GFS MOS River Forecast Center Max/Min Temperature Products


As part of the web page transition, starting January 1, 2017, linked text products listed on this page may become unavailable. Products should continue to be available via FTP.
Note:  While we are transitioning our web pages, products marked with an (*) link to product pages on the old system. Products on those pages are up-to-date, but links on those pages may go to old information or may be broken. Thank you for your patience!

MDL is now producing updated maxiumum and minimum temperature MOS guidance for many River Forecast Center (RFC) sites in the contiguous United States out to 10 days in SHEF format

FTP Download

RFC Data is available via FTP in the following locations:

(Note: FTP files contain 1 extra header line at top of file)

River Forecast Center RFC Code FTP Address
California/Nevada RSA
Colorado Basin SLR
Missouri Basin KRF
Northwest PTR
North Central U.S. MSR
Mid Atlantic RHA
Northeast U.S. HFD
Ohio River CIN
Arkansas/Red River Basin TUR
Alaska ACR