Experimental Products

LAMP/GLMP v2.2.0 Experimental Products


LAMP/GLMP v2.2 is currently running experimentally for the ceiling, visibility, and obstruction to vision upgrades and for new 1-, 6-, and 12-POP.  Please see the links below.  The links that are not yet active should be active soon.

We plan to have a User Evaluation period for these data, and will announce that on this web site and via our mailing list when the dates are known.

Images of the upgraded/new guidance can be found by clicking on the thumbnails below.  Data can be found at the following links:

Station-based LAMP

LAMP 1-25 h (standard) bulletin * (Coming Soon!)
LAMP 26-38 h (extended) bulletin * (Coming Soon!)
LAMP 1-38 h (full) bulletin * (Coming Soon!)
Latest 15-min Update LAMP Bulletin * (Coming Soon!)
LAMP Forecast Meteograms *(Coming Soon!)