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About the Digital Forecast Services Division

The Digital Forecast Services Division develops techniques to provide objective short-range (1-25 hour) forecast guidance for all weather elements in routine public and aviation products. In addition, the branch supports a National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) offering products and geospatial data services that provide maximum flexibility to customers and partners. The branch also develops and maintains systems to assess the quality of operational and experimental NWS forecasts.




The National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) is a real-time national mosaic of gridded sensible weather forecasts generated locally at WFOs. Every 30 minutes, an updated NDFD mosaic is issued containing the most recent WFO forecast grids. The regions for which updates are provided include the coterminous U.S. (CONUS), Puerto Rico/the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Guam, and/or 16 pre-defined CONUS subsectors. NDFD gridded forecast mosaics are intended to serve a broad spectrum of public and private users.







Verification Tools

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The Verification Team of the Digital Forecast Services Division develops and maintains systems to collect and assess the quality of a variety of NWS public and aviation forecasts, including forecasts from the National Digital Forecast Database. We provide NWS management and the public with information about the skill and accuracy of various forecast products. New techniques for verifying forecasts and displaying results are investigated. Specialized studies are conducted as needed to support service assessments carried out by other NWS organizations


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David Ruth

Division Chief




Welcome to the division that works continuously to make NWS models and forecasts more useful in a digital world.

What's New

  • Forecast Visualization of GEFS and NBM
  • QPF Verification Services
  • NDFD Snow Levels and Snow Accumulation probabilities
  • LAMP C&V Meld with HRRR predictors
  • MRMS/Total Lightning based 1-h convection grids
  • Reliable LAMP PoP01 forecast grids

What's Coming

  • Integrated NBM and NDFD grid and point verification
  • Probability visualization using plumes and sliders
  • Hourly LAMP guidance extended to 36 hours
  • LAMP for Alaska

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