Marine MOS Guidance Products

The Marine MOS product, based upon the GFS and NAM model output, has been developed for 121 marine sites located in and around the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. The guidance is produced for projections 6 through 84 hours in advance, from the initial model times of 0000, 0600, 1200, and 1800 UTC. The message format is similar to the current GFS MOS (MAV) message with the exception that the forecasts now extend to 84 hours. Forecast projections of 69 through 84 hours are continued in a separate block of text below the projections for 6 through 66 hours.

One difference between the MAV messages and the MMG is wind direction (WD) and wind speed (WS) forecasts are at the observing location, and for wind speed is adjusted to be consistent with a measurement height of 10 m (WS10).

Data Download

Full Text Message - MME

NAM Marine (MME) Full Text Messages will be available in the following FTP directory, in the following directory/files:
nam_mos.YYYYMMDD/mdl_nammme.tCCz, where YYYYMMDD is the run datestamp, and CC is the cycle.

Data Product Region Format URL
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