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Posted: Mon Apr 22 17:12:50 2019

...Cool and Clear into Tonight...

Skies will remain clear into tonight, with temperatures falling into the 60s this evening and then into the mid to upper 50s overnight over much of the area. Onshore winds will become light and variable by late evening.

Posted by Meteorologist - dkw

Posted: Mon Apr 22 05:00:31 2019

...Sunny and Mild Today...

...Moderate Rip Current Threat...

High pressure will remain in control of the Florida weather pattern today, maintaining sunny skies and mild temperatures. High temperatures will range from the upper 70s to lower 80s along the coast, and low to mid 80s over the interior. Light and variable winds in the morning will shift to the north-northeast at 5 to 10 mph by late morning.

A long period background swell will generate a moderate rip current threat along the beaches of east central Florida. The threat will highest after 2:00 PM this afternoon due to tidal effects. Check with beach patrol for local conditions. Swim near a lifeguard tower and never swim alone.

Posted by Meteorologist - mwb

Posted: Sun Apr 21 05:18:08 2019

...Sunny and Mild Today...

After a cool morning start, temperatures will warm into the 70s this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. If heading to the beach, there is a moderate risk of rip currents in the surf zone. Make sure to swim near a posted lifeguard and do not swim alone.

Posted by Meteorologist - jcp