National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Meteorologist In Charge (MIC) - I. Ross Dickman
Science and Operations Officer (SOO) - David Radell
Warning and Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) - Nelson Vaz
Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA) - James Vessalico
Administrative Support Assistant (ASA) - Florence Denis


Program Leaders
Senior Service Hydrologist (SSH) - Nancy Furbush
Information Technology Officer (ITO) - Faye Morrone
Observation Program Leader (OPL) - Tim Morrin


Lead Meteorologists Meteorologists
John Cristantello
Brian Ciemnecki
John Murray
James Connolly
David Stark
Jason Engle
Matthew Tauber
Bill Goodman
David Wally
Da'Vel Johnson
Joe Pollina
Matthew Wunsch
( vacant )
  ( vacant )


Electronics Technicians 
Mike Cox
Tim Dunham
( vacant )


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