Localized Aviation MOS Program

UPDATE: This change was effective on January 14, 2015.

The following notice is amended to change the implementation date: from December 17, 2014 to January 14, 2015.  


LAMP Change Notice




Attention LAMP users:

Effective on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, GFS-MOS will remove 15 stations from their guidance (TIN 14-XX). This change will impact GFS-LAMP. As a result, beginning at 1600 UTC on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, LAMP will no longer provide text bulletin (AWIPS ID: LAV) or BUFR guidance for the following 15 stations:

K48I    SUTTON/BRAXTON CO AP     WV      38.69N    80.65W
K6V3    RICHLANDS/TAZEWELL       VA      37.06N    81.80W 
KNHZ    BRUNSWICK NAS            ME      43.89N    69.94W
K47A    CHEROKEE CNTY ARPT       GA      34.31N    84.42W
KRZZ    ROANOKE_RAPIDS           NC      36.44N    77.71W
K4BL    BLANDING                 UT      37.62N   109.47W
K4HV    HANKSVILLE               UT      38.37N   110.72W
K3A6    NEWHALL                  CA      34.37N   118.57W
KHMS    HANFORD                  WA      46.57N   119.60W
KPFN    PANAMA CITY              FL      30.20N    85.80W
KTDO    TOLEDO                   WA      46.48N   122.80W
PADT    SLANA AIRPORT            AK      62.70N   143.98W
PALV    BIG RIVER LAKE           AK      60.82N   152.30W
PASP    SHEEP MOUNTAIN           AK      61.82N   147.51W
PAWR    WHITTIER                 AK      60.77N   148.68W

In addition, the station identifier K6V3:

K6V3    RICHLANDS/TAZEWELL       VA      37.06N    81.80W 
will change to KJFZ:
KJFZ    TAZEWELL CTY AP          VA      37.06N    81.80W 

Due to the station identifier change, K6V3 is included in the list of the 15 stations being removed, and KJFZ is being added to the text bulletin and BUFR messages. No other stations are being added to the LAMP text bulletins at this time.

As a result of changes to the GFS MOS guidance, the availability of guidance for some other LAMP elements will be altered as a result of their corresponding availability in GFS MOS. This will slightly alter the format of some of the text bulletins.

The specific GFS-LAMP BUFR and Text Product headers affected by the station removal are listed below:

GFS-LAMP Text Product :  FOUS11 KWNO    LAVUSA
                         JSMF11 KWNO
                         JSMF12 KWNO
                         JSMF13 KWNO
                         JSMF14 KWNO
                         JSMF15 KWNO
                         JSMF16 KWNO
                         JSMF17 KWNO

To view the GFS-MOS TIN 14-XX detailing the change referenced above, see (link coming soon).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in LAMP.

Judy Ghirardelli