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Location Time
Weather Vsby.
Wind Chill / Heat Index
Bowling Green KY16:29Thunder In The Vicinity \ Lightning Observed10896646SSW 1392 [HI]29.99
Chattanooga TN15:53Partly Cloudy10885937SW 10-30.05
Clarksville TN15:52Mostly Clear10886851SSW 892 [HI]29.99
Columbia TN16:15Clear10896443SSW 13G21-29.98
Cookeville - Sparta TN16:35Clear10876040SW 9-30.02
Crossville TN15:53Mostly Clear10826250WSW 8-30.10
Dickson TN16:35Clear8876648SSW 13-29.98
Fayetteville TN16:40Clear10876445SSW 9G16-30.04
Gallatin TN16:35Mostly Cloudy10876648VRB 6-30.02
Huntsville AL15:53Partly Cloudy10906543S 1392 [HI]30.03
Jackson TN15:53Lightning Observed10867365S 1093 [HI]29.98
Knoxville TN15:53Partly Cloudy10886242WSW 18G23-30.06
Lawrenceburg TN16:35Mostly Clear10876648S 8G14-30.00
Lebanon TN12:50Mostly Clear10866651S 14G25-29.82
Lewisburg TN16:35Clear10896443S 12-30.00
Livingston TN16:35Clear10846045S 9-30.04
Memphis TN16:01Light Rain \ Lightning Observed10726784S 13-29.95
McMinnville TN16:35Clear10876040WSW 7-30.03
Murfreesboro TN16:35Clear10896240SW 12G18-29.99
Nashville TN15:53Partly Cloudy10916238S 13G2392 [HI]30.00
West Nashville TN15:50Mostly Clear9916441SSW 12G2193 [HI]29.97
Portland TN16:35Partly Cloudy10866651SSW 7-30.00
Pulaski TN16:35Clear10876852S 1291 [HI]29.99
Rockwood TN16:30Clear10786973SE 5-30.09
Shelbyville TN16:35Clear10896240SSW 9G16-30.01
Smyrna TN15:56Haze5896646S 992 [HI]30.00
Springfield TN13:05Mostly Clear10876852SSW 15G2291 [HI]30.05
Tullahoma TN16:30Clear10866245S 9G15-30.02
Winchester TN16:35Mostly Clear9876040S 8G17-30.03


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