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Current Drought Status and Outlook:

The latest 1-Month Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI) is provided below. EDDI is an experimental drought monitoring and early warning guidance tool. It examines how anomalous the atmospheric evaporative demand (known as "the thirst of the atmosphere") is for a given location and across a time period of interest. EDDI can offer early warning of agricultural drought, hydrologic drought, and fire-weather risk by providing near-real-time information on the emergence or persistence of anomalous evaporative demand in a region. A particular strength of EDDI is in capturing the precursor signals of water stress at weekly to monthly timescales, which makes EDDI a strong tool for preparedness for both flash droughts and ongoing droughts.

Visit the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) EDDI link for additional information on this tool.



Excessive rainfall over the western half of the local area during the month of October has ended the drought for areas mainly west of a line of a Thomasville to Orange Beach AL line as shown in the animated imagery below. East of this line, moderate to severe drought continues over much of the area. Click on the individual animations below to enlarge the text and maps.




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