Localized Aviation MOS Program


UPDATE: This change has been postponed until March 03, 2010 per amended TIN 09-39.

LAMP Change Notice




Attention LAMP users:

Effective on Tuesday, Februrary 9, 2010, GFS-MOS will remove 19 stations from their guidance (TIN 09-39). This change will impact GFS-LAMP. As a result, beginning at 1600 UTC on February 9, 2010, LAMP will no longer provide text bulletin (AWIPS ID: LAV) or BUFR guidance for the following 18 stations:

K4BK     BROOKINGS               OR    N42.0500 W124.2833
K87Q     SAN SIMEON (AMOS)       CA    N35.6667 W121.2833
KCGX     MEIGS APRT              IL    N41.8667 W087.6167
KCQV     COLVILLE MUNICIPAL      WA    N48.5500 W117.8833
KGFA     MALMSTROM AFB           MT    N47.5047 W111.1873
KIIY     WASHINGTON-WILKES AP    GA    N33.7800 W082.8200
KILL     WILLMAR (AWOS)          MN    N45.1167 W095.0833
KMCC     MCCLELLAN AFB           CA    N38.6667 W121.4000
KMLD     MALAD CITY              ID    N42.1667 W112.3167
KMQT     MARQUETTE               MI    N46.5333 W087.5500
KNEL     LAKEHURST NAS           NJ    N40.0333 W074.3536
KNQX     KEY WEST NAS            FL    N24.5757 W081.6888
KP38     CALIENTE      ASOS      NV    N37.6167 W114.5167
KP75     SEUL CHOIX (AMOS)       MI    N45.9167 W086.2300
KPLB     PLATTSBURGH-CLINTON     NY    N44.6822 W073.5278
KUCA     UTICA                   NY    N43.1436 W075.3844
KXVW     VANDENBERG RANGE        CA    N34.7200 W120.5700
PAVW     VALDEZ                  AK    N61.1333 W146.3500

In addition, the call letters for the following stations will be modified:

    Blakely, GA             from K11J to KBIJ 
    Winner Wiley Field, SD  from KSFD to KICR 
    Huslia, AK              from PAHS to PAHL 

As a result of changes to the GFS MOS guidance, LAMP precipitation type guidance will now be available for all CONUS stations. This will result in 3 extra lines of precipitation type guidance in the text bulletins of CONUS stations that did not previously have such guidance. In addition, the availability of guidance for some other LAMP elements will be altered as a result of their corresponding availability in GFS MOS. This will slightly alter the format of some of the text bulletins. Please see the link below for an example of how the LAV output will be changing:



The specific GFS-LAMP BUFR and Text Product headers affected by the station removal are listed below:

GFS-LAMP Text Product :  FOUS11 KWNO    LAVUSA
                         JSMF11 KWNO
                         JSMF12 KWNO
                         JSMF13 KWNO
                         JSMF14 KWNO
                         JSMF15 KWNO
                         JSMF16 KWNO
                         JSMF17 KWNO

To view the GFS-MOS TIN 09-39 detailing the change referenced above, see https://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/tin09-39gfs_mos.txt

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in LAMP.

Scott Scallion