Gridded Localized Aviation MOS Program

Background and Status

Gridded LAMP (GLMP) is a program which provides gridded analyses of observations and operational LAMP forecasts for aviation forecasting. The output grid aligns with the CONUS NDFD grid (#227) at 2.5km. The jobs run hourly in the NWS job stream. Gridded forecast guidance and gridded observations are currently available for the following elements:

  • 2-meter temperature observations and the associated error estimations
  • 2-meter dewpoint temperature observations and the associated error estimations
  • Ceiling height observations
  • Visibility observations
  • 2-meter temperature forecast guidance
  • 2-meter dewpoint temperature forecast guidance
  • Ceiling height forecast guidance
  • Visibility forecast guidance
  • Opaque sky cover observations
  • 10-meter wind speed observations
  • 10-meter wind direction observations
  • Opaque sky cover forecast guidance
  • 10-meter wind speed forecast guidance
  • 10-meter wind direction forecast guidance
For more information, please refer to the Gridded LAMP documentation page.