Localized Aviation MOS Program

LAMP is a statistical system which provides forecast guidance for sensible weather elements. LAMP updates MOS on an hourly basis, is run on NOAA/NWS/NCEP Weather and Climate Operational Supercomputer Systems (WCOSS) computers and disseminated centrally from NCEP, and provides guidance for over 1600 stations as well as gridded observation and forecast guidance on the NDFD CONUS 2.5-km grid out to 25 hours.  


LAMP provides station guidance for the following weather elements:  

  • 2-meter temperature

  • 2-meter dewpoint

  • 10-m Wind speed, direction, and gusts

  • Probability of precipitation (on hr)

  • Probability of measurable precipitation (6- and 12-h)

  • Precipitation type

  • Precipitation characteristics

  • Lightning

  • Convection

  • Ceiling height

  • Conditional ceiling height

  • Opaque sky cover

  • Visibility

  • Conditional visibility

  • Obstruction to vision

LAMP station-based products can be found at the LAMP Station-based Products web page.


Gridded LAMP provides gridded analyses of observations and operational LAMP forecasts for aviation forecasting. The output grid aligns with the CONUS NDFD grid (#227) at 2.5km. The jobs run hourly in the NWS job stream. Gridded forecast guidance and gridded observations are currently available for the following elements:

  • Convection forecast guidance

  • Lightning forecast guidance

  • 2-meter temperature observations and the associated error estimations

  • 2-meter dewpoint temperature observations and the associated error estimations

  • Ceiling height observations

  • Visibility observations

  • 2-meter temperature forecast guidance

  • 2-meter dewpoint temperature forecast guidance

  • Ceiling height forecast guidance

  • Visibility forecast guidance

  • Opaque sky cover observations

  • 10-meter wind speed observations

  • 10-meter wind direction observations

  • Opaque sky cover forecast guidance

  • 10-meter wind speed forecast guidance

  • 10-meter wind direction forecast guidance

Gridded LAMP products can be found at the Gridded LAMP web page.


For more information on LAMP, please see the resources below:

Overview of LAMP with details about the station-based LAMP system

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Gridded LAMP description

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MOS technique

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GLMP Ceiling Height and Visibility Planned Improvements being Developed

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The LAMP data (in ascii, BUFR, and GRIB2) are supported operationally 24x7, however, the web products are not supported operationally and are subject to occasional outages.

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If you notice any problems or have any question about LAMP, please Email Us.