Auditorium - 1301 East-West Highway



  • These are largely administrative offices


  • MDL offices are located in SSMC Building 2, floor 10. STI offices are on floor 15. 

  • Office of Security (RAPIDS Station) located the ground floor between the SSMC main entrance and the credit union (door is on outside of the building). You must go here to get your temporary access badge and CAC Card. Any problems with your access badge or CAC (such as a forgotten PIN or expiration) will need to be resolved here. (Note: setting up network capabilities related to your CAC, such as computer sign-in will go through IT in SSMC Building 2).

  • TS Grill is located at ground level, toward the train tracks. They have an open buffet for breakfast and lunch, as well as some items from the grill.

  • Health Clinic is located on the 9th floor, next to the elevator lobby. They open at 8 AM and can assist in any sort of health problem. It does not need to be something caused at work. (Note: this clinic is only open to federal employees, except in emergencies) 

  • Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union is located on the ground floor, facing the corner of East-West Highway (Note: the MDL Social Committee has a bank account here for the lab).


  • There is a sculpture of a hand outside the main entrance.

  • There are a number of small businesses in spaces on the ground floor in front of Building 3. Ti's Corner Cafe is located on the end closest to Building 2. They serve cafe-style food, both European and Asian. 

  • There is a convenience store on the ground floor. 

  • NOAA Wellness & Fitness Centers are located on floor M2.

  • Bright Horizons Children's Center is located on Floor 1 (Terrace Level). It offers child daycare services from 6:30 AM until 6:30 PM, Monday - Friday.

  • NOAA's Employee Worklife Center, located in the lobby of Floor 1, is designed to help every NOAA employee juggle their worklife responsibilities. Using a personalized approach, the Worklife Center aims to help employees achieve home and work balance.

  • There is a large space available for reservation on Floor 1. 

  • NOAA Library is located on Floor 2.


  • Discovery Park is located beside building 4, in front of the auditorium. There is a wave pool here and a dining patio.

  • NOAA auditorium is adjacent to building 4. Larger scale meetings, usually from the NOAA or NWS upper management, are held here.

  • NOAA Gourment Deli  is located on the ground floor, next to the main entrance. They have deli-style foods including sandwiches, soups and a salad bar.