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Thursday- November 8, 2018




Significant winter storms and blizzards are no stranger to the Midwest. Adverse winter weather conditions, such as hazardous road conditions, snow and ice, visibility less than a quarter mile, extreme cold temperatures, and high winds, are likely to occur at some point during a typical heartland winter. These impacts lead to accidents on area roadways, people being stranded, damage to trees and other structures, plus a loss of power and hazards to travelers, all of which endanger lives.


We need YOU to help protect yourself, family, friends, and businesses from the dangerous winter conditions! Take the time to review the preparedness information in this packet and be ready to take action ahead of the storm or alter your plans.


By providing the National Weather Service with ground-truth reports, our office can better warn others that may be impacted. Winter weather reports are invaluable and help our forecasters and radar operators stay on top of the situation.  Doppler radar and satellite imagery are great remote-sensing tools which allow our meteorologists to assess weather as it unfolds. However, accurate ground-truth storm reports from spotters play an integral role.  Share your pictures and send in reports on Facebook and Twitter

Photo Credit:  Omaha World Herald

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