GEFS Ensemble MOS Products


As part of the web page transition, starting January 1, 2017, linked text products listed on this page may become unavailable. Products should continue to be available via FTP.
Note:  While we are transitioning our web pages, products marked with an (*) link to product pages on the old system. Products on those pages are up-to-date, but links on those pages may go to old information or may be broken. Thank you for your patience!

Ensemble MOS forecasts are based on the 0000 UTC run of the GFS Global model ensemble system. These runs include the operational GFS, a control version of the GFS (run at lower resolution), and 20 bred perturbation runs. Older operational GFS MOS prediction equations are applied to the output from each of the ensemble runs to produce 21 separate sets of alphanumeric bulletins in the same format as the operational MEX message.

Data Download

Messages can be found on NWS FTP Server (TGFTP). On this server, files are stored in directories for control and each perturbation run. For the perturbation runs, files are located inside directories DS.pXXmex , where XX is the perturbation number. Inside each control/perturbation directory, find the data by date directory: RD.YYYYMMDD, where YYYYMMDD is the year, month and day. Within the RD.YYYYMMDD directory, the files will be named cy.XX.txt, where XX is the cycle. 

Data Product Region Format URL
Control Run (All Stations) all Text
Perturbation Runs (All Stations) all Text