Guidance being added to the following sites for GFS-LAMP Available in March 2021

The following 76 sites will have additional LAMP guidance. The added elements include sky cover, ceiling, and visibility, along with convection and lightning probabilities and potentials, and have been added to the guidance for these stations. This new guidance will be available for all GFS-LAMP cycles.

Map of additional 76 station locations

0AK     	PILOT STATION           AK	61.93N	162.89W
4A2     	ATMAUTLUAK              AK	60.86N	162.27W
4K5     	OUZINKIE                AK	57.92N	152.50W
51Z     	MINTO AL WRIGHT         AK	65.14N	149.36W
6R7     	OLD HARBOR              AK	57.21N	153.26W
AK75    	CANDLE 2                AK	65.90N	161.92W
CHP     	CIRCLE HOT SPRINGS      AK	65.48N	144.61W
EXI     	EXCURSION INLET         AK	58.42N	135.44W
ORI     	PORT LIONS              AK	57.88N	152.84W
PAAL    	PORT MOLLER             AK	56.00N	160.56W
PAAP    	PORT_ALEXANDER      	AK	56.25N	134.65W
PABP    	PORT MOLLER             AK	70.13N	147.03W
PABU    	BULLEN POINT AFS        AK	70.17N	146.83W
PACE    	CAPE DECISION       	AK	65.57N	144.78W
PACH    	CHUATHBALUK             AK	61.57N	159.21W
PACI    	CHALKYITSIK             AK	66.64N	143.74W
PACK    	CHEFORNAK               AK	60.14N	164.28W
PACR    	CHANDALAR LAKE      	AK	67.50N	148.48W
PACX    	COLDFOOT                AK	67.25N	150.20W
PADG    	RED DOG                 AK	68.03N	162.89W
PADY    	KONGIGANAK              AK	59.96N	162.88W
PAEE    	EEK                    	AK	60.21N	162.04W
PAEL    	ELFIN_COVE_SEAPLA   	AK	58.20N	136.35W
PAEW    	NEWTOK                  AK	60.93N	164.64W
PAGB    	GALBRAITH LAKE      	AK	68.48N	149.47W
PAGG    	KWIGILLINGOK            AK	59.87N	163.16W
PAGT    	NIGHTMUTE               AK	60.47N	164.70W
PAGX    	GRAYLING                AK	62.89N	160.06W
PAHU    	HUGHES                  AK	66.03N	154.26W
PAHX    	SHAGELUK                AK	62.70N	159.56W
PAKA    	TATITLEK                AK	60.86N	146.67W
PAKD    	KODIAK MUNI             AK	57.80N	152.37W
PAKH    	AKHIOK              	AK	56.93N	154.18W
PAKL    	KULIK LAKE              AK	58.98N	155.12W
PAKY    	KARLUK                  AK	57.56N	154.45W
PALB    	LARSEN BAY              AK	57.53N	153.97W
PAML    	MANLEY HOT SPRING   	AK	65.00N	150.65W
PANA    	NAPAKIAK                AK	60.68N	161.97W
PANO    	NONDALTON               AK	59.98N	154.83W
PANU    	NULATO                  AK	64.72N	158.07W
PAOB    	KOBUK                   AK	66.91N	156.89W
PAPC    	PORT CLARENCE       	AK	65.25N	166.86W
PAPE    	PERRYVILLE              AK	55.90N	159.16W
PAPK    	NAPASKIAK               AK	60.70N	161.77W
PAPM    	PLATINUM            	AK	59.01N	161.81W
PAPR    	PROSPECT CREEK          AK	66.81N	150.63W
PAQH    	QUINHAGAK               AK	59.75N	161.83W
PAUK    	ALAKANUK                AK	62.68N	164.65W
PAUM    	UMIAT               	AK	69.37N	152.13W
PAUO    	WILLOW AIRPORT      	AK	61.75N	150.05W
PAUT    	AKUTAN                  AK	54.15N	165.60W
PAVE    	VENETIE                 AK	67.00N	146.36W
PAWB    	BEAVER                  AK	66.36N	147.40W
PAWM    	WHITE MOUNTAIN          AK	64.68N	163.41W
PBLG    	BELUGA                  AK	61.17N	151.05W
PFAL    	ALLAKAKET               AK	66.55N	152.62W
PFCB    	CHENEGA BAY             AK	60.07N	147.99W
PFCL    	CLARKS POINT            AK	58.83N	158.53W
PFCR    	CROOKED CREEK           AK	62.03N	158.23W
PFEL    	ELIM                    AK	64.62N	162.27W
PFKA    	KASIGLUK                AK	60.87N	162.52W
PFKK    	KOKHANOK                AK	59.43N	154.80W
PFKO    	KOTLIK                  AK	63.03N	163.53W
PFKT    	BREVIG MISSION          AK	65.33N	166.46W
PFKU    	KOYUKUK                 AK	64.87N	157.73W
PFKW    	KWETHLUK                AK	60.80N	161.43W
PFSH    	SHAKTOOLIK AWOS     	AK	64.37N	161.22W
PFTO    	TOK JUNCTION            AK	63.32N	142.95W
PFWS    	SOUTH NAKNEK        	AK	58.70N	157.00W
PPIT    	NUNAPITCHUK         	AK	60.90N	162.43W
RMP     	RAMPART                 AK	65.50N	150.14W
SVS     	STEVENS VILLAGE         AK	66.01N	149.05W
TKE     	TENAKEE                 AK	57.77N	135.21W
TLT     	TULUKSAK                AK	61.09N	160.94W
WBB     	STEBBINS                AK	63.51N	162.27W
Z13     	AKIACHAK                AK	60.91N	161.49W