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Twitter Storm Reports

You can now follow @NWSMiami and and submit your significant weather observations via Twitter!

Twitter account: @NWSMiami

How to submit a report:

  1. Sign up for a free Twitter account at
  2. Send a tweet with your report via the web or a mobile phone either mentioning @NWSMiami or using the hash tag #mflwxreport. Include location, time, type of event, and a link to any pictures you have.


Geotagging allows individual tweets to be tagged with the location from which it was sent. If you let Twitter (or a third-party application) geotag your tweet, NWS Miami will automatically know where your report is coming from. In order to enable geotagging in your tweets, make sure the Geotagging feature is turned on if using a third-party application and that it is enabled on your Twitter account (see


If you choose not to use geotagging in your report, please give as specific a location as possible so that NWS Miami can know exactly where your report is taking place. Listing your street address, street intersection, or latitude/longitude are great ways to include your location. Also be sure to include your city. **Please note: Reports without a specific location and/or time of occurrence cannot be used.

What Significant Weather to Report
Note: report the time the event occurred and how much or the size if applicable

  • Wind damage
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes or funnel clouds
  • Flooding
  • Dense fog (along with estimated visibility)