LAMP Information and Documentation

Information For Upcoming LAMP/GLMP v2.2.0 Upgrade.  Estimated effective date: July 2019


An upgrade to the LAMP and Gridded LAMP systems is planned to be implemented in NWS Operations July 2019. This section deals with documentation relative to the this upgrade (v2.2.0).

  • Presentations: Slide package for User Evaluation (3/10/2019, pptx format, size ~ 14.3 MB).
  • LAMP/GLMP v2.2.0 User Evaluation Form (feedback period open until April 1, 2019)
  • Notifications: Coming Soon!
  • Experimental LAMP and GLMP graphics and products: GLMP and LAMP experimental web page.
  • The current LAMP and GLMP product locations on the NWS server are unchanged with this implementation. For more details about the locations of these products on the NWS server, please see the links under "Products on NWS server" below.
  • The new 1-, 6-, 12-h Probability of Precipitation grid files will be added to the NWS server with this implementation (Coming Soon!).
  • The current LAMP and GLMP WMO headers are unchanged with this implementation. For more details about the WMO headers for these products, please see the links under "WMO Headers" below.
  • The new GLMP ceiling and visibility headers from projections 26-38 h as well as the new 1-, 6, and 12-h Probability of Precipitation (Coming Soon!).
  • Presentations: Science Briefing to NCEP (Coming soon!)
  • Additional Stations: With this implementation making the following station changes:
  • Description of the new LAMP v2.2.0 GFS LAMP Alphanumeric Text Messages
  • LAMP Thresholds (v2.2.0) for AWIPS (effective Summer 2019)

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