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DEGRIB: Archive

  • Version 2.08 Release Notes (11/14/2016)
    Focused on:
    1. ProbTSRWE24 (Probability of winter precipitation (snow/sleet) exceeding 0.25 inches (~6mm) water equivalent over a 24-hour period)
    2. Removing the broken "download by ftp" button
  • Version 2.04 Release Notes (10/21/2014)
    Focused on:
    1. Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor data
    2. Tropical cyclone threat grids
    3. Forecast of Ref Crop Evapo-Transpiration
  • Version 1.99 Release Notes (10/23/2012)
    Focused on:
    1. Enhancing degrib to access both NDFD OPNL 5 km data and NDFD EXPR 2.5 km data.
    2. Updated locations of all NDFD(OPNL/EXPR) and NDGD(OPNL/EXPR) datasets.
  • Version 1.97 Release Notes (1/5/2012)
    Focused on:
    1. DWML corrections for Snow QPF and IceAccum
    2. Handling of IceAccum grids
    3. bug fix for draw.tcl to deal with non-octal months (Sep09)
  • Version 1.96 Release Notes (2/24/2011)
    Focused on:
    1. Crit Fire Wx and Dry Lightning
    2. sync'ing in DWML code
    3. Upgrade to Tcl/Tk 8.5
    4. Adding -Split option
    5. Removing memswapping (10% speed improvement)
    6. 2.5 km conuse and 5 km conus terrain data
  • Version 1.94 Release Notes (9/14/2009)
    Focused on:
    1. Handling climate outlook hazard prob elements
    2. convective outlook hazard elements
    3. Alaska gridded forecasts
    4. Hazard elements become operational
    5. table maintenance
    6. updating versions of dwmllib
    7. Introducing kml/kmz option
  • Version 1.92 Release Notes ;(7/24/2008)
    Focused on:
    1. Handling the npacocn (North Pacific Ocean) sector which contains the probabilistic hurricane wind product
    2. Handling the "hazard" aka "wwa" grids
    3. Adjust the operational status of sky qpf and snow amount
  • Version 1.91 Release Notes (4/1/2008)
    Focused on:
    1. Handling the effective change to the encoding of Air Quality data
    2. Adding template 4.6 (precentile at a specific point in time)
    3. Providing support for Alaska RTMA
    4. Handling the change in the NDFD Puerto Rico grid definition
  • Version 1.83a Release Notes (9/27/2006)
    Focused on:
    1. Announcing the 11/2/2006 Technical Workshop
    2. QPF is becomming available experimentally for Hawaii on 11/1/2006.