DEGRIB: History

#----- Release: Version 2.25 09/21/2020 -----
 9/21  Low Level Wind Shear / Height (inventory reports as DIST) is now
converted to feet by default.
#----- Release: Version 2.24 06/20/2019 -----
6/20  Added support for WBGT.
#----- Release: Version 2.23 02/06/2019 -----
2/6  Added code to handle https downloads.
#----- Release: Version 2.22 11/15/2018 -----
 11/15  Added code to handle NDFD's new experimental 24-h, 48-h, 72-hr 10%
and 90% Snow Amounts.
#----- Release: Version 2.21 11/05/2018 -----
 11/5  Updated code for bug fixes to the -XML option and SnowLvl.
#----- Release: Version 2.20 10/04/2018 -----
 10/4  Added NDFD's new experimental element SnowLvl for CONUS Days 1-3.
#----- Release: Version 2.19 07/16/2018 -----
 7/16 Updated the g2clib from 1.0.5 to 1.6.0 in the src/mdl_g2c dir.
#----- Release: Version 2.18 06/12/2018 -----
 6/12 A bug fix for -little_endian option.
#----- Release: Version 2.17 05/21/2018 -----
 5/21 Added "-pntStyle 3" to display a more descriptive Element. Also updated
tkdegrib, NDFD GRIB2 Decoder and Download Program, to reflect what elements
are currently available in NDGD.
#----- Release: Version 2.16 05/08/2018 -----
 5/8 MPA Updated NCEP Tables to include new NCEP elements. Also updated tkdegrib,
NDFD GRIB2 Decoder and Download Program, to reflect what elements are currently 
available in NDFD.
#----- Release: Version 2.15 12/11/2017 -----
 12/11 MPA Correcting how longitudes (unsigned int) are handled when they are large
enough to be impacted by the difference between uInt4 and sInt4, in metaparse.c.
#----- Release: Version 2.14 10/16/2017 -----
 9/26 MPA/AAT Resolving a bug in web.tcl which resulted in downloading entire 
conus grid rather than the sub-sector.
#----- Release: Version 2.13 09/26/2017 -----
 9/26 MPA Modified "HTSGW", "Significant height of combined wind waves and swell",
to display as "WaveHeight".
#----- Release: Version 2.12 07/06/2017 -----
 7/6 MPA Added new Ozone and PM files to tkdegrib.
 7/6 MPA Fixed a bug in src/degrib/myutil.c.
#----- Release: Version 2.11 05/30/2017 -----
 5/30 MPA Updated NDFD Trop. Cyclone Threat grids. Moved CONUS/PR Threat grids
(Trop. Cyclone Wind Threat, Trop. Cyclone Storm Surge Threat, Trop. Cyclone
Flooding Rain Threat, and Trop. Cyclone Tornado Threat) from Experimental to
Operational, and added HI Operational Threat grids in the ndfd.ini file.
#----- Release: Version 2.10 03/22/2017 -----
 3/22 MPA + AAT Updated hazards.c bug. Code now accounts for Hazards not found
in the known hazards list without degrib hanging
#----- Release: Version 2.09 3/9/2017 -----
 3/13 MPA Updated Hazards list to version 4(see HazardRank4 in hazard.c: SS.W
and SS.A, RP.S, BH.S added)
 3/13 MPA Added an option -SimpleWWA #, so that the user may select which Hazards
list to degrib
#----- Release: Version 2.08 11/10/2016 -----
 11/10 MPA Updated code to understand the ProbTSRWE24 element(Probability
of winter precipitation (snow/sleet) exceeding 0.25 inches (~6
mm) water equivalent over a 24-hour period (Valid Time 12z-12z)for Days 4-7
over CONUS)
 11/10 MPA removed the non-working "download by ftp" button
#----- Release: Version 2.07 08/24/2016 -----
8/16 MPA Added support for Alaska's opnl 6km grids and Alaska's expr 3km grids.
#----- Release: Version 2.06 08/16/2016 -----
 8/16 MPA Added support for the now operational fret, fretdep, frettot.
        Removed support for experimental fret.
 8/16 MPA Updated degrib to point to new
 8/16 MPA + AAT Updated userparse.c to display a compile date when running
        degrib with a -V option.
#----- Release: Version 2.05 12/14/2015 -----
11/19 AAT + MPA Updated the labeling of Evaporation vs Evapo-Transpiration
11/16 AAT + MPA Added support for fret, fretdep, and frettot to the ndfd.ini file
10/05 AAT + MPA Added support for PPI
3/17/2015 Tim K When writing hdr file use gds->meshLat vs equiv tangent
          lat to calculate lower left corner point
#----- Release: Version 2.04 10/21/2014 -----
10/21 AAT Added support for NOAA's Office of Atmos Research's
         Multi-Radar-Multi-Sensor (MRMS) data
10/15 AAT Added support for fret, fretdep, frettot
10/1  AAT Added support for tropical cyclone threat grids
#----- Release: Version 2.03 08/19/2014 -----
 4/04/2014  AAT Checking in a version of cube.c that doesn't double free the
         flxArray causing segfault in linux
 7/18  AAT Updating to use unsigned short int for the dbf reads.
         AIX must have defaulted to unsigned, but linux is signed and that
         is a problem
#----- Release: Version 2.02 04/05/2013 -----
#----- Release: Version 2.01 01/29/2013 -----
 1/25 MPA+AAT Updated code to understand the CANL variable (Cold advisory
         for new born livestock)
#----- Release: Version 2.00 12/05/2012 -----
 12/5 AAT cross-checked and corrected the ndfd.ini file.
 12/3 MPA updated the ndfd.ini to reflect the iceAccum and Max/Min RH
#----- Release: Version 1.99 10/23/2012 -----
 10/9 AAT Updated web.tcl to match the work done on ndfd.tcl and ndfd.ini
 10/1 to 10/4  AAT updated ndfd.tcl logic for NDFD_EXPR
#----- Release: Version 1.98 06/04/2012 -----
 5/24 MPA Introduced a -StormTotal command to degrib.  It adds multiple
          GRIB2 messages together and stores it as a single GRIB2 Message.
 5/24 MPA Added entries to table 4.2.0-19 (CONTKE,WIWW,CONVO,
#----- Release: Version 1.97c 05/22/2012 -----
 4/13 AAT Found a bug with gribLen calculations when dealing with subgrid
          messages.  Bug was caused by an oversight in the 5/2010 removal
          of memswapping.  Impacted versions 1.96, 1.97, 1.97a, 1.97b
#----- Release: Version 1.97b 03/13/2012 -----
 3/13 AAT Accepted Mike Allard modification to get MinRH and MaxRH to work.
 3/13 AAT modified the URL for gribcut to accomodate NIDS
#----- Release: Version 1.97a 02/01/2012 -----
 2/1  AAT modified code to compile against Tcl 8.5.3 which is in the code
          base. Had assumed 8.5.9 was installed on the system.  Plan to use
 2/1  AAT Missed a file when modifying geturl calls to use 1.0.
 1/13 AAT Modifing geturl calls to explicitly use protocol 1.0 instead of
#----- Release: Version 1.97 01/05/2012 -----
 1/5  AAT Made some corrections to how Snow, QPF, and IceAccum are trested
          by DWML when f_unit is 0 and noted and issue when DWML is created
          off of GRIB data (instead of cube data)
 1/5  AAT Checking in addition of iceaccum and adding a procedure to
          genprobe.c::InverseComputeUnit() to inver the unit conversion
          done when storing the data in cubes.
 1/5  AAT Updating a version with fine resolution PR grids (339x224)
 1/4  AAT Synchronizing with Paul's latest modifications to dwmllib
10/18 AAT Adding an IceAccum grid.
 9/13 AAT Updating draw.tcl to deal with octal month of 09 (september)
 8/1  AAT Checking in a correction to the way the colors are scaled. 
          Should have been using numColor -1 instead of numColor in calc
          the steps.
#----- Release: Version 1.96 02/24/2011 -----
 2/22 AAT Enabling visibility to convert from m to statute miles (r973)
 2/18 AAT Handling Crit Fire Wx and Dry Lightning (r971)
 2/15 AAT Updating to Paul's lastest code (r967)
 2/11/2011 AAT Upgrading to Tcl/Tk 8.5 (r958)
 5/13 AAT Adding a -Split option (r956)
 5/13 AAT Removing the mem swapping (10% speed improvement) (r953)
 5/11 AAT Adding a specital exception for GMOS to support the fact that it
          doesn't complete section 4.8 for MaxT/MinT (r950)
 5/7  AAT Adding elevation probing to the sector code (r941)
 5/7  AAT Adding 2.5 km conus and 5 km conus terrain values (r939)
 5/4/2010 AAT Modified metaparse.c to not complain about master table
          version 4,5 (r936)
12/16 AAT Finishing the release for 1.94a (r934)
#----- Release: Version 1.94a 12/14/2009 -----
12/15 AAT Modified degrib1.c to be less finicky about exact byte boundry
11/15 AAT Modifying code to handle template 4.7 (r926)
11/15 AAT Checking in changes needed for Convective hazard outlooks to go
          operaional on 12/1/2009 (TIN 09-38)
11/12 AAT Corrected hazard.c to handle more than 5 hazard codes avoiding
          infinite loop (r920)
#----- Release: Version 1.94 09/13/2009 -----
 9/13 AAT Updating version info to 1.94 (r917)
 7/31 AAT TIN 09-XX (sept 15, 2009) Proactively setting wwa grids from expr
          to opnl. (r883)
 7/30 AAT TIN 09-20: Added additional variables to Alaska. (r882)
 7/30 AAT TIN-09-14 support (r881)
 7/24 AAT Use a new hazard scheme (r879)
 5/18 AAT Upgrade to Tcl/Tk version 8.5 (r847)
 5/6  AAT More dot levels for drawshp (r832)
 4/29 AAT Kml merge option (r831)
 3/9  AAT Improved Kml .ini support (r827)
 1/31 AAT Continued -Kml development (re chains) (r821)
 1/21 AAT added xyz2shp to degrib (r819)
 1/15 AAT Started in on -Kml and -KmlIni options (r776)
 9/17 AAT REMOVED experimentation with GFSEKDMOS elements (r767)
 9/17 AAT Updated hazard grid to match Mike's current hazard grids (r766)
 8/25 AAT Added 3 GRIB1 tables for Tim Boyer for 4d aviation grids (r765)
 8/25 Paul Fixed a segfault (r763)
 8/19 AAT Experimented with adding GFSEKDMOS elements (r762)
 8/19 AAT Updated the NCEP tables (r761)
 8/19 AAT Upgraded to opnl vs expr Climate's elements (r757)
 8/19 AAT Removed old error check on "non-sphereical" earth messages (r756)
 8/18 AAT Updating hazard.c to match Mike's current tables (r754)
 8/6  Paul Checking in latest dwmllib (ETN support) (r749)
 8/6  Paul/AAT Adjusted CWA option to make the CWA's lower case (r748)
#----- Release: Version 1.92 07/24/2008 -----
 7/24 AAT Fixed a type conflict caused by HZ when compiling on AIX
 7/23 AAT Updated the status of sky, snow, wwa, and qpf (r742)
 7/23 AAT Added hazards to the download file for tkdegrib (r741)
 7/22 AAT Updating the tables based on NCEPs current web pages. (r739)
 7/22 AAT Modifying the metaname labels for PoP to handle the case when
          we're dealing with a non 0.01 inch threshold. (r738)
 7/21 AAT Improving handling of 'FW.W:2^RecHiPos'.  Now goes to 'FW.W:2'
          instead of '' (r733)
 7/21 AAT Updated the defaults for SimpleWWA (r732)
 7/21 AAT Added -TxtParse (same as -WxParase but is intended to apply to
 7/8  AAT Added "getWWAString()" to enable XML code to work with hazards
 7/2  AAT Started in on the createWWADBF() procedure (r725)
 7/2  AAT Added a -cwa option to help with XML for wwa grids (r717)
 7/2  AAT Switching from using "Hazard" to using "WWA" (r711)
 7/1  AAT Enabling -DP to parse the hazard string (r705)
 7/1  AAT Added code to store the hazard cubes (r704)
 7/1  AAT Had writeflt.c create hazard .flt files (r702)
 7/1  AAT Finished having degrib parse the Hazard Grid (r701)
 7/1  AAT Restructured parseGrid() to be 'non-Wx' centric (r699)
 7/1  AAT Attempting to clean up handling of bad hazards. (r695)
 6/26 AAT First pass at a hazard (wwa) module (r691)
 6/17 AAT Updating PR and CentGRTLakes tiles (r688)
 6/17 AAT Updated the mapdef files for PR and cleaning them up for conus
 6/17 AAT Continued adding npacocn sector (r684)
 6/17 AAT Relabeling rtma-sky00 to rtma00-sky, etc in ndfd.ini (r682)
 6/15 AAT Added a nsi creation script and template file. (r678)
 6/9  AAT modified writeshp.c to have a '\0' in the column headers, since
          ESRI appears to need it (for names longer than 10 char).
 6/4  AAT Fixed the problem with bad -pnt options (eg -pnt 1, -pnt asdasg)
 6/4  AAT Fixed code to handle 'degrib -DP -pnt 1,1 -Print' error. (r675)
 5/29 AAT Added a quiet option to getUrl.tcl
 5/29 AAT Expanded genprobe list to include npacocn when dealing with Guam,
 5/15 AAT Added npacocn timezone and daylight savings info (r665)
 4/25 AAT Added a sector for ndfd_oconus_npacific (r663)
 4/24 AAT Attempting to fix a branch cut issue with Mercator Grids.  This
          was due to not understanding the definition of orientation angle.
 4/17 AAT Started adding hazards to degrib (similar to wx)
#----- Release: Version 1.91 04/01/2008 -----
 4/1  AAT Made default windows install c:/ndfd/degrib instead of
 4/1  AAT Removed the PR/Hawaii/Guam Timezone files from the distribution
          since they were trivial files (r653)
 3/31 AAT Modifying the AQ download option in tkdegrib based on TIN08-06
 3/31 AAT Adding psurge configurations to ndfd.ini (r644)
 3/31 AAT Adding Alaska RTMA configurations to ndfd.ini (r642)
 3/26 AAT Updated the parameter tables used by degrib to latest GRIB
          version and the latest from NCEP's web site (r638)
 3/26 AAT Introduced NdfdDef - DayLight and TimeZone structures for regions
          which don't span multiple timezones (PR,Guam,Hawaii). (r634)
 3/24 AAT Introduced a finer resolution puertori sector (r630)
 3/24 AAT Bug fix for ComputeStartEndTimes() (r629)
 3/20 AAT Updated code to handle NCEP encoding of Smoke, and relabel it as
          smokes, smokec instead of LIPMF. (r626)
 3/18 AAT Added support for template 4.6 (Percentile at a point in time)
 3/17 AAT/PH Introduced validMatch() to handle the fact that cubes do not
          store the beginning of the period.
 3/17 AAT Better handling of default values for -rtmaDir. (r620)
 3/14 PH  Updated dwmllib, fixes include: a) Local Time fix to startDate
          argument, bug fix for multi-pnt calls b) For flurries/drizzle
          icon added criterion that coverage > SChc else default to
          cloud/wind/temp icon c) Split SChc and Chc up for coverages d)
          Changed base URL. Removed haze.jpg, added night time images, e)
          Display RTMA temp, dew errors to 10th precision f) A Blizzard fix
          g) map coverage to some wintry Wx types (sleet,snow/sleet,wintry
          mix) h) multi-sector bug fixes i) Concatenated RTMA+NDFD elements
          fix. j) A standard to daylight time fix in dwmllib k) Fixing a
          bug in cold/warm season (Blustery vs Breezy) l) Updated code to
          handle RTMA data from oconus sectors. m) Added filter for RTMA
          data so only previous 24 hrs are displayed.
 3/14 AAT Fixed a bilinear interpolation bug when dealin with lat/lon grids
          and the probed point is outside the grid (ex grid goes from 0 to
          359.5 with a spacing of .5, but the point is at 359.6) (r616)
#----- Release: Version 1.90 10/31/2007 -----
10/29 AAT Introduced a -avgInterp option which when doing bilinear
          interpolation (see -Interp), if a point is surrounded by 1 or
          more missings, it returns the inverse distance weighted average
          of the non-missing corners, instead of missing. (r610)
10/29 AAT Updated to 20071029 version of dwmllib PH  dwmllib bug: in which
          number of days formatted in XML was 1 more day than specified in
          -numDays command line argument. The bug occurred from 05Z to 12Z.
          PH  dwmllib bug: in which weather data was not falling into the
          correct summary period. PH  dwmllib bug: in which too much data
          was clipped when user specified startTime and endTime arguments
          for time-series and glance products
10/29 AAT Added a check to degrib2.c::ReadSECT0() to make sure the edition
          is 1 or 2 when detecting a "GRIB".  If not, it ignores the false
          positive and keeps looking for "GRIB".  This should help people
          who have wrapped GRIB messages with text which for example says
          "this is a GRIB message". (r608).
10/24 AAT Added a table for some support for Norway GRIB1 products.
10/23 AAT In pack.c::fillSect3(), there is a request for angle, which is
          intended to define the basic unit of angle (lat/lon) for lat/lon
          grids when not the default value of 10^-6.  I accidentally used
          "angleRotate" which was undefined instead.  This caused a failure
          for -Grib2 on some linux machines.  Others randomly had a default
          value of 0 which made it work sporadically.
#----- Release: Version 1.89 10/22/2007 -----
10/22 AAT Fixed a bug in writeshp.c introduced in 1.87 where a missing '\0'
          resulted in failure of -Grib2 on some linux installs (r604)
10/19 AAT Began adding logic to allow draws of lat/lon grids.
10/19 AAT Fixed a bug with ParseSect4TimeSec() introduced in 1.87 which
          didn't recognize a unit of "seconds" (element 13 in a table of 13
10/19 AAT Updated to the latest version of dwmllib.
10/18 AAT Fixed a bug recognizing CPC ProbTMP products.  Had been keying
          off a specific value (2550) in the lower/upper probability
          thresholds. This value was changed to 0, so I didn't label it
          above / below average.  (Note it worked for Precip because that
          was handled in a different section of code). Longer term solution
          is to have WMO / NCEP add elements to the ProbType, since in this
          case the prob above or below 0 isn't really applicable to the
          grid (should be above or below average grid cell height).
#----- Release: Version 1.88 10/18/2007 -----
10/17 AAT Added genProcess to genElemDescript structure (r594)
10/17 AAT Added checks to make sure save to .shp (poly and point) are not
          larger than format will allow.  Limits are: Max num of records
          for small poly: 23,860,928, for point: 153,391,685
10/16 AAT Added foreSec to genElemDescript structure (r592)
10/16 AAT Updated NCEP local use tables. (r590)
10/16 AAT Added lower/upper limits to genElemDescript structure
10/15 AAT Enabled cube to be able to encode CPC elements (r587)
10/15 AAT Added CPC elements to ndfd.ini
10/12 AAT Added probType to genElemDescript structure
10/12 AAT Introducing 12 new CPC (Temp / precip) (above / below) avg types
          for the XML to work with. (r584)
10/3  AAT The NCEP library 1.0.2 stored the lower / upper limits of
          probabilities using unsigned ints, whereas version 1.0.4 used
          signed ints.  This was so 1.0.4 could store negative thresholds
          using a "sign bit".  The problem is that NCEP already stored neg
          values in 1.0.2 using "2's complement + 1".  For backward
          compatibility, we can now read either method of storing a neg
          value. (r579)
10/1  AAT Fixed the new GMOS element listings in ndfd.ini (r578)
 9/24 AAT Switched from g2clib-1.0.4 to g2clib-1.0.5
#----- Release: Version 1.87 09/20/2007 -----
 9/20 AAT Changed the default view from "small" to "list" in the GIS tab
 9/20 AAT Fixing IconBox to handle selecting icons with . in their names,
          and making it so 'sort' is selected more readily when clicking on
          left aligned column headers. (r567)
 9/20 AAT Fixed a missing quote in gis.tcl affecting "Key-return" events in
          file browse window
 9/19 AAT Enhanced the configuration scripts to better handle macosx
 9/19 AAT Fixed a bug in write .pnt shapefile (probably created when I
          stopped allocating lat/lon for the write) (r564)
 9/19 AAT Modified code to handle the 203,204 -> 215,216 issues for Tot
          Prob Sev T-Storm, and Tot Prob Ext Sev T-Storm
 9/19 AAT Updated ndfd.ini to have operational wind gusts
 9/18 AAT Added ability to handle time unit of "month, year, decade,
          normal, century" (r550)
 9/17 AAT Updated NCEP Tables and metaname.c
 9/7  AAT Updated use of f_interp.  Had been 0=no coverage grid, 1=nearest
          neighbor, 2=bi-linear.  Probe code assumed boolean (no interp vs
          bi-linear).  Now use f_interp and f_coverageGrid. 0:  ->
          f_interp = 0, f_coverageGrid = 0 2: -Interp -> f_interp = 1,
          f_coverageGrid = 1 1: -Interp 1 (or near) -> f_interp = 0,
          f_coverageGrid = 1 2: -Interp 2 (or bilinear) -> f_interp = 1,
          f_coverageGrid = 1
 8/30 AAT Fixed a bug where the computed offset into the cube file was
          incorrect given a negative X value. (r546)
 8/29 AAT Made it so focus doesn't change when cursor moves through
 8/15 AAT updating writeshp.c to NOT allocate a grids worth of lat/lon when
          creating point shapefiles. (r544)
 8/15 AAT Now provide a README.config file to help with configure
 8/15 AAT For .dbf files we only have 11 characters, but the short name
          particularly for probabilities can be longer.  I now replace
          "Prob" with "P" for the purpose of saving to .dbf only (r539)
 8/14 AAT Updated NDGD set to have more MOS elements, specifically qpf06,
          qpf12, sky, snw24, and wgust. (r537)
 8/10 AAT Tested version 1.87b (r536)
 8/10 AAT Enhanced the labels for the color ramp in drawshp and started a
          lat/lon lattice option (r534)
 7/6  AAT Tested version 1.87a (r532)
 7/6  AAT Made some platform tests of the configure system (aix32, cyg,
          linux, windows) (r523)
 7/3  AAT Fixed writeshp.c since ESRI 9.2 doesn't like a ' ' in dbf column
          headers. (r513)
 6/29 AAT Updated the release list based on configure/make system (r512)
 6/27 AAT Moved to a configure/make system from a make -f makefile system
 6/27 AAT Consolidated -DTIMING_INFO into -DDEBUG
 6/25 AAT Updated makefile.* to call libaat/configure (r492)
 6/25 AAT Moved makefile.mac -> makefile.macosx (consistently) (r490)
 6/25 AAT Updated makefile.mac based on actual locations of Tcl/Tk on
 6/20 AAT Reconfigured ndfd.ini to allow custom sector to handle all NDFD
 6/1  AAT Forgot to include in the packing lists. (r486)
 6/1  AAT Made a minor patch to 1.86 to fix configure scripts. (r485)
#----- Release: Version 1.86 05/31/2007 -----
 5/30 AAT Swicthing from grib2lib to mdl_g2c / libaat (r475)
 5/30 AAT Adjusted how misspack.c gets the missing values if data type is
          an integer instead of a float (r471)
 5/24 AAT Adjusted -numDays -startDate behavior to match John's options
 5/24 AAT Adding weather summaries to dwmllib (r469)
 5/23 AAT Adjusted NCEP pack routines to not ignore idrstmpl[4] (r464)
 5/21 AAT Introduced C only (no FORTRAN) pack routine for degrib
          WriteGrib2Record2() (r459)
 5/18 AAT Fixed glitch in makefile.aix32 for dwmllib, and increased the
          dynamic memory allocation for aix systems.
 5/18 AAT Updated emapf-c to latest copy (r455)
 5/18 AAT Added RTMA grids to ndfd.ini / NDGD (r451)
 5/18 AAT Updated ndfd.ini for status of NDGD smoke Grids. (r450)
 5/18 AAT Made configuration changes for operational/experimental shift
 5/18 AAT Expanded variables "-DC -cube" can handle to include tcwspd prob.
 5/18 AAT Added "grb2shp" script at John Huddleston's request (r445)
 5/17 AAT Introduced concept of hdatum (different from grid datum) (r443)
 5/17 AAT Updated metaname.c to handle CPC probability of X above/below
 5/17 AAT Updating degrib1.c error message when dealing with unknown parm
 5/15 AAT Some updates to dwmllib (r439)
 5/14 AAT Updating metaname.c based on (r436)
 5/14 AAT Updated metaname.c to handle GMOS QPF06/QPF12 and SnowAmt24
 5/14 AAT Updated dwmllib to the new file structure (r434)
 5/14 AAT Allowed SectorFindGDS() to be more lenient)
 5/14 AAT Fixed typo in genprobe.c:NDFD_Type (50c->50i, 64c->64i for pwind)
 5/14 AAT Expanding the variables "-DC -cube" can handle
 4/26 AAT Adjusted solar.c::isNightPeriod() to take local time offset. 
          This is needed to determine special exceptions for really long
          days (summer) Would like a "RiseSet2()" (r428)
 4/5  AAT Fixed bug found by paul with regards to which parts of GDS are
          actually stored in the data cubes. (r427)
 3/22 AAT Added p* and conhazo files to genprobe.c
 3/15 AAT Adjusted configurations for p* and conhazo files.
 3/14 AAT Fixed a bug when converting all messages, and last one is a
          subgird. => Adjusting the calculation of msgNum in
 3/14 AAT Updating metaname.c based on
 3/7  AAT Fixed a bug in clockstart.c (no CMD_ADD option)
 3/6  AAT Removing f77wrappers.c from emapf-c because of aix compile bug
#----- Release: Version 1.85 02/27/2007 -----
 2/27  AAT Fixed naming glitch in pxtotsvrtstm -> ptotxsvrtstm (r415)
 2/26  AAT Upgraded to most recent copy of emapf-c
 2/26  AAT Upgraded to g2clib-1.0.4 (from 1.0.2)
 2/26  AAT Last minute change of abbreviations for SPC grids. From:
          SigTornProb SigHailProb SigWindprob TotalProbOutlook
          SigTotProbOutlook To: XtrmTornProb XtrmHailProb XtrmWindProb
          TotalSvrProb TotalXtrmProb
 2/26 AAT Updated xmlparse.c to Paul's current version
 2/26 AAT Added filenames for new SPC grids to ndfd.ini (r405)
 2/26 AAT Added SigTotProbOutlook, and updated some handling of SPC grids
 2/26 AAT Overhaul of clockstart.c to try to fix some bugs in clock.exe
 2/24 AAT Added support for the 2007 change to daylight saving time (r392)
 2/16 AAT Updated metaname.c's units to use ; instead of , when dealing
          with a look up table.  This should help with people parsing probe
          output. (r374)
 2/16 AAT fixed the method used to check memory allocation in g2_unpack2.c
 2/16 AAT added drawshp.txt to /degrib/docs
 2/15 AAT Adjusted sectors/numSectors prior to calling expandInName so if a
          point falls on Puerto Rico, it grabs data from nhemi as well.
 2/9  AAT Added support for labeling Error Grids (RTMA) (r362)
 2/9  AAT modified sector.c to be more forgiving in SectorFindGDS, and to
          add point sector information.  PntSectInfo now contains a list of
          the sectors a point fall in.  A point does not count multiple
          times when creating the "sector" list.  eg a point in
          "conus,nhemi,alaska" only counts as "conus" in the sector list,
          but has an entry of "conus,nhemi,alaska" in its point-sector
          list. (r361)
 2/7  AAT modified genprobe.c to check if a match already exists for the 4
          items: refTime,validTime,f_sector,ndfdEnum.  If so, then don't
          create a second match.  Only way to do that is if we have
          duplicate copies of the data on the drive. (r358)
 2/7  AAT modified expandInNames to include the "root directory" only once.
 2/7  AAT Adjusted sectors/numSectors prior to calling expandInName so if a
          point falls on conus, it grabs data from nhemi as well.
 2/7  AAT Changed behavior of -DP so a point falling outside the grid
          returns missing instead of nearest grid cell.  (DC should not
          have a value on the Hawaii grid).
 2/7  AAT Enabled WG and Tropical cyclone winds for -DP and -DC options
          Need to deal with -DC / tropical cyclone glitches.
 2/7  AAT Adjusted match type to include sector information for genProbe.
 2/5  AAT Updated makefile.aix32/aix64 to use DWMLFLAGS
 1/31 AAT Adjusted ReadSECT0 to allocate in 200 byte increments instead of
 1/24 AAT Corrected the indexing of pnts in Grib2DataProbe so it can handle
          multiple -DP points correctly.
 1/24 AAT Modified makefile.aix32 and makefile.aix64 to use
          -bmaxdata:0x30000000 so they have ~800 megs of dynamic memory
 1/24 AAT Modified makefile's which use -ansi to pass -c99 to dwmllib code
          to support // comments.
 1/24 AAT Fixed strTrimRight() and strTrim() based on emails from Joe Lang.
          Unsigned int loop counter couldn't handle a string filled with
          only spaces (i >= 0 was always true).
 1/24 AAT Fixed bi-linear interpolation based on jeff.sharkey's email.  I
          was interpolating holding y constant, but accidentally used the
          values as if I was holding x constant.
 1/23 AAT Added SPC metaname information which will be released on Feb 27.
          Decided to add an override in ParseElemName() to help keep names
          closer to what was dictated.
 1/11 AAT NUMDAYS uses valTime 2,3 (instead of 1,3)
 1/10 AAT Adjusted NumDays to be +12 hours instead of +36 hours.
 1/9  AAT Added -startDate and -numDays options for XML 3,4
11/7  AAT updated degrib1.c to handle center 9 subcenter 161 data for
#----- Release: Version 1.84 11/03/2006 -----
11/3  AAT Added Canada tables to the GRIB1 handling code
11/3  AAT Updated metaname.c to have an updated centers list (and added
11/3  AAT Fixed "/src/grib2lib/config_H/config.h.nonGcc to have no _ after
          the name for FORTRAN name mangling purposes.
10/26 AAT Adjusted /bin/MakeData.tcl to use catch
10/25 AAT Addressed the GRIB2MISSING_s4 issue.  Signed missing 4 byte
          integer should be -1 * 2^31, while unsigned missing 4 byte
          integer should be 2^32 -1.  I had checked all 4 byte missings by
          casting them to unsigned and comparing to 2^32 -1.  Without the
          cast, the -1 * 2^31 is compared to 2^32 -1 resulting in no match
          (Error). With the cast it becomes 2^31 +1, instead of 2^32 -1,
          (Error). The solution is to check s4 against -1 * 2^31, and u4
          against 2^32.
10/19 ADT code in the gd subdirectory to take care of the case when a
          broken unistd.h does not define some needed symbols.
10/19 ADT The beginning of a --with-debug configure to turn on DEBUG
          defines: Started in the png and zlib directories.
10/19 AAT Fixed web.tcl to use https::myAppend instead of https::append
          (Broke on a version of linux)
10/12 AAT updated /src/makefile.* clean step to clean up extra binaries.
10/12 AAT updated /src/degrib/makefile.aix?? to pay attention
10/2  AAT Modified "/src/grib2lib/g2clib-1.0.2/grib2.h to use
          "SIZEOF_LONG_INT" instead of "__64BIT__" (note my code use to use
10/2  AAT Updated the makefile.* files in /src/grib2lib with current
 9/29 ADT Moved ADT_AIXSIZE from to aclocal.m4 and fixed an
 9/29 AAT Fixed (sign) bug in use of GRIB2MISSING which crashed when it
          encountered Japanese GRIB2 file which didn't have a value
          associated with the surface
 9/26 AAT Started adding wgust, and tropical cyclone products to genprobe.
          Disabled for now to avoid errors in redundancy checks.
 9/26 AAT Finished redoing alaskatimezone.flt and alaskadaylight.flt in
          /degrib/geodata based on the update to the Alaska grid spacing.
 9/25 AAT Adjusted Alaska's grid from a spacing of 5.953 km to 5.953125 km
 9/25 AAT Added QPF/Hi experimental in anticipation of 11/1 release.
 9/20 AAT Removed dependence on "/src/degrib/"
 9/20 AAT Tested on linux.
 9/20 AAT Created AAT_DYNAMIC_LIB in aclocal.m4
 9/20 AAT My build system needs: "configure TCL_PREFIX=c:/tcl832
 9/20 AAT Modified AT_PROG_TCL for the TCL_PREFIX != "" case.
 9/20 AAT Modified "/src/degrib/" X_LIB variable.
 9/20 AAT Modified "AT_TCL_VERSION" to not over-ride user selection
 9/20 AAT Modified "ADT_SPECFLAGS" to have an ANSIFLAG (needed for degrib
          to link with gd)
 9/19 AAT Added a AAT_JPEG2000_LIBTOOL_FIX and AAT_DWINDOWS to aclocal.m4
 9/19 AAT Modified to match "/src/grib2lib/grib2api.c"
          "/src/grib2lib/type.h" "/src/grib2lib/tendian.h"
 9/18 AAT Modified "/src/degrib/" to update to 1.83
 9/18 ADT Added "/src/" "/src/" "/src/install-sh"
          "/src/config.sub" "/src/config.guess" "/src/aclocal.m4"
          "/src/grib2lib/" "/src/grib2lib/"
          "/src/degrib/" "/src/degrib/".
          "/src/zlib/scripts/" "/src/libpng/scripts/"
          "/src/gd/scripts/" Use "autoconf", "configure",
 9/15 AAT In web.tcl when producing an error message for missing -variable
          forgot to "exit".
#----- Release: Version 1.83 09/14/2006 -----
 9/14 AAT Removed old images before creating new ones (avoids stale
 9/14 AAT Forgot to re-enable "exit" at end of "Close" in tkdegrib.  Could
          leave extra processes for version 1.81 and 1.82.
 9/14 AAT Cleaned up the image generation messages.
 9/13 AAT Reconfigured day1-7 snow,qpf,wgust from "expr" to "expr-split"
          since they don't have a day 4-7, and expr looks for a day 4-7.
 9/13 AAT Re-enabled the same image generation available in 1.80.
 9/13 AAT Fixed the "usage" message in web.tcl
 9/11 AAT Updated the "encoding" routines for wgust, and adjusted DSF for
          QPF, and WindSpd.
#----- Release: Version 1.82 09/08/2006 -----
 9/8  AAT+Carl+Paul: Upgraded clock.c to include Carl's Clock_Holiday()
 9/8  AAT Bug found in genProbeCube() "reused the numSupPDS for loop
 9/8  AAT Changed behavior of status "expr" and "opnl" (days 1-7) to no
          longer look in generic directory, but always combine 001-003 with
          004-007 in web.tcl and tkdegrib.
 9/8  AAT Increased number of attempts to try to get a URL in web.tcl and
          tkdegrib from 2 to 3.
 9/7  AAT Stopped web.tcl from creating empty directories for "NA"
 9/7  AAT Added a -quiet option to web.tcl
 9/7  AAT snow, wind gust, and QPF don't have day 4-7.
 9/1  AAT Fixed bug in ndfd.tcl which configured the non existant "imgGen"
          button to disabled if no imgGen .exe (Broke linux tkdegrib).
 9/1  AAT Fixed https.tcl DownloadSelect to understand status of "NA"
          (impossible to reach because of RefreshFolderList)
 9/1  AAT Fixed web.tcl DownloadSelect to understand a status of "NA"
#----- Release: Version 1.81 08/31/2006 -----
 8/31 AAT Put in more checks that the download directory exists (or create
          it) before doing the download
 8/31 AAT Removed puts $file from ndfd.tcl when deleting files
 8/31 AAT Forgot to package config2.tcl and browse.tcl
 8/30 AAT Updated web.tcl
 8/30 AAT Implemented a "expr-pure" and a "opnl-pure" (see ozone)
 8/29 AAT !!!! Modified "GUST" to have UC_MS2Knots instead of UC_NONE !!!
          Potential incompatibility because -Unit is default "e" instead of
          -Unit "none".
 8/28 AAT Implement WindGust NDFD abreviation.
 8/28 AAT Fixed -Data multiple file option.
 8/28 Marc S. found "-Append" option
 8/28 AAT Tested -Data multiple file option.
 8/25 AAT Looked into -Data option with multiple GRIB files on the command
 8/24 ADT Fixed tclstart.c exit() function (needs a return value)
 8/23 AAT Fixed TDLPack bug introduced between version 1.77 and 1.79.
          (Dealt with uInt4 vers sInt4 for the max value in the group).
 8/17 AAT Worked on to create libdegrib.dll (tcl/tk extension
          library).  There appears to be a problem if I link in the xml
          library as it hogs all the exports.
 8/17 AAT Found out that Gridded MOS became operational (TIN05-56 ammended)
 8/17 AAT Found out that Gridded MOS has wdir, wspd, pts03, pts06, pts12
 8/17 AAT Found out that Gridded LAMP became available with ots02, pts02 on
          8/8/2006 (TIN06-14)
 8/17 AAT Started modifying ndfd.tcl to handle the sept 6 issues.
 8/16 AAT Started modifying ndfd.ini to be able to handle the sept 6
 8/16 AAT Adjusted the download web page to avoid confusion, and reduced
          the number of packaging schemes.
 8/15 AAT Adjusted makefile's in degrib to have ability to NOT have XML.
 8/15 AAT Re-discovered bug with test 117 (-XML 4) (but only in debug
 8/15 AAT Solved test 116 bug: hawaii,conus but only conus daylight info
 8/8  AAT Added ability to set the current time for regression testing.
 8/8  AAT Updated to most recent version of DWML Lib which has support for
          -XML version 3 and 4.
 8/7  AAT Added a dependency to dpgenprobe.o (for genprobe.c) to makefiles.
 7/19 AAT At a request from "Dan Checkoway" switched makefile.linux to use
          8.4 instead of 8.3
#----- Release: Version 1.80 07/17/2006 -----
 7/13 AAT Fixed some makefile.aix issues.
 7/10 AAT Adjusted the /src/grib2lib/makefile.sun some to see if it helps
          Sam_Garrigan and others.
 7/10 AAT Finished updating timezone / daylight files for "nhemi", "conus"
          and "alaska" sectors.
 7/6  AAT Added "nhemi" to sector.c and to tkdegrib.
 7/6  AAT Started testing TPC / NDFD data in tkdegrib.
 7/5  AAT Updated the tables to match:

 7/5  AAT Started adding Prob. TC Wind fields for TIN 06-37
 6/20 AAT Added support for Template 4.11 (Ensemble + Stats).
 6/20 AAT Fixed fact that Satelite data does not have Surfaces.
 6/15 AAT Added /degrib/src/zlib/makefile.sun to the release (accidently
          left it out... found out thanks to Andrew Molthan.
 6/14 AAT Fixed double section 1 length counting bug (thanks to Jack
          Settelmaier) in degrib1.c (when dealing with inventory of GRIB1).
 6/12 AAT Modified "long" to sInt4 in engrib code.
 5/30 AAT Updated makefiles for (dwmllib). (released to tyr 1.80a)
 5/30 AAT Experimented with complex pack (GRIB1)
#----- Release: Version 1.79 05/22/2006 -----
 5/16 AAT updated xmlparse.c (with version that takes care of last mem
 5/15 AAT Added solar.c and links to xmlparse.c
 5/15 AAT Updated /degrib/docs/degrib.txt.
 5/11 AAT Pushed the code to get filenames from the directory into
          genProbe() This gives the XMLParse the ability to choose "extra"
          files that aren't specified in the ndfdVars option.
 5/10 AAT Thanks to Jack Wasey, added "src/gd/makefile.cyg",
          "src/grib2lib/makefile.cyg" and modified "src/makefile.cyg".
 5/8  AAT Updated Paul's version of xmlparse.c
 5/8  AAT Added changed geodata to "Generic" from "GUI" so all
          distributions have it.
 5/2  AAT Added libxml to the distribution code.
 5/2  AAT Updated makefiles for libxml
 5/2  AAT Copied Paul's version of xmlparse.c / xmlparse.h
 5/2  AAT Tweaked metaname support for psurge
 5/2  AAT Updated code to accept master version 3
 5/1  AAT Added support for template 4.10 (for storm surge)
 5/1  AAT Added metaname support for psurge.
 4/27 AAT Finished adding "engribapi.c" to grib2lib.
 4/24 AAT Found bug when reading polar stereographic TDLPack.  Tangent lat
          was typically 60 instead of 90.  Meshlat (not tangent) should be
 4/24 AAT Found bug when reading mercator TDLPack.  Tangent lat was
          occassionally 20 instead of 90.  Meshlat (not tangent) should be
 4/20 AAT PDSTemplate 5 should probably have signed scale values (see NCEP)
 4/20 AAT Continued working on encoding routines.
 4/18 AAT Modified pack.c "InitEarth" to fix type 3 vs type 7.
 4/5  AAT DeVine gave example of bad NCEP "whole ensemble" data which
          didn't have octets 61 to 86.
 4/5  AAT Started experimenting with ECMWF ensemble extended GRIB1 PDS
 4/5  AAT Added ECMWF Subcenters to metaname.c
 4/5  AAT Added "12 hourly" and "24 hourly" to -XML option.
 3/28 AAT Worked with the -Map option some more.
#----- Internal Release: Version 1.78 03/22/2006 -----
 3/22 AAT removed "static" from grpprobe.c "matchCompare()"
 3/22 AAT Added isPntInASector() to sector.c/sector.h
 3/21 AAT Added -icon option.
#----- Release: Version 1.77 03/15/2006 -----
 3/15 AAT Updated tables based on:

 3/14 AAT Updated tables based on:

 3/13 AAT Added athens table to grib1 tables based on
 3/13 AAT Added ability to handle "local surfaces" (table 4.5 metaname.c)
 3/9  AAT Changed FindGRIBMsg() back to return -2 at EOF (which is what it
          was supposed to do).  The mutliple files had changed it since
          they weren't an "error".  Changed the calls in cube.c and
          commands.c to treat -1 as error, but not -2.
 3/9  C_D (Claude Desrochers): Modified makefile.sgi to have: "DP_LIB =
          -L../emapf-c/ -lemapf -L/usr/lib32 -lm"
 3/8  AAT Modified the weather error log option in probe.c and weather.c
 2/28 AAT Modified -Freq to round before creating the freq table.
 2/24 AAT Added libxml to makefile.linux.
#----- Release: Version 1.76 02/24/2006 -----
 2/23 AAT Jack Settelmaier found a bug with configuration of the NDGD 4-7
          day forecasts for PoP12, PoP06, and RHM.
 2/22 AAT Jack Settelmaier found a bug with tcldegrib -V used from the
          tkdegrib about window. (one fewer element in list caused a
          indexing problem) 2/19 AAT Switched from OperDir to OpnlDir in
          ndfd.ini for consistencey
 2/21 AAT Gave out first version of 1.76.
 2/19 AAT Updated ndfd.tcl,https.tcl to key off of opnl instead of oper for
          both NDGD and NDFD (used to be oper for NDGD, opnl for NDFD)
 2/19 AAT Intro opnl version of AQ (ozone01, ozone08).  Need both opnl,
 2/18 AAT Added ability for -XML to recognize ds.maxt.bin and maxt.bin
 2/17 AAT Created MOTD 3 option (for 33 column text displays).
 2/17 AAT Added parsing for "-XML glance" option.
 2/17 AAT Added a -Freq option to create a frequency distribution of the
          values in the grid.
 2/17 AAT For -NetCDF 2,3, before appending a message, it now checks if the
          message has the same reference time as the one in the file.  If
          so it adds it.  If not, it overwrites the file.
 2/16 AAT Added code in metaname.c to handle thunderstorm 03 / 06 / 12.
 2/16 AAT Added -Sector command back into the degrib_DP code.
 2/15 AAT Checked NCEP's meta tables for updates.  Found "0,3,198".
 2/15 AAT Made sure that metaname.c can handle the new gridded MOS PoP's
 2/13 AAT Created degrib_DP (for just the -DP option).
 2/10 AAT Completed commenting the genProbe.c routines.
 2/8  AAT Completed test routines for -DP option.
 2/7  AAT Adjusted short name on ProbWindSpd to ProbWindSpd06.
 2/6  AAT Started in on genProbe and -DP option.
 2/2  AAT Fixed a bug found by "george" in myMapf.c handling of lat/lon
          grids when lon1=-11, and lonN=3 (ie U.K.).
 2/2  AAT Went back and commented genprobe.c
 2/1  AAT Tracked down test failures on other OS's.  Currently reduced it
          to: "test40 (linux) -> Round error" "test62 (lin/aix) -> differ
          picture encode)", "test69 (all) -> want different behavior"
 1/31 AAT Removed checks for 255 when looking at lenTime (template 4.5,
          4.8, 4.9 (maybe 4.12)).  If lenTime is "missing" it should be set
          to 2^32 -1 instead of 2^8 -1.
 1/31 AAT Found a bug in clock when dealing with timezones: ./clock scan
          "1/31/2006 9:08:27 CST" | ./clock format stdin -format "%D %T"
          -zone CST Did not return the original value.  It needed to treat
          timezone as hour (rather than sometimes sec) to add to local time
          to get UTC.
 1/30 AAT Detected a bug in AllocSprintf when it is called with buffLen >
 1/30 AAT Introduced -gribFilter for finding files when "expanding" a
 1/30 AAT Introduced -ndfdConven for -NDFDVars option.
 1/27 AAT Adjusted labeling to help differentiate cumulative vs incremental
          wind (and other elements) probabilities.
 1/27 AAT Added DSF and BSF to the metadata output.
 1/27 AAT Added better checking that input files are actually files.
 1/26 AAT started implementing "-geoDataDir" and "-NDFDDir"
 1/26 AAT Found a bug in cstart.c when checking if variables in list are
          files or valid arguments.
 1/26 AAT Finished -NDFDvars option.
 1/25 AAT Introduced -NDFDvars option (primarily for XML parse)
 1/25 AAT Worked on adding ability to convert log10(Ã�µg/m^3) to Ã�µg/m^3
 1/25 AAT Introduced multiple point option. (-pnt x1,y1 -pnt x2,y2 ...)
 1/25 AAT Introduced -startTime and -endTime options.
 1/25 AAT Did a little work on "MOTD" option.
 1/18 AAT Updated "0, 13, 192" and "0, 13, 193" for the NDGD
 1/17 AAT Updated the -MOTD option 2.
 1/13 AAT Created a -MOTD option 1 and 2
 1/10 AAT Debugged genProbe command.
 1/5  AAT Worked on genProbe command.
 1/3  AAT Updated metaname.c tables based on (version 3):

12/29 AAT Thanks to Jack Settelmaier got access to some GRIB1 clustered
          ensemble data and found that the section length was 86 instead of
          100.  Modified degrib1.c to not complain about a length of 86.
12/29 AAT Added memwatch code to cstart.c and userparse.c
12/29 AAT Updated NCEP local table (metaname.c) (and table 4.2 : 0.19)
12/16 AAT Continued work on genProbe code.
12/15 AAT Removed fatal error for master table version = 0.
12/15 AAT Added calls to "strip" to to reduce size of
12/14 AAT Started in on genProbe code and xmlParse.
12/11 AAT Thanks to Kevin Cross, Fixed a typo (meaurable) in
#----- Release: Version 1.75 12/07/2005 -----
12/7  AAT Investigated the inventory of a probability file.  The inventory
          was not decoding the limit factor correctly for template 4.9.
          This is because GRIB2 uses a 1 in the most significant bit to
          denote a negative value, instead of casting the sChar to an
          uChar.  Found a bug in NCEP's encoder because for template 4.5 it
          cast the sChar to a uChar.
12/7  AAT Adjusted metaname.c to watch for APCP and tack on the # of hours
          used in the accumulation (APCP12, APCP06, etc)
12/7  AAT Created makefile.aix64 which has 64 bit support.  Have tested it
          against the test suite, and behaves the same as the
          makefile.aix32 NOTE: tcldegrib and tkdegrib don't compile as the
          libraries on the IBM were made in 32 bit mode.
12/7  AAT Added some meta data support for ensemble GRIB1 messages.  See:

12/6  AAT Switched all "long int" to "sInt4" (to get 64 bit compliance)
12/6  AAT Improved check for "degrib  -C -NetCDF -msg 1" syntax
12/6  AAT Added check in tkdegrib configure to make sure custom is 20x20.
12/6  AAT "degrib file.ind -DC -Help" error message was less than
12/6  AAT Fixed "-DP -Asc2Flx" error when it doesn't have -pnt.
12/6  AAT Fixed -Asc2Flx errors for dates larger than year=2001.
12/6  AAT Fixed tkdegrib problem with inventory'ing a directory with files
          with [] in the name (Jack Settelmaier Bug).
11/16 AAT Updated Ws/Wd to operational in preparation for 12/8.
11/16 AAT Found a bug in config.tcl dealing with the change from the tree
          structure being labeled ndgd to it being labeled ndgd2 Bug exists
          in 1.74, but could exist in version 1.70 to 1.73
11/16 AAT Found out that Guam had gone operational (tt,mx,mn,po,dp,wx) on
11/15 AAT Updated GRIB1 meta data to have a: "PDS-S4 | Output grid"
          statement (with a "-Unit e")
11/9  AAT Started adding template 4.12 (see sref data). changes to
          metaparse.c, metaprint.c, inventory.c Need to double check, and
          determine which files get overwritten (894 txt files, but 932
          messages with -nameStyle %e_%v_%s.txt). (905..908 appear (-I) to
          be identical?) Turns out to be APCP-3,6,12,24
11/9  AAT Changed behavior of Local Use look up for NCEP.  If not HPC uses
          NCEP's standard local use look up, otherwise uses HPC's.
11/9  AAT Updated subcenters in metaname.c NCEP now has Space Environment
11/8  AAT Found out that IBM pow function doesn't like uChar for input pow
          (10, uchar value) -> pow (10, (int) (uchar value))
11/8  AAT Resolved a portability bug in Inventory (rounding of delt time in
          inventory print.
11/8  AAT Resolved a portabilty bug in metaprint (used %g instead of %f for
          Lower Limit / Upper Limit).
11/8  AAT Put in a check if the NetCDF file has a different unit than the
          requested unit, then it overwrites the old NetCDF file.
11/8  AAT Managed to test against Ryan Boyles NetCDF bug.
11/7  AAT Implemented web.tcl on the IBM, and created RenameConv 2 to
          handle some naming convention issues.
11/4  AAT Re-wrote web.tcl to handle all the NDGD, and cleaned it up some.
11/4  AAT Re-wrote web.tcl to handle apt.bin and rhm.bin
11/4  AAT Removed "[NDGD_Variables], [NDGD_Sectors]" sections of ndfd.ini
11/4  AAT moved mosgfs/conus/day1-3/maxt.bin to gfsmos/conus/maxt_d13.bin
11/4  AAT Switched order of "MOS GFS" to "GFS MOS"
11/4  AAT Adjusted ndfd.ini so ozone is under "AirQual" Folder and put in
          "/data/ndgd/aq" instead of "CONUS" and "/data/ndgd/conus/"
11/4  AAT Fixed web.tcl so it will download NDGD/Ozone again.
11/1  AAT Fixed default "-C -Map" (didn't init the ramp structure
#----- Release: Version 1.74 10/29/2005 -----
10/27 AAT Introduced text attribute of EarthRadius, EarthMajorAxis,
          EarthMinorAxis to the "-NetCDF *" MapProjection.  The difference
          is that EarthRadius is "6371.2 km" in text, while EarthRadius_KM
          is "6371.2" as a double.
10/27 AAT Fixed -NetCDF 3: attribute TrueGridLength_Latitude, moved from
          map projection to XCells, YCells
10/27 AAT Better handling of extensions for the -out option.
10/27 AAT Fixed a memory leak introduced by adding multiple GRIB files.
10/26 AAT Improved "-NetCDF 2" and "-NetCDF 3": the FirstProjectionHR
          attribute etc to be able to handle grids that are out of order.
10/26 AAT Improved "-NetCDF 2" and "-NetCDF 3": the valid_min,valid_max
          attribute to be the whole file's valid_min/valid_max.
10/26 AAT Improved "-NetCDF 2" and "-NetCDF 3" to do an insert, instead of
          appending the data to the end.
10/26 AAT Thanks to Anne Frigon: Found out that in the NetCDF I used the
          msgNum to specify where to insert the data.  This results in
          ProjHour filled with numerous missings.  Switched to adding to
          the end.  This results in non-monotonic ProjHour
10/26 AAT Thanks to Anne Frigon: fixed a typo in the NetCDF attributes
          (LowerLeftLatiude -> LowerLeftLatitude)
10/25 AAT Thanks to Kirby Cook, found out that I didn't add a '\0' to end
          of a buffer in writenc.c.  This was used in a test to see if the
          file was created using -NetCDF 1,2,3.  The result made all files
          look like they were created by different options, resulting in
          only allowing 1 message per file.
10/25 AAT Increased the size of gribcut from 15x15 degrees to 20x20
10/25 AAT Fixed a "download NDGD folder" bug.
10/25 AAT Updated comments about "GetURL.tcl"
10/25 AAT Added the new Gridded MOS data sets.
10/24 AAT Worked some more on the scale for the -C -Map option.
10/23 AAT Began work on adding multiple files to command line.
10/21 AAT Converted from time.h to clock.h to enable people to work with
          reanalysis data from 1952.  (time.h has a limitation of 1970 on
          some platforms).
10/23 C_D (Claude Desrochers): Added makefile.sgi to appropriate locations.
10/23 AAT Started to gain the ability to have multiple GRIB files on the
          command line, for help with the XML code.
10/21 AAT Shifted from time.h to clock.h.  To assist Kevin Pace work with
          Reanalysis data from 1954.
10/21 AAT Fixed the calls to gdImageFilledRectangle from fill4SidedObject
10/21 AAT Converted "Inconsistent Projection" in TDLPack to a warning
          instead of a fatal error.
10/19 AAT Modified /degrib/src/gd/makefile.sample to have "gd_security"
#----- Patch: Version 1.73.a 10/18/2005 -----
10/17 AAT Added GRIB1 "parm_table_nohrsc" for Chad Shafer.
#----- Release: Version 1.73 10/14/2005 -----
10/12 AAT Added %a, %A, and %g options to -nameStyle.
10/12 AAT Added lookup tables for the meta text file for which:
 10/5 AAT Re-did meta.h to move center/subcenter to common area (from a
          copy in each of pds1, pds2)
 10/5 AAT Check if NetCDF file was correct "degrib version" before append.
          If not, then over-write.
 10/4 AAT Default choice for MSB is true from degrib, false from tkdegrib
          choose to go with true for default.
 10/4 AAT Added -SimpleVer to tkdegrib (Add simple Wx over ride to the GUI)
 10/4 AAT Added -AscGrid to tkdegrib
 10/4 AAT Added -AscGrid to -Interp option
 10/4 AAT Reason "-Grib" was not working is because "reduce2" function line
          had too many columns.
 10/4 AAT Added "-C -Map" option (needs improvement).
 9/28 AAT Introduced "GetURL.tcl" to /degrib/bin, which allows one to get
          an arbitrary URL by typing "/degrib/bin/tcldegrib GetURL.tcl
 9/21 AAT Worked on "-Flt -AscGrid" option
 9/21 AAT Update to "-NetCDF 3" to have HrCells become ProjectionHr, and
          make ProjectionHr a coordinate variable.
 9/19 AAT Introduced "-GrADS 2" (valid time vs reference time)
 9/19 AAT Figured out why "-P -out stdout" behaved differently from "-P
 9/19 AAT Figured out why multiple calls to -NetCDF 3 -out resulted
          in 1 grid, whereas -NetCDF 3 -msg all -out resulted in 8
          grids.  Is now consistent.
 9/16 AAT Finished "-NetCDF 3" which should be more "CF" compliant...
          Modeled off RUC example see:

 9/16 AAT Added Code to handle MOS PoP06 and MOS PoP12.
 9/12 AAT Changed NetCDF output to have "standard_parallel" attribute with
          2 elements, rather than a standard_parallel_1 and
          standard_parallel_2. (Started to introduced "-NetCDF 3")
 9/8  AAT Switched from "," to ";" in several elements in metaname.c for
          Christopher McIntyre
 9/8  AAT Added NCEP GRIB1 table 131 for Michael Allard and Andrew P
#----- Release: Version 1.72 06/20/2005 -----
 6/20 AAT They started releasing "Relative Humidity" (ds.rhm.bin) and
          "Apparent Temperature" (ds.apt.bin).  Tested image generation
#----- Release: Version 1.71 06/15/2005 -----
 6/15 AAT Thanks to Ken Waters... remembered to add ApparentT and RH
#----- Release: Version 1.7 06/15/2005 -----
 6/15 AAT Thanks to Eishi ISOYA was able to update the macosx makefiles.
 6/14 AAT put md5sum on download page.
 6/14 AAT Added support for downloading mosGFS from the NDGD using
          tkdegrib. Still need to do this for web.tcl.
 6/14 AAT Added Variables "Relative Humidity", and "Apparent Temperature"
          for 6/15/2005 update to NDFD.
 6/14 AAT Found out that Hawaii has Experimental SnowAmt (not configured
 6/14 AAT Reconfigured Variables : MaxT, MinT, Temp, DP, PoP12, Wx become
          operational for PR and Hawaii on 6/15/2005 (see David Ruth email
 6/14 AAT Thanks to Gimond Manuel (5/6/2005) was able to get sun makefiles.
 6/14 AAT Added ncdump.exe to distribution in response to Alec.Richardson
          email on 6/8/2005.
 5/24 AAT Got a copy of Apparent Temperature and Relative Humidity to
          experiment with (modified metaname.c)
 5/12 AAT Thanks to "rob.doornbos" found a bug dealing with multiple
          closing's of the same file.  Fixed "fclose (out_fp)" in
          GRIB2Probe() in probe.c
 5/4  AAT Switch "FLT tab" .tlf option from Upper Left to lower left in
 5/4  AAT Updated "appendix.php" to fix definition of .tlf.
 4/4  AAT Moved clock up in the compile list to just after degrib.
 4/1  AAT Switched from "PROB-" to "Prob".
 4/1  AAT Did a code walk through of myutil.c
#----- Release: Version 1.68 03/30/2005 -----
 3/28 AAT Adjusted the inventory of Probability data again.
 3/28 AAT Figured out why degrib was flipping 0p5 degree grib2 data from
          NCEP's GFS model output. (90,0 was lat1/lon1 instead of -90,0)
 3/24 AAT Fixed the methods used to determine timeZone. (Broken for UTC-1)
 3/23 AAT Upgraded to 1.0.2 version of NCEP's GRIB2 library.
 3/23 AAT Improve Probability inventory to contain threshold value.
 3/22 AAT Added MOSGFS- to names from center 7, subcenter 14 which are
          generated by process 96.  Added MOS- to names of all other
          products from center 7 subcenter 14.
 3/22 AAT Get Rid of SNOD NDFD over-ride in metaname.c
 3/21 AAT Probability forecasts from TPC (Template 4.5)
 3/17 AAT Revisited handling of MOS.  Added it after determining short
          name, so that it uses NDFD conventions for the short name, but
          prepends a "MOS-" to it.  May need a "MOSGFS-" instead.
 3/16 AAT Gave Marc 1.67a.
 3/16 AAT Added MOS_Overide[] table, and created IsData_MOS() in metaname.c
#----- Release: Version 1.67 03/15/2005 -----
 3/15 AAT ParseSect4() Added a cast to (uChar) when comparing to
 3/15 AAT Temp, DP, and Wx for conus became operational.
 3/8  AAT Instructed to migrate away from use of MDL's GRIB2 library
 3/8  AAT Minor adjustment to "/src/grib2lib/grib2unpacker/rdieee.f"
 3/8  AAT Fixed a bug with comunpack.c (my copy of Steve's 1.0.1 version)
          line 193 should be > ndpts instead of >= ndpts.
 2/23 AAT Fixed a bug with TDLPack "no missing" second order difference.
 2/16 AAT Fixed verbose shapefile option: Was always on in 1.65 tkdegrib.
 2/15 AAT Started work on a -NC which is similar to -DC and -C except with
          NetCDF.  Needed to check some GFE created bytemasks.
 2/7  AAT Fixed a Big_Endian bug in TDLPack reading "ReadTDLPSect4()" --
          Gave out fixed version (1.65 2/7/2005)
 2/3  AAT Finished up first version of NDFD & Weather.
 1/31 AAT created a "select custom grid page" (until new one is finished).
 1/31 AAT Updated web pages with newest release note.
 1/31 AAT fixed release note 1.30 (problems with "<>")
 1/31 AAT removed "warning about 9 bytes" when using -C with TDLPack data.
 1/31 AAT removed "warning about 9 bytes" when using -I with TDLPack data.
#----- Release: Version 1.65 01/27/2005 -----
 1/26 AAT Finished the initial version of the -Sector option.
 1/25 AAT Introduced the "-Sector" option.
 1/25 AAT Fixed bug found by "chrism" in metaparse.c::ParseSect4Time2()
          unit2sec[] had an extra 0, so 10 got mapped to 0 (instead of
 1/25 AAT Added Icon for TDLPack file types
 1/25 AAT Fixed netCDF tdlpack GUI != netCDF tdlpack command line bug.
 1/24 AAT Added verbose .shp file format.
 1/24 AAT Debugged Multiple output probe point.
 1/23 AAT PntFile: Due to some requests (KimW), degrib allows (optional)
          one to specify a forth element which is the file to output that
          point to.
 1/23 AAT PntFile: Due to some requests (chrism and others), degrib no
          longer allow the space separator.  This allows stations with
          spaces.  So you have to use commas.
 1/23 AAT Added prj file creation to gribWriteShp() to help with ArcGIS.
 1/23 AAT Cleaned up documentation on %D %d nameStyle options.
 1/21 AAT Made Inventory displays what it can when it detects a bug.
 1/13 AAT Worked on -nameStyle "%c" "%d" and "%D"... Checking if this is
          desired result.
 1/13 AAT fixed "-IS0 -nMet -out stdout"
 1/13 AAT commented TDLPack routines, final compression 148,400, also
          improved speed.
 1/12 AAT Continued TDLPack compression: Glahn: 151,176 me: 156,136 ->
 1/11 AAT Continued TDLPack compression: Glahn: 151,176 me: 156,744 ->
 1/10 AAT Continued TDLPack compression: Glahn: 151,176 me: 230,856 ->
 1/7  AAT Continued TDLPack compression: Glahn: 151,176 me: 302,192
 1/5  AAT Started in on TDLPack writing routines. Not very good
          compression: Glahn: 151,176 me: 618,672 -> 330,848
12/29 AAT Adjusted code to handle "missing" for sndSurface type.
12/29 AAT Fixed MetaPrint for table4.5 entry 109.
12/22 AAT --- 1.63.A replaced weather.c on
12/22 AAT Fixed Simple Weather code for SW/BS (ignore BS).
12/21 AAT Changed GRIB1 code to return warning if they didn't count section
12/20 AAT fixed tdlpack reading bug.
12/14 AAT Updated "metaname.c::Choose_LocalParmTable" for HPC Grids.
12/13 AAT --- 1.64 Handed jcraig a preliminary copy of the changes he
          suggested to writenc.c for him to evaluate.
12/13 AAT Updated some of the web pages.
12/13 AAT Finished incorporating "jcraig" changes to writenc.c (Adds a
          "-NetCDF 2" option (version 2)).
12/13 AAT Updated makefiles to handle pure cygwin situation "better".
12/8  AAT Changed "stderr" to "stdout" in web.tcl so the .'s are in the
          correct chronological order in cron jobs.
12/3  AAT Added a "-validMin" and "-validMax" to make sure numbers are
12/3  AAT Fixed web site's copy of "history.txt" (modified the font some).
12/3  AAT Switched to NCEP GRIB2 current library and return 7 if we have a
          corrupt section 7. 1) Detects "too many byte read" due to corrupt
          group width 2) Detects "too many numbers" due to corrupt group
12/2  AAT Adjusted MDL GRIB2 library to 705 if 1) Detects "too many byte
          read" due to corrupt group width 2) Detects "too many numbers"
          due to corrupt group length.
12/1  AAT Adjusted NCEP GRIB2 library to return 14 if we have corrupt
          section 7. 1) Detects "too many byte read" due to corrupt group
          width 2) Detects "too many numbers" due to corrupt group length.
12/1  AAT Search for "CASE" in other files.
12/1  "jcraig" provided enhanced NetCDF code.
12/1  "jcraig" pointed out that "SELECT CASE" is not F77 compliant. He
          provided changed code for "unpkSect3.f".
12/1  AAT Detected that GRIB2 library doesn't handle corrupt section 7s
          well. 1) Can try to read too many bytes due to corrupt group
          width 2) Can try to store too many numbers due to corrupt group
12/1  AAT Fixed bug in library that caused it to always use NCEP's library.
12/1  AAT Fixed a memory leak in "FindGRIBMsg()".
#----- Release: Version 1.63 11/30/2004 -----
11/29 AAT Implemented sector based operational/experimental variables.
11/23 AAT Implemented "Simple Weather Version 4". (New Default).
#----- Release: Version 1.61.A (Announced Web site update) 11/18/2004 -----
10/29 AAT Found bug with handling of missing / undef with GrADS ctl files.
          Thanks to "DNovak3098"
10/20 AAT Found a bug with commands.c::GetOutputName when using -out
          stdout. When code changes the file extension and there isn't any
          memory allocated (bug introduced in 1.60, and 1.61).
10/6  AAT Worked on support for extracting a TDLPack gridded message.
10/5  AAT Added support for Inventory'ing TDLPack.
 9/29 AAT Don Bauer pointed out that images weren't being generated except
          for wave height.  This lead me to detect a bug in ndfd.tcl which
          was blocking the creation of images unless waveh images needed to
          be created, at which point it generated all the images.
 9/16 AAT Dave mentioned problems with "Chc:T:...^Def:RW:..." does not get
          the correct color (due to Marc's Algorithm).  Need new -SimpleVer
 9/14 AAT Experimented with metaname.c :: Choose_LocalParmTable();
 9/14 AAT Corrected writeshp.c :: CreateWxDbf() fprintf (fp, formBuf1, id,
          buffer, index, vis, index);
#----- Release: Version 1.61 08/30/2004 -----
 8/26 AAT Added ability for hawaii and guam to generate images.
#----- Release: Version 1.60 08/24/2004 -----
 8/24 AAT Thanks to Ken Waters found a typo in NDFD_GenImages
 8/23 AAT Thanks to Ken Waters (and myself) we detected a bug in my
          handling of mercator grids when I used NCEP's routines.  The
          result was a "scan mode 80" error, and a DX=.064 meters.
 8/23 AAT Added /degrib/arcview/readme.txt to distrib lists.
 8/23 AAT Activated Hawaii, and Guam Sectors of NDFD.
 8/23 AAT Bind return in GIS Tab (top RT pane) to be double click.
 8/23 AAT "-C -out stdout" and "-C -stdout" sends meta to standard out.
 8/20 AAT Redid how age of files are handled in tkdegrib (faster)
 8/20 AAT Tested web.tcl with "custom ndfd".
 8/20 AAT Tested web.tcl with ndgd and ndfd.
 8/19 AAT Adjusted Inventory so it looks at first 5000 bytes in a ".tar"
          file before giving up.
 8/19 AAT Finished the browse button.
 8/19 AAT Attempted to fix all other "file open bugs".
 8/18 AAT Fixed file open bug in "Grib2IsGrib2Obj()"
 8/18 AAT Started to add browse button...
 8/17 AAT Finished adding NDGD.
 8/16 AAT Modified "english weather translation" in "probe.c" to have "A, B
          and C" instead of "A and B and C".
 8/16 AAT Finished debuging weather.c for "unknown coverages".
 8/13 AAT Adjusted the Weather Table for the new weather keys. ESRI Weather
          issue: Original "HazCode" was based on 5 hazards, where each
          hazard was a number between 0 and 10 which I sorted and created a
          5 digit number out of.  That is no longer feasible since there
          are now 11 Hazarads.  So the new "HazCode" is a 10 digit number.
 8/12 AAT Added -refTime command option.
 8/11 AAT Adjusted tkdegrib to use tree structure on the download page.
          This will allow one to download a subset of variables, and allow
          one to start handling the NDGD.
 8/6  AAT Adjusted ParseElemName() so Template 4.9 gets units of % and
          there is no unit conversion.
 8/2  AAT Added "GenericProbe()" "hook" for FORTRAN to call, instead of
          using temporary files, or messing with "user" function.
 8/2  AAT Adjusted radEarth from GRIB1 files to be 6371.2 if from NCEP.
 8/2  AAT Adjusted metaprint.c and metaparse.c to handle 40000->40 and
          40010->41 shifts.
 8/2  AAT Adjusted drstemplates.h, g2_addfield.c, and g2_unpack7.c to
          handle 40000->40 and 40010->41 shifts.
 8/2  AAT Adjusted grib2api.c to allow 40, 41 to also have is5[20]
          determine if it is float or int data. (aka: not depend on 40000,
 8/2  AAT Adjusted unearth.f to handle case code table 3.2 cases 4,5,7.
 8/2  AAT Updated code for new code table 3.2 (and put in checks that
          radEarth is in range of 6300 km to 6400 km. (should be 6371.2
 8/2  AAT Fixed 0.0000-SFC for NDFD inventoriy. (Related to 7/22 fix).
 7/30 AAT Finished AirForce Param Table.
 7/29 AAT Worked on AirForce Param Table.
 7/28 AAT NOAA 2004 Web Conference Talk!
 7/26 AAT Worked on AirForce Param Table.
 7/23 AAT Worked on AirForce Param Table.
 7/22 AAT Resolved GetOutputName when surface is '0.33'.
 7/22 AAT Modified metaname.c::ParseLevelName() to allow a 0.33 surface.
 7/20 AAT Added handling for "template 4.8 with no time range."
 6/21 AAT Adjusted handling of code table 3.2 to be "hard wired" values.
#----- Release: Version 1.53 06/18/2004 -----
 6/18 AAT Tested some AirQual grids.  I should key off lenTime instead of
          timeIncr to find the "length of the Average".  (ie 0zone8 has
          lenTime=8 since it is an 8hr average, but timeIncr of 0).
 6/18 AAT Custom becomes official! See:

 6/9  AAT Modified GRIB1 part to allow "extended" lat/lon grids (ie
          stretched or stretched and rotated lat/lon grids.
 6/2  AAT Continued to update the ozone names.
 6/1  AAT Updated names ozone names (to reflect 8 and 1 hour averages).
 5/24 AAT Allowed -pnt to take non lat/lon values (for -grid true option).
 5/24 AAT Added some checks for ASCII corrupted GRIB2 messages to degrib2.c
 5/24 AAT Finished updating GRIB1 table NCEP OPN/129/130
 5/20 AAT GRIB1: Paid attention to table 5 (Time range indicator) and which
          of P1 and P2 are the valid times.  This means better calculations
          of valid time for GRIB1 messages.
 5/20 AAT Fixed undesirable probe in off grid cell locations.  When not
          using -Interp, if a lat/lon results in a cell that is off the
          grid, it had returned the value of the nearest grid cell.  Now
          returns missing.
#----- Release: Version 1.51 05/18/2004 -----
 5/18 AAT Found a bug in MetaPrint.c:PrintSect4_Category.
 5/18 AAT Added an entry in metaname.c for NDFD AirQual.
 5/17 AAT Ported to various platforms
 5/14 AAT Added a way to handle a bad Tcl/SSH exit on NCEP's machines.
          (Exiting Tcl in a SSH session causes the session to lock.)
          (Solution: create an exit handler that just exits... just make
          sure you actually call "exit" from the tcl script.)
 5/13 AAT Bug in tendian.c::memBitRead(), for big-endian machines, it
          didn't correctly right justify the bytes when numBytes != sizeof
 5/12 AAT Adjusted probe.c with -nLabel to all decimals (instead of
 5/11 AAT Added local section info for ozone project (metaname.c)
 5/11 AAT Fixed metaparse.c::ParseGrid() so that it computes the correct
          range of values when dealing with a bitmap.
 5/11 AAT Fixed call to GRIB2 library.  Was expecting "clean" to be 0,
          instead of 1.  This affects simple packing with bitmaps.  I
          expected some kind of holder value to be embeded in the data
          (clean of 1 doesn't do that.  clean of 0 does).
 5/10 AAT Can now handle GRIB2 compressed files with "complex" or "complex
          spatial differencing" methods" which have a bitmap (MDL-Library
          does not support this).
 5/10 AAT Found out that I used the opposite definition for bitmap Correct
          answer is: 0 = missing, 1 = valid.
#----- Release: Version 1.50 05/07/2004 -----
 5/7  AAT Changed default of "-Flt" to "-nFlt".
 5/6  AAT Started putting in links from GUI to NetCDF routines.
 5/6  AAT Ported to AIX-32, and HP-Gcc platforms (linux was simple).
 5/5  AAT Switched to 2 decimal (from 1) recomendation for QPF.
 5/5  AAT Finished commenting "writenc.c" : Now have NetCDF capability (1
          message to 1 NetCDF file). Need: a) -Interp option, b) Multiple
          messages to 1 NetCDF file.
 5/5  AAT Updated the version of "emapf-c"
 5/5  AAT Announced the 2004 Partner's Workshop meeting.
 4/30 AAT Added gridID to pdsG1Type (see meta.h)
 4/23 AAT Bug fix: writeshp.c::gribWriteShp() Incorrect in computation of
          fieldLen1 / fieldLen2.  Didn't handle a min values of "-0.01"
          correctly.  Assumed log10() was always positive.. log10(0.01) =
          -2. (found this bug due to "aviation GRIB1 Supercooled large
 4/22 AAT Bug for web.tcl (occassional 0 byte files) Hypothesis, the https
          lines were full.  Solution: More attempts, pause between
          attempts, another diagnostic message.
 4/15 AAT Initial experiments with NetCDF complete... Starting writenc.c
 4/5  AAT Bug in -P -Interp (chrism)... Probing points outside the grid
          returns 9999.  Not a bug, but undesired behavior for Lat/Lon
          grids which have the left border 1 grid cell away from the right
          border.  In that particular case, we can interpolate outside the
 4/2  AAT In GIS tab browse on "program files" causes stack trace.
#----- Release: Version 1.48 04/01/2004 -----
 3/29 AAT In GIS tab, full filename is in path (instead of just directory)
 3/29 AAT Cleaned up files (comments / long int->sInt4) stopped with
 3/26 AAT Added -LatLon_Decimals option.
 3/25 AAT Found out that grib1tab.c was not consistent.  Cleaned up the
          tables and made sure the short name contained none of the
          following: " ./+()<=>"
 3/24 AAT Added UC_K2F for all [K] variables (GRIB1 and GRIB2).
 3/24 AAT Worked on short surface name (replaced : with - in 2 level values
          version of GRIB1 code)
 3/24 AAT Worked on short surface name (added 2 level values to GRIB2 code)
 3/24 AAT Updated metaprint label for jpeg and png type compression.
 3/24 AAT Fixed problems with surface names for GRIB1... Used to start
          tacking surfaces together.. example:
 3/23 AAT Fix based on chrism bug... mymapf.c was setting up a lat/lon grid
          incorrectly if the scan mode was anything except 64.
 3/23 AAT Added ability to convert GRIB1 data's units to english / metric.
          (wasn't paying attention to the TMP, MAXT... stuff).
 3/22 AAT Introduced -nLabel option.
 3/22 AAT Error in default name style. Should be "%e_%v.txt" not
 3/22 AAT Taught the GRIB1 variables TMP, MAXT, MINT, APCP about UC_K2F and
 3/22 AAT Modified output meta to emphasize computed unit conversions
 3/17 AAT Web page updates...
#----- Release: Version 1.47 03/17/2004 -----
 3/16 AAT Bug fix: chrism reports -pntStyle 1 and -pntStyle 2 don't do
          labels correctly... Fix was in probe.c::GRIB2ProbeStyle1()
#----- Release: Version 1.46 03/15/2004 -----
 3/15 AAT Fixed the ParseLevelName() command to stop "tacking on" surfaces
          when doing a -msg all -nameStyle "%s.txt"
 3/15 AAT Fixed some bugs with then new -nameStyle
 3/12 AAT Made the -nameStyle more flexible, and added surface option to
 3/12 AAT Added "-cells true" to "-cells all".  This allows one to probe a
          specified set of grid cell (see -pnt and -pntFile) instead of all
          cells, without knowing the lat/lon of that cell.
 3/12 AAT Created -surface short, -surface long... During a probe this will
          output the surface level either in the short form or the long
 3/12 AAT Discovered that the "split poly" during big poly save was not
          completed (that is, the first and last point were not the same)
 3/11 AAT Cleaned up the big polygon dateline split.
 3/10 AAT Fixed small polygons for Alaska.
 3/5  AAT Relabeled inventory from "#, Byte, ..." to "MsgNum, Byte, ..."
 3/5  AAT Switched ParmTable (GRIB1) to GRIB1ParmTable (should fix GRIB1
          unit probe label problem.)
 3/5  AAT For LATLON grids made sure that lon is in 0..360
 3/4  AAT Switched to 6 places of accuracy (because that is native of GRIB2
          messages... note this may cause HP problems with tests)
 3/4  AAT degrib1.c:ReadGrib1Sect4() Switched {# Pts * (# Bits in a Group)
          + # of unused bits != # of available bits} to a warning from an
 3/4  AAT Added timing diagnostics (miliseconds) on downloads)
 2/23 AAT Improvement on web.tcl (suggested by chrism) (puts current
 2/20 AAT Bug Fix to "web.tcl" for missing directory (AK). (Reported by
 2/20 AAT Bug Fix to "web.tcl" for missing snow in PR. (reported by chrism)
 2/20 AAT Some experimentation with importing into ArcGIS
 2/20 AAT Found out that "c:/ndfd/degrib1.4/..." is not a good name for
          ArcGIS toolbox... Use "c:/ndfd/degrib1_4/..." instead.
 2/19 AAT Added -majEarth and -minEarth options to tkdegrib.
#----- Release: Version 1.44 02/17/2004 -----
 2/11 AAT Add GUI CSV option
 2/11 AAT Finished the fixed column, Comma delimited text format (-Csv).
 2/11 AAT Can now take data from stdin.
 2/11 AAT Remember to ask Mark Price to check out Debian issue (see 2/2)
 2/11 AAT Adjusted metaparse to accept GRIB2 master table version 2.
 2/10 AAT Added ability to convert ASCII (.ini type) file to index (flx)
 2/10 AAT Tested subgrid communication potential.
 2/9  AAT Completed the subgrid options for -Grib2 option, and tested on a
          linux machine.
 2/7  AAT Enable stdout writes for -Grib2 option. NOTE: To do this in
          Win32, we are no longer using -ansi. because in windows, stdout
          is ascii, and can't be changed inside C using ansi C (shouldn't
          be true in unix/linux).
 2/7  AAT Update copy of NDFD usage document.
 2/7  AAT Relabel -lowLeft -lwlf and -upRight -uprt
 2/7  AAT While inventorying ./data/fh.0001_tl.press_gr.bgrib, found that
          it is a corrupt file... This caused ParseTime from
          ReadGrib1Sect1() to segFault (because the year was 1300)  Now
          using ParseTime to detect if GRIB1 files are corrupt (from
 2/6  AAT Solved the -lowLeft -upRight problem for both -C and -DC.
 2/6  AAT Solved the "decode grib2" -> "encode grib2", and "decode grib2"
          -> Data Cube -> "encode grib2" problem for NDFD.
 2/5  AAT Save 7 decimals to the data cube so we don't lose accuracy when
          we re-read it, and pack it as a GRIB2 file.
 2/5  AAT BUG:: -msg all didn't get subgrids
 2/4  AAT BUG:: metaparse.c didn't allow non-meteo or ocean products
 2/4  AAT BUG:: grib2api.c For submessages, I did a mem-swap twice, which
          corrupted the data.
 2/4  AAT BUG:: metaname.c ParseLevelName did not properly anticipate local
          defined level tables.
 2/4  AAT BUG:: inv->shortFstLevel = NULL added for subgrid messages.
 2/4  AAT BUG:: Inventory line 726 fread -> FREAD_BIG (to determine if we
          have end of message.
 2/2  AAT Removed having both a ain and iain data element. (speed increase
          of 10%)
 2/2  AAT Removed a number of the automatic array dependencies. (Mark Price
          brought this up in 1/21/2004 email)
 1/29 AAT Removed a level diagnostic in GRIB1 parsing.
 1/28 AAT Update to emapf configure files... haven't tested.
 1/27 AAT Learned about proxy https servers, added option to configure
#----- Release: Version 1.42a 01/26/2004 -----
 1/26 AAT Added Simple Weather Table version 3.
 1/26 AAT Relabel "Waterspouts" to "Water Spouts"
#----- Release: Version 1.42 01/23/2004 -----
 1/22 AAT Added an "automatic select" of -Decimal in "Recommend" button.
 1/22 AAT Changed the default for -Decimal back from 0 to 3 because the
          image Generation didn't work.  Better solution have a default
          based on variable... Put that on todo list.
 1/22 AAT Worked on making sure the release is valid (and started in on
          some packer codes).
 1/21 AAT Replace 'D' comments with 'C' comments in the Fortran code (This
          is so that it works in Mac OSX with Bell labs f2c). (Wyatt Miller
          brought this up in 11/13/2003 email)
 1/21 AAT Fixed the size issue of the UNIX GUI (wm geometry after wm
 1/21 AAT Fixed reported failure of GUI on linux (SystemButtonFace ->
 1/21 AAT Changed default Wx.colortable to new version.
 1/21 AAT Added movable walls in inventory part of GIS tab.
 1/21 Doug Marcy: New Weather table .avl files
 1/21 AAT Added some GRIB1 height/level parsing.
 1/21 AAT Return longFstLevl to Tcl/Tk.
 1/21 AAT Add shortFstLevl to invertory print.
 1/21 Albion Taylor: (1/15/2004) updated emapf (AAT Downloaded on 1/21).
 1/20 AAT Finished unpacking the ArcView Tables.
 1/20 AAT Added new simple weather codes (and -SimpleVer option to get
          original version) (-SimpleVer 1 => 6/2003 version) (-SimpleVer 2
          => 1/2004 version) (defaults to -SimpleVer 2).
 1/20 AAT Added a "recommend" button for filename selection in the GUI.
 1/20 AAT Fixed GUI occurance of GMT -> UTC
 1/20 AAT Added new Weather types (specifically WX_BN, WX_ZF, WX_IC, WX_IF,
          WX_VA, WX_ZY, WX_WP).  Added them to end of list, instead of
          changing "wx-inten".
 1/16 Doug Marcy: Gave a ArcView Legends Tutorial Doc
 1/16 Doug Marcy: Gave a version of his ArcView Legend files (to mimic the
          imageGen color tables)
 1/16 AAT Finally entered in GRIB1 NCEP Parameter Table 130.
 1/16 AAT Added shortFstLevel and longFstLevel to meta data structure, and
          inventory data structure..
 1/16 AAT Updated the list of variable abreviations and created a NDFD
          override abreviation method.
 1/15 AAT complete PrintSect4_Category().
 1/15 AAT Add a -log option to log weather key probe errors.
 1/14 AAT Improved metaprint.c to use metaname.c's comment variable.
 1/14 AAT Added handling of "OR" and "MX" in weather.c
 1/14 AAT Added some flexibility to the ComputeUnit() function.
 1/14 AAT Add comments to metaname.c
 1/13 AAT Verified switch to emapf (supports eliptical earth) (see ruc
 1/13 AAT Modified mymapf.c to output lon in range of -180..180 This allows
          support of the "1/2 degree grid from NCEP."
 1/13 AAT Found out that eqvlat has to be after mkGeoid for emapf
 1/12 AAT Entered in most of NCEP's GRIB2 local tables into metaname.c
 1/12 AAT Decided to add a column of "long form", and remove the "ForeHr"
          field to the GUI.
 1/12 AAT Detected that [clock seconds] in Win98 returns system timezone,
          instead of GMT which WinXP returns.
 1/12 AAT Made image generation button dependent on existance of
          "superImageGen.exe" (instead of imageGen.exe)
 1/12 AAT Added check of file size of .png != 0 before sending to pngqudim
 1/12 AAT Michael Pat Murphy had problems installing to "program files"
          (win98), Needed to change open "|$imageGenName... to open
 1/9  AAT Modified "browse for file" to have either .shp or .flt type.
          instead of always .flt.  Bug fix at request of Doug Marcy.
 1/9  AAT Changed the default for -Decimal from 3 to 0 at request of Doug
          Marcy.  Most variables need 0, although some might need 1.  One
          possibility is to make the default change based on variable.
 1/9  AAT Switched from using dmapf-c to emapf-c because of eliptical earth
          in some of the RUC fields.
 1/9  AAT Thanks to Mark Fenbers suggestion, I've updated ./src/Makefiles
          to have "make clean" be "cleaner". :-)
 1/7  AAT Continued work on "metaname.c".
 1/7  AAT Updated some of the tables in metaparse.c
 1/7  AAT Downloaded most recent version of GRIB2 document, and found
 1/6  AAT Discovered enumeration of Meteo categories in meta.h didn't have
          "momentum probabilities".
 1/6  AAT Started work on cleaning up naming conventions to handle ETA
 1/6  AAT Modified "unearth.f" to handle shape of Earth "6"
 1/6  AAT Realized that NCEP is giving out Radius of Earth as "6" in the
          code table, but is not also providing the value in the message.
#----- Release: Version 1.41 12/29/2003 -----
12/29 AAT Changed degrib1.c :: ReadGrib1Sect2() so NV != 0 is a debug time
          warning instead of a fatal error.  PV != 255 is still a fatal
12/29 AAT Discussed with Albion Taylor about non-spherical map projections
          Possible result : emapf.
#----- Release: Version 1.40b 12/25/2003 -----
12/24 AAT Fixed a bug in BigByteCpy() (sInt4 versus uInt4)
#----- Release: Version 1.40a 12/25/2003 -----
12/24 AAT Fixed the dependance on png.dll
#----- Release: Version 1.40 12/25/2003 -----
12/24 AAT Updated following colortables: MaxT_winter, MinT_winter,
          T_winter, TD_winter, Wx, also updated some of the definitions for
          the web page.
12/24 AAT Changed references from GMT to UTC (at urging of: Mark Fenbers)
12/24 AAT Finished getting things to compile on NCEP's IBM in 32 bit mode
12/23 AAT Continued trying to get things to work on HP
12/22 AAT trying to get things to work on HP
12/19 AAT Updated myutil.c to most recent copy.
12/19 AAT broke myassert.c out of myerror.c.
12/18 AAT Continued work on cleaning up the distribution files.
12/17 AAT Worked on cleaning up the distribution files.
#----- Limited Release (linux only version): Version 1.33 12/16/2003 -----
12/15 AAT Finished rough draft of API for NCEP GRIB2 decoder library, and
          passed a linux only version (1.33) off to FSL.
 12/1 AAT Started in on a API wrapper around NCEP GRIB2 decoder
11/21 - 11/29 Vacation (Sofia's baptism in CA, Thanksgiving in MA)
11/20 AAT Worked on "ConvertChain2LtLn()" which should address the dateline
          issue for "big polys".  (after changing "CreateBigPolyShp()"
          some) Will then try to use a similar method for the small
11/20 AAT Cleaned up the "chainType" structure (didn't need value since
          that was in the "polyType" structure (chain.h)
11/20 AAT Continued debugging the latlon projection shape file method.
11/19 AAT Created a wrapper for the map projection calls so that the
          program could handle latlon grids.
11/13 AAT Bug report by Scott Archer... Debian Linux doesn't work with the
          FORTRAN library (suggested problem with file (inventories fine))
          (suggested --stack (Not available in non i386 ld)) (error code
11/13 AAT Bug report by Wyatt Miler... FORTRAN code wouldn't compile in OS
          X. Suggested changing "D" for comments to "C".
11/5  AAT Bug report by Wyatt Miler... NameStyle 3 had fileNameLen !=
#----- Release: Version 1.31 10/24/2003 -----
10/21 AAT Improved https.tcl and ndfd.tcl to attempt to re-get data that is
10/20 Matthew T. Kallio "matt" (weather underground): Problem:
          CreateBigPolyShp() gave a seg-fault error on linux but not on
          windows.  Solution: FWRITE_LIT (&parts, sizeof (long int),
          numParts, sfp); => FWRITE_LIT (parts, sizeof (long int),
          numParts, sfp);
10/20 AAT (Release notes for 1.30 went out Today (Monday)).
#----- Release: Version 1.30 10/17/2003 -----
10/16 AAT Updated ./data/imageGen/cities/cities.sample
10/16 AAT changed RootDir to "OperDir" and "ExprDir" in ndfd.ini So we can
          have operational and experimental NDFD variables.
10/16 AAT Added "-P -cells all"
10/15 AAT Fixed f_interp "use weather code"
10/15 AAT Added f_interp option to gribInterpFloat() (Now have "-Interp
          near") Inform Peter Resch (9/30 request)
10/15 AAT Continued validating variables all work for new GIS tab choices.
10/15 AAT Memleak fixed when tcldegrib is called with invalid options.
10/15 AAT Bug fix with computing bounds of a "big" polygon.  Initial value
          was choosen incorrectly.
10/14 AAT Added .5 to each point to get big poly to match little... because
          chain used a grid that started at 0,0.  projections used a grid
          that started at 1,1.  Also the chain centered the values,
          where-as the projections had the values on the latice points.
10/14 AAT Added preliminary improvement for new GIS tab choices.
10/7  AAT Allowed -DP to have "-Index ./conus/ds.maxt.ind".  This used to
          be an error.  It only allowed "-Index ds.maxt.ind", so you had to
          cd to the data directory first.
10/7  AAT Allow "ds.maxt.ind" as an -Index file. (two '.'s in filename)
10/7  AAT Worked on Tcl and C calls to "-poly big".
10/6  AAT Finished the -poly big option (20 seconds)
10/3  AAT Finished the -poly big option (13 min .. 10 min .. 8 min .. 5
 9/30 James Scott "JAScott1": Provided a new makefile for Mac OS X
 9/30 AAT "download.htm" had 2 degrib-cd.tar.gz and no degrib-cd.exe
 9/26 James Scott "JAScott1": Provided a makefile for Mac OS X
 9/23 *** ----- NWS Focus Article 9/23/2003 ----- *** -----
 ----- *** -----
          Request for "NDFD Success Stories" -----
 9/22 AAT "register.htm" : Repeated word ("that")
 9/22 AAT "download.htm", "howto.htm", "index.htm" had some spacing issues
 9/22 AAT Spelling errors in "compileu.htm"
 9/22 Charlie Paxton : Typo (avialable -> available on "Howto.htm")
 9/15 AAT Updated MakeData.tcl to work on Bunge's web site.
 9/15 AAT Fixed: -DP required "rw" permissions on .ind file to read.
 9/15 *** ----- NWS Focus Article 9/15/2003 ----- *** -----
 ----- *** -----
          NDFD Technical Workshop Presentations Available Online -----
 9/12 Peter Resch "peterr": Bug fix for Name Style 1 (valid - refTime can
          be 3 characters). command.c::GetOutputName()
 9/9  AAT Remember to thank tony.simmers for the NCEP GRIB2 information,
          and his tar ball
#----- Release: Version 1.27 09/09/2003 -----
 9/9  AAT Created a MakeData.tcl script (in case doesn't
 9/9  AAT Adjusted makefiles to use /usr/lib/ instead of /lib for -lm &
 9/9  AAT Modified makefiles to consistently use ranlib (in grib2unpacker)
 9/9  AAT Validated Radius of Earth change (6367.47 -> 6371.2 km)
 9/9  AAT Created automatic way to get rid of ^M in source code.
 9/8  AAT Adjusted interpretation of scale value / factor for metaparse.c
          when dealing with RadEarth, and fstSurfValue / sndSurfValue.
 9/8  *** ----- NWS Focus Article 9/8/2003 ----- *** -----
 ----- *** ----- (WFO
          Reno Hands on meeting with GIS) -----
 9/8  AAT Adjusted ndfd.tcl to use MaxT_Tropical.colortable (for PR).
 9/8  AAT Updated ./docs/NDFD_GRIB2Decoder.html
 9/8  AAT Removed some unused colortables (plain MaxT, MinT, and T, and
          WindGust).  Added "MaxT_Tropical", "MinT_Tropical", "T_Tropical",
          and "Td_Tropical"
 9/8  AAT Updated "./data/imageGen/cities/cities.sample"
 9/8  AAT Created a web.tcl script in ./degrib/bin Purpose: Sample
          automated method of "getting" the https files from the web (Used
          Tcl but not Tk, so it can be put in cron).
 9/5  AAT Created a "" script in ./degrib/bin Purpose:
          Convert GRIB2 files to "database" files, for -DP option.
 9/5  AAT Finished up some of the extra -DP options debugging.
 9/4  AAT Got default -Data and -DP to work correctly for current
 9/3  *** *** ----- Message on the unidata GIS list ----- ***
 8/25-8/29 ----- Great Divide Workshop -----
 8/22 AAT Added images of sectors to "Howto.htm" page.
 8/22 AAT Finished getting ready for "Great Divide Workshop"
 8/21 AAT Almost finished the -DP and -Data options.
 8/21 AAT Added -nRevFlt option.
 8/20 AAT Removed dependence on fileLen... (May now start using stdin?)
 8/20 AAT Improved the error catching in inventory.c::GRIB2SectJump() by
          paying attention to return from fread, and checking fseek with a
          fgetc / ungetc combo, instead of "computing" where we should be.
 8/19 AAT Changed the 8/14 ugly string "" fix from a new table item to an
          adjustment to weather.c::UglyLookUp()
 8/19 AAT Consolidated cstart.c and tcldegrib.c version of ConvertCmd().
 8/19 AAT Updated probe test because of 7/22 fix.
 8/18 AAT Improved "usage" so user doesn't have to read too much.
 8/18 AAT Switched to just one command per run.
 8/18 AAT Started to introduce assert statements (see myerror.h)
 8/16 AAT Found out how to save a tiny bit of memory by re-arranging
          typedef structures.
 8/14 AAT NOTE: Mark Maciver (maciver) had problems downloading complete
          data Possible cause: Data updated about 20 after the hour, so it
          may have interupted his data retrieval.
 8/14 AAT Fixed Wx bug that Marc Pointed out.  metaparse.c::ParseSect2_Wx()
          When the section2 group does not have a '\0' at the end, I made a
          false assumption when storing the last string.  This caused a
          string to not have a '\0' terminator.
 8/14 AAT In ugly strings: allowed "" in 'visibility' field, 'intensity'
          field, 'weather' field, and 'coverage' field (already allowed in
          'hazard' field).
 8/13 AAT ----- NDFD Technical Workshop -----
 8/11 AAT Put release notes on-line.
 8/11 Rici Yu: Updated version of superImageGen (hopefully avoids infinite
          loop case that was detected with conus / PR for MaxT)
 8/8  AAT Probe.c bug fix for wx. Send missing to 9999 instead "missing"
#----- Release: Version 1.25 08/07/2003 -----
 8/7  AAT Resolved: "degrib foo -I" where foo is NOT a GRIB2 file.
 8/6  AAT fixed: 'tk_messageBox debug message left in when converting to
 8/6  AAT Added -pntStyle option, (at the request of Matt and Jim Scott).
 8/6  AAT Found a logic error when parsing "-pntFile".  Can now handle
          "lat,lon", in addition to "station,lat,lon"
 8/6  AAT Added -WxParse option for Probe point when dealing with weather.
 8/6  AAT Fixed spelling of "hazzard" to "hazard" in creation of .shp file
          for weather.
 8/6  AAT Added -Separator option for probe point.
 8/5  AAT Found out how to import .flt files into ArcGIS with the correct
          projection.  Now providing: ./degrib/arcview/ndfd.prj -> For
          setting a layer's projection ./degrib/arcview/prj.adf -> For
          setting a grid's projection.
 8/5  AAT cstart.c:ParseUserChoice(), improved handling of next = NULL
 8/1  AAT inventory.c:GRIB2Inventory(), made it so that it only has a
          GRIB_LIMIT for the first message in the file.  After that there
          can be unlimitted bytes between messages.
 8/1  AAT Updated qpf.colortable, and sky.colortable
 8/1  AAT Updated cities.sample ./degrib/data/imageGen/cities
 8/1  AAT Memory leak in degrib1.c:ReadGrib1Record() I had allocated
          UnitName, copied data into it, then set it to NULL (The set to
          NULL was probably a debug test that got left in).
#----- Release: Version 1.23 07/31/2003 -----
 7/31 AAT Added defense for the case where there are fewer Wdir and Wspd
          messages than Temperature.
 7/31 AAT Added new version of htmlmaker (for "help" key)
 7/31 AAT Got new definitions for help pages used by htmlmaker
 7/31 AAT Updated colortables.
 7/30 AAT Resolved "Ken Water and Jamie D. Perez" bug with regards to the
          space in the filename (mkWidget's : pkgIndex.tcl needed work)
 7/30 AAT + Rici Yu : Started in on updating help pages from htmlmaker.
 7/30 AAT Changed weather.c::InitUglySting to initialize the entire
          UglyString data sturcture.  Previously may have been looking at
          undefined values, causing occasional problems.
 7/29 ... Ken Water reports "space" bug in installation.
 7/29 AAT Switched to having meta out of Grib2Type structure in tcldegrib.c
          Thought was that MetaInit and MetaFree should be called more
          frequently to prevent wx mistakes.
 7/28 AAT Incoperated "superImageGen" into ndfd.tcl. Idea of
          "superImageGen" is if you call image creation program 1 time
          instead of N times (once per image) it will speed things up
          (fewer execs)... Turns out it slows it down slightly... Don't
          know why yet.
 7/28 AAT When tkdegrib needs reftime for a file, can now use "reftime"
          option to just inventory the first message (instead of all
          messages). Speed improvement to start program from approx 2 min
          40 sec (on a 1.7 gHz, with heavy load, and all sectors) to: 8 sec
          (same machine, same situation)
 7/22 AAT Found out that I used ScanIndex incorrectly in probe point... The
          map routines return x,y in range of 1,1 .. Nx,Ny because of NCEP
          (ie FORTRAN) definitions.  ScanIndex expected n,y in range of 0,0
          .. Nx-1,Ny-1 because of "C" definitions.  Switched ScanIndex to
          take 1,1 .. Nx,Ny.
 7/22 AAT Made waveHt with "english" units be "feet"
 7/18 AAT Created a -radEarth option to override the radEarth in the GRIB
          message because NCEP lies in GRIB1 messages giving 6371.2 instead
          of what they claim of 6367.47
 7/17 AAT Found out why after converting a grid using the GIS, one can't
          generate images.  This is because -out option tells the program
          to generate files in output directory instead of in "mosaic"
          directory.  Solution1: Don't preserve any "user" options between
          calls. (Solution2: Preserve some of the options) (chose
 7/17 AAT Found out that tcl/tk was not calling Grib2CmdDel() on exit.
          Forced it to by using proc foo {} {} to overwrite the cmd.
 7/17 AAT tcldegrib.c::Grib2ConvertObj() did not free outfile correctly.
 7/17 AAT cstart.c::DegribIt() did not free outfile correctly.
 7/17 AAT inventory.c::GRIB2InventoryFree() did not free inv->unitName.
#----- Release: Version 1.22 07/15/2003 -----
 7/15 Matthew T. Kallio "matt" (weather underground): Problem: Probe gave a
          seg-fault error with (52.2,-78.4436). Solution: Adjust an if/else
          clause in probe.c::GRIB2Probe().
 7/14 AAT Adjusted things so it doesn't try to generate html for snow if
          snow doesn't exist (see PR).
 7/14 AAT Adjusted tcldegrib.c::Grib2ParseObj() to reset the error result
          when it is finished.
 7/14 AAT Added an error check if Wx does not have Section 2 data.
 7/14 AAT Orientation of polygons is once again wrong because 5/30 change
          was after the 5/15 "fix".
 7/14 Marc Saccucci: Update to NDFD Tile files.
 7/14 AAT writeflt::gribWriteFloat() If index not in colortable set to
          undef rather than 0.
 7/14 AAT GS2_WXTYPE error more prevalent than I thought. To solve, created
          a MetaReset() routine called by degrib2::ReadGrib2Record().
          Slightly slower, but safer.
 7/11 AAT Dealt with error when the entire field was missing. (I had added
          1 to the missing number if it fell in the range of min/max, which
          happened with weather?).
 7/11 Rici Yu: Updated version of htmlmaker (better handling of which grids
          ndfd is giving out.
 7/11 AAT made tcl script clean up mosaic files after finished with them.
 7/11 AAT Concerned about meta->pds2.sect2.ptrType == GS2_WXTYPE as test
          for "if the grid is weather".
 7/8  AAT For Dx != Dy, changed from average (Dx, Dy) to using a "wrapper"
          around all calls to the map routines (using a ratio of Dy/Dx).
 7/5  AAT Fixed menu-option download bug (ambiguous command)
#----- Release: Version 1.21 07/03/2003 -----
 7/3  AAT Allowed probe to go to stdout (instead of file).
 7/2  Rici Yu: Gave a new version of htmlmaker (for Puerto Rico)
 7/2  Rici Yu: Updated version of imageGen.exe: Takes a -mapdef option
          ("sju" for Puerto Rico, "conus" is default) Uses the new legend
          scheme for Wx. Has (--logo option) to not add the logos at the
          bottom of the image Other changes to make consistent with other
          versions of imageGen
 7/1  AAT Finished (I think) the -SimpleWx option for NDFD imageGen.
 7/1  AAT Bug with 0 = max = min when dealing with .dbf file.
 7/1  AAT Continued NDFD_WxTable() (-SimpleWx option).
 6/30 AAT Fixed a bug reported by "matt" (weather underground).  I had a
          memory leak in metaparse.c::ParseSect2_Wx().
 6/27 AAT No longer delete the mosaic files since they were deleted before
          imageGen was able to use them.
 6/23 Matthew T. Kallio "matt" (weather underground): "wmo" dimension
          increased to WMO_HEADER_LEN + 1 (for '\0' char)
 6/23 Rici Yu: Updated version of imageGen.exe
#----- Release: Version 1.20 06/16/2003 -----
 6/16 AAT Handle "P6SM" for visibility.
 6/16 AAT Minor Bug with metaprint for wave height.
 6/16 AAT Slight change in metaparse for wave height type.
 6/16 AAT Change in .ini entry of "waveht" to "waveh" for download from
 6/16 AAT Update to colortable manipualation in ndfd.tcl
 6/16 AAT Change in .ini entry of PR (last element from NA to puertori)
 6/16 AAT Back from trip, and began testing new data sets..
 6/9  AAT Found a bug in https.tcl (from 1.18) A bad call to ns_Print::puts
#----- Release: Version 1.18 06/06/2003 -----
 6/6  AAT Finished adding primitive GrADS support (created a .ctl file)
 6/5  AAT Split write.c into writeflt.c and writeshp.c.
 6/4  AAT Switched from aborting if Dx != Dy, to using the average.  I do
          still print a Warning to stderr.
 6/3  AAT Enabled progress indicator of https download.
 6/3  AAT Got rid of  # -timeout 16000 or 64000 in https.tcl::copy to handle
          7 meg temperature grids.
 6/3  AAT Enabled one to run "degrib all.grib -C -msg 1" (no explicit -in
 6/3  AAT Fixed minor bug of not initializing subgNum to -1 and then to 0.
 6/3  AAT Added wx and waveheight to .ini file.
 6/3  AAT Added metaprint.c::PrintSect4_Ocean() for wave height support.
#----- Release: Version 1.17 06/02/2003 -----
 6/2  *** ----- NWS Focus Article 6/2/2003 ----- *** -----
 6/2  AAT Added option -IS0 to dump the IS0 arrays for diagnostics of GRIB2
 6/2  AAT Added ability to download via https in addition to via ftp.
 6/2  AAT Added button notification when done converting to .shp or .flt.
 5/30 AAT Added calls to dmapf to allow us to set the RadEarth correctly.
          Can now handle any spherical earth.
 5/30 AAT Removed reliance on errno (since Tcl/Tk confuses the issue).
 5/30 AAT Changed orientation of shp files to start in lower left, instead
          of upper right to be consistent with wgrib, as well as the GRID
 5/30 AAT Relabeled endian.h to tendian.h (because AWIPS Linux has an
          endian.h in the system folder).
 5/30-5/27 AAT Finished a good weather handler (amongst distractions).
 5/27 AAT Commented weather.c
 5/23 AAT Worked on getting a better weather .dbf file (weather.c)
 5/23 AAT Started work on CreateWxDbf(), so ArcView can view our weather
 5/22 AAT Minor fix for metaprint GRIB1 GDS secion.
 5/21 AAT Improved the probe capability for weather.
 5/21 AAT Found out that my section 2 weather handler didn't play nice with
          memory.  It does now, but may be a little slower.
 5/20 AAT Found that a stack of 4000000 had problems with some MaxT data
          changed to a stack of 8000000.
 5/20 AAT Changed probe to allow nearest point in addition to interpolated.
 5/20 AAT Switched from using cmapf-c to using dmapf-c.
 5/19 AAT Found a bug in fval_360 (used for degrib1 reference values)
 5/15 AAT Created a simple method of dealing with date-line polygons. For
          polys that span the date-line I use all negative.  The problem
          with this is when we project it.
 5/15 AAT Fixed the inside out polygons... Separate code for non-missing
          was still generating counter-clockwise polygons.
 5/15 AAT Fixed the list view binds to handle double click... Bug was
          icon=foo.txt and a [split $icon .] in mkwidgets.
 5/15 AAT Tweaked the GUI to have iconBox start in small list form.
 5/15 AAT Allows GRIB1 missing value to be 9999, if possible, otherwise use
          9.999e20, if possible, if not, uses max of field + 1.
 5/14 AAT Made the probe command pay attention to -Decimal option.
 5/14 AAT Can probe a GRIB1 file now.  Minor bug fix in updating offset
          before call to ReadGrib1Record.
#----- Release: Version 1.13 05/14/2003 -----
 5/14 AAT Found out that my polygons are "inside out". They are
          "counter-clockwise" instead of "clockwise".
 5/13 AAT Minor bug in degrib2.c::FindSectLen()
 5/13 AAT Created Icons for GRIB1.
 5/13 AAT Tweaked the # field in the GUI a little.
 5/13 AAT Sped up the "IsGrib2" option from Tcl/Tk, by putting a limit on
          how many bytes to search for the GRIB message in (300).
#----- Release: Version 1.12 05/12/2003 -----
 5/12 AAT Found that on 64 bit machines a long int is 8 not 4 bytes. This
          impacts everything!! (all the sizeof() calls in file IOs) (using
          -q32 for now...)
 5/12 AAT Cleaned up Tcl/Tk "About" routine.
 5/9  AAT Tried to get it to compile and run on the new IBM (Snow).
 5/8  AAT Added -Decimal option.
 5/7  AAT Improved on the GUI to allow it access to options that were
          previously only available on the command line.
 5/7  AAT Fixed up errors in poly creator
 5/7  AAT Enabled -nMissing option so we don't store missing values.
          (smaller files, faster)
 5/6  AAT Cleaned up the .ave script, and added polar, mercator, latlon
          capability.  Tested the polar.
 5/5  AAT Found bug in cmapf-c (eqvlat(90,90) does not return 90).
 5/5  AAT Found bug with regards to GRIB1 polar stereographic.  Need
          tangent lat of 90 or -90, rather than 0 (which is mercator).
 5/5  AAT Fixed .dbf to handle the default missing value from GRIB1.  It
          now increases (or decreases) to fit the data being stored.
 5/5  AAT Got rid of .prj creation by the -Flt option, since ArcView
          doesn't need it, and it gets in the way of ArcExplorer using .shp
#----- Release: Version 1.1 05/02/2003 -----
 5/2  AAT Cleaned up makefile's some.
 5/1  AAT Started running tests and getting ready to test on other
 4/30 AAT Added inventory capability to the grib1 code.
 4/29 AAT Cleaned up the grib1 code.
 4/29 AAT Finished off the "small" polgon addition.
 4/28 AAT Added the ability to save to "small" polygon shape file.
 4/10 - 4/25 [ :-)  ...Vacation...  :-) ]
 4/9  AAT Use meters instead of mm for Dx,Dy. (gds)
 4/9  AAT Continue parsing GRIB1 PDS section.
 4/9  AAT Renaming of Di,Dj -> Dx,Dy, along with other changes to sect3
 4/8  AAT Started merging GRIB 1 code with GRIB 2 code
 4/2-3 AAT Continued GRIB 1.
 4/1  AAT Started adding GRIB 1 capability.
 3/31 AAT Fixed the warning generated by compiling using g++.
 3/31 AAT errno is not necessarily reset before calling code, so .shp write
          could have "failed" before it tried.  We now set it to 0 first.
 3/28 AAT Started in on updates to gis.tcl..
 3/27 AAT Continued work on message numbers... finished?? tcldegrib.c Need
          to work on .tcl side of it.
 3/26 AAT Started using 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 for message numbers where major
          number is which GRIB2 message, minor is which grid in that
 3/26 AAT Implemented multiple grids in same GRIB2 message for read option.
 3/26 AAT Got rid of #undef NEED_IWORK from degrib.c (an experiment with
          Fortran / C interfaces.
 3/25 AAT Implemented multiple grids in the same GRIB2 message during an
 3/25 AAT Converted "IsGRIB2" from Tcl to C.
 3/25 AAT During Inventory: If we detect at least 1 GRIB2 message, then
          allow trailing bytes.  This allows for GRIB2 messages which are
          padd'ed out to the 4 byte boundary, or use FORTRAN binary
 3/25 AAT satellite data: can now inventory it.
 3/21 AAT Found trailing %s in calls to preErrSprintf... Causes memory
 3/19 AAT Added reftime,mtimeList to ndfd.tcl check of the date on the data
          files, since they may be updated by other programs.
 3/19 AAT Continued to add support for satellite data.
 3/17 AAT Started to add support for GS4_SATELLITE (template 4.30)
#----- Release: Version 1.01 03/12/2003 -----
 2/26 AAT & Rici Yu : realized that imageGen.logPref needs lf instead of
 2/26 AAT Added "catch {}" around imageGen exec (ndfd.tcl:NDFD_GenImages)
          to avoid logPref errors.
 2/26 AAT At request of NWS Forecasters, replaced all instances of "Region"
          with "Sector".
 2/26 AAT Replaced B/W paper with Color ("newDB.pdf")
#----- Release: Version 1.0 02/21/2003 -----
 2/21 AAT Found error in myerror.c:AllocSprintf () (need to have 330 bytes
          for printing a double since the max double is +1.7E+308, and I
          need room for stuff after decimal place.  This affected the PoP12
          test suite since it uses really old data that has really old
          threshold numbers.
 2/21 AAT Finished up meta print (version 1) for Weather.
 2/20 AAT Did some more work on Weather, and thought about NetCDF
 2/19 AAT Started work on Weather
 2/11 (Rici Yu) solution to win98 bug: have "w9xpopen.exe" in ./bin
 2/11 (Ana Canizares) Started distributing CONUS (Max / Min) Temperature
 2/10 AAT Discovered error with python and win98
 2/9-2/14 AAT AMS Conference...
#----- Release: Version 0.98 02/06/2003 -----
 2/6  AAT Changed interpretation of (scale factor / value) to be consistent
          with what the WMO experts suggested. (Affects meta data for
 2/6  AAT Bug in location of the .flt files.  Need to shift by half a grid
          cell, due to the fact that ArcView appears to work with the
          center of the grid, as opposed what we had been computing which
          was the lower left corner.  If all is corect, putting the .shp
          file on top of the .flt file will result in the .shp file point
          being in the center of the .flt grids.
 2/5  AAT Renamed tcldegrib to tkdegrib (since it requires Tk...)
 2/5  AAT Added -reset option to reset the inventory in the Tcl interface.
          Used when we have downloaded a file, and want to make sure we get
          a new inventory.
 1/31 AAT Added -nMSB -nFlt -nShp -nMet to Tcl interface to be similar to
          degrib interface.
 1/31 AAT Enabled all Boolean operators through Tcl interface to have
          either 1 or 2 args... If Tcl doesn't recognize following argument
          as a boolean it uses default value.  This affects -Flt -Shp -Met
          -Interp -revFlt -MSB
 1/31 AAT Added -I / -C / -V to Tcl interface to be similar to degrib
#----- Release: Version 0.93 01/29/2003 -----
 1/29 AAT Found out it was 202 not 208 to handle section 2 data, also
          increased the loop to 8 times through instead of 5 for extra
#----- Release: Version 0.92 01/28/2003 -----
 1/28 AAT Prepared Version 0.92 for release...
 1/27 AAT Continued on the AMS CD (python 2 exe issues)
 1/24 AAT Continued work on the AMS CD (mainly config GUI work)
 1/23 AAT Informed we will have weather grids shortly
 1/22 AAT Tracked down bug in degrib2.c::ReadSECT0()
 1/22 AAT Switched ../tclsrc to ./tclsrc in tclstart.c (so we have
 1/21 AAT Worked with Bill Cassanova Weather Channel to get it to work on
 1/16 AAT Relabeled "sky" to "Sky"
 1/15 AAT Rename of /NDFD_grib2Decoder to /NDFD_GRIB2Decoder (now have 3
          names: /degrib /NDFD_grib2Decoder /NDFD_GRIB2Decoder)
 1/15 AAT Continued with NDFD AMS CD, Found that lower/left lat/lon in
          midatlantic did not match the tile
 1/14 AAT Got Download part of AMS CD download program working
 1/13 AAT Design phase of AMS CD download program
#----- Release: Version 0.91 12/31/2002 -----
 1/2  AAT Started work on the "combo" code for joining the points into
          polygon shape files...
12/31 AAT Added imbeded version info.
12/31 AAT Continued work on ParseGrid().
12/24 AAT Performance Boost ~.15 sec / message. metaparse.c ParseGrid()
          Made it assume scan 0100 (valid 99.9%) in fast loop, but still
          have slow loop for generic case.
12/24 AAT Added preErrSprintf() (CR1).
12/23 AAT Updated files based on second code Review.
12/18 (AAT & Rici Yu & Fangyu Chi & Mark Armstrong & Tim Boyer) Code Review
          (myerror.c, endian.c, write.c, interp.c)
12/17 AAT Finished up -pntFile option to -P.
12/16 AAT Created reallocFGets (see myutil.c)
12/16 AAT Found and fixed error in myerror.c (mallocSprintf (""))
12/16 AAT Updated files based on first code Review.
#----- Release: Version 0.9 12/12/2002 -----
12/12 AAT Found out that cygwin gcc uses -Wl,--stack,2000000.  The unpacker
          library needs at lease -Wl,--stack,3500000 (Don't need
          alternative method for unpksecdif)
12/11 AAT Note: a Cygwin compile with -mno-cygwin does not handle the -g2c
          FORTRAN library correctly.  Use mingw, or give out
          cygwin1.dll(940k)? (To not use mingw, remove mingw from path in
12/11 AAT Tested alternative method for unpksecdif.
12/11 AAT Printed out code for review 2.
12/10 AAT Still looking for better way to handle automatic array issue.
12/9  (AAT & Tim Kempisty & Ana Canizares & Tim Boyer & Marc Saccucci) Code
          Review (cstart.c, userparse.c, degrib2.c, inventory.c)
12/6  AAT Finished -P option (takes 2 min to run, need to improve)
12/4  AAT Found that I cast tcldegrib message num to (sChar) instead of
12/4  AAT Found that if IWORK is an automatic array in unpksecdif.f, then
          it causes a sofware exception and crash on MS-Windows(cygwin +
          g77) compilation... Decided to allocate that in degrib2.c and
          pass it in to FORTRAN.  Other autotmaic arrays are considerably
          smaller. (Sample data was message 2 from
          kwbn_dt.161915_20021204160000.conus) This affects: UNPK_GRIB2.f,
12/2  AAT Started in on -P command.
12/2  AAT Added "-namePath [Path]" option to "tcldegrib" (since GUI does
          not use -nameStyle option yet, jury rigged a test)
11/27 AAT added "-namePath [Path]" to "degrib"
11/27 AAT added "-nameStyle 3" to "degrib" and "tcldegrib"
11/27 AAT Added "-msg all" to "degrib" and "tcldegrib"
11/26 AAT Completed -Unit option, should affect the following tests: maxT,
          minT, T, Td, Wnds, newmaxT
11/26 AAT Updated references to the web site from 140 site to

11/25 AAT Switched to MOIST_TOT_SNOW in ElementName() (degrib2.c)
11/25 AAT Noticed enum error in meta.h (missing MOIST_CLOUDMIX_RATIO,
11/25 AAT Moved web site from 140 site to

11/22 AAT Discovered fprintf (fp, msg); bug... If msg has a % in it (unit),
          then the unit does not get printed.  use (fp, "%s", msg); Affects
          "./test/" results.
11/21 AAT Finished printing out the Code Review material.
#----- Release: Version 0.85 11/20/2002 -----
11/20 AAT Finished testing it on PC/Linux/HP/AIX systems.
11/20 AAT Found that FindGRIBMsg needs offset = 0.
11/20 AAT Found memory problem when using UserFree() in cstart.c
11/19 AAT Doesn't complain about a length of 0, 21, 21+19 or 21+19+21+19
          bytes for the wmo header before the "GRIB" signifying a grib
11/19 AAT Handles "missing" subcentre issue
11/19 AAT Handles "missing" Cutoff hour bug
11/19 AAT Got some of the "New" format GRIB2 data, and some newer (11/15)
          "old" 11/15 GRIB2 data to test.
11/19 AAT Finished the commenting on the Tcl/Tk code.
11/18 AAT Finished the commenting on the C code.
11/15 AAT Figured out how to compile only a -mwindows (rather than a
          -mconsole) in Cygwin/Mingw
11/15 AAT Broke userparse.c out of cstart.c and tcldegrib.c and Re-worked
11/14 AAT Finished all the degrib.c commenting.
11/13 AAT Broke Inventory procedures out of degrib.c and into inventory.c
11/13 AAT Decided that .flt file should stay by default Big Endian, since
          other programs I have written assume Big Endian (and GRIB2
          message itself is Big Endian).
11/8  (Albion D Taylor) Reports success with tcldegrib using new
          makefile.aix on his systems.
11/8  AAT Added option to create Little Endian .flt / .tlf files (for
          interface to NDFD GD .png creator).
11/8  AAT Added option to create .tlf files (for interface to NDFD GD .png
          creator) (changed the call to gribWriteFloat)
11/6  AAT Realized that I wasn't looking for GRIB "missing" values before
          doing computations for radius of earth, unit conversion etc.
          (could have had 4294967295 * 10 ** 255 or -2147483647 * 10 **
11/6  AAT Was using old definition of Scale Factor & Scale Value.
11/6  AAT Found that tcldegrib doesn't work yet on AIX.
11/6  AAT Created grib2unpacker makefile.linux, and  This
          replaces makefile.g77
#----- Release: Version 0.8 11/05/2002 -----
11/5  AAT diff -b does not work (the same way) on suitland AIX. "clean" the
          ./degrib/ans text files (to replace CR/LF with only LF)
11/5  AAT Ran into unsigned char / signed char problem on Suitland AIX
          system char usually is a signed char (on AIX char is a unsigned
          char) use: -qchars=signed (and use signed/unsigned more
          consistently in own code)
11/4  AAT Found that 5 decimals for lat/lon in .shp gives identical files
          on HP/Linux/PC.  6 decimals works for Linux/PC, 7 doesn't match.
          Using 5 decimals.
11/4  AAT Found that when writing the .dbf file in linux, it doesn't like
          'const' variables mixed in with the fwrite or fputc commands.
11/4  AAT Found and fixed bug in degrib: -C without a -I caused problems.
10/31 AAT Found that #defines in endian.h did not work properly on Linux.
          Needed to #undef BIG_ENDIAN before test.
10/31 AAT Found out that the HP is not creating correct size for .shp set.
          Cause: NFS mounted directory was timing out on the 20Meg write.
10/30 AAT implemented version.txt and history.txt
10/30 AAT Enabled -msg option, and -interp option.
10/28 AAT Created and tested basic command line options for 'degrib'
10/28 AAT Sent out Beta Release to a number of MDL people for them to check
          out the web site.
#----- Release: Version 0.7 10/25/2002 -----
10/23 AAT Submitted second primitive version to Dr. Glahn... completed
          howto.htm, and this time there were download files.
10/18 AAT Submitted first primitive version of Web Site for review by David
          Ruth... NO download files, missing last sections of the
10/18 AAT Completed a coverage scheme, where I create an unprojected
          lat/lon grid and interpolate to the grid.
#----- Release: Version 0.55 10/9/2002 -----
10/9  AAT Made a second port to the HP to test GUI, and to hopefully assist
          with NDFD verification.
#----- Release: Version 0.5 10/4/2002 -----
10/4  AAT Gave out a primitive version to allow experimentation with ArcIMS
10/3  AAT Started developing delivery system.
 9/27 AAT Spent time going back and commenting code, causing some questions
          to arise with regards to what to expect in the NDFD use of grib2.
 9/20 AAT Polished off the corrections to the grib2 unpacker library.
 9/20 AAT First port to the HP.
 9/13 AAT Worked out bugs in meta file output, completed write.c functions
          Made sure ArcView understood the radius of earth we use.
 9/6  AAT Got a primitive driver and started in on the GRIB2 document's
 8/30 AAT Was able to compile grib2_unpacker using gnu f77 on a pc using
 8/26 AAT (Arthur A Taylor) Started...