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Tornadoes in and near Snyder, Oklahoma (1905-Present)


Tornado F-scale ratings prior to 1950 are referenced from Significant Tornadoes, T. P. Grazulis.

OK# Date Time (CST) Length (miles) Width (yards) F-Scale Deaths Injuries Counties Path
1 05/10/1905 2045  22# 880 F5 97* 58* Jackson/ Kiowa 3 SSW Humphreys - Snyder - 3 NE Snyder

This tornado developed about 2-3 miles southeast of the Frances school house (~3 miles south-southwest of Humphreys) in old Greer County (now Jackson County). Homes were swept away about 14 miles southeast of Altus. From its inception, this tornado moved east-northeast crossing the North Fork of the Red River near the mouth of Otter Creek. The tornado followed very close to Otter Creek curving to the northeast through what is now northern Tillman County (but was still part of Kiowa County at the time). Three people were killed about 6 miles southwest of Snyder. As the tornado continued to the northeast it struck the city of Snyder around 8:45 pm CST.

The tornado moved into the Snyder beginning in the southwest corner of the town, and destroyed or damaged homes and other buildings west of Main Street and and from 6th Street northward through the city. No buildings north of the railroad were left standing. After moving through Snyder, the tornado continued northeastward, destroying a couple of small residences within two miles of the town site, then lifted about three miles northeast of Snyder.

* Current "official" numbers. # Path length is approximated and is based on research done by NWS Norman staff.

2 04/18/1917 1855 30 50 F3 1 15 Jackson/ Tillman/ Kiowa Near Altus to between Snyder and Manitou

A tornado destroyed a school 2 miles southwest of Snyder and then swept northeastward through the residence section on the southeast side of the city of Snyder. The path width was about 150 yards wide and about 75 buildings were either damaged or destroyed. No one was killed, but 15 persons were injured. Many horses and cattle were killed, and property losses totaled about $100,000.

3 06/16/1928 1815 30 880 F4 7 21 Jackson/ Kiowa Near Blair - near Headrick

The tornado moved southeast from about 5 miles northwest of Balir and passed directly through the town. Many homes were swept away on the southwest side of Blair, and the tornado killed three persons in the town. The tornado moved southeast and killed four people near Headrick before dissipating. Over 1,000 cattle were killed by the tornado and downburst winds produced by the parent supercell thunderstorm.

4 06/05/1936 1730 6 75 F3 1 1 Kiowa SW of Snyder

This tornado moved to the north and passed 4 miles west of Snyder. One person was killed and one person was injured. Several buildings were demolished, and 20 head of cattle and several horses were killed.

5 04/30/1942 0530 0.5 50 F? 0 0 Kiowa Snyder

A small tornado touched down in Snyder, producing a half-mile damage path to property in the town.

6 05/23/1952 0430 17 100 F1 0 0 Kiowa East of Snyder

This tornado formed near Snyder and moved northeast, destroying two barns east of Snyder.

7 05/01/1954 1416 69 440 F4 0 2 (0) Foard TX/ Wilbarger TX/ Tillman/ Kiowa Crowell and Elliot areas TX - E of Tipton - near Snyder

This tornado originated in western north Texas near Crowell and passed to the east of Vernon befor entering southern Tillman County. It moved from east of Tipton into Kiowa County south of Snyder. Twenty farms, one school and a cotton gin were damaged on the Oklahoma side.

8 06/14/1955 2030 18 500 F2 0 0 Kiowa Snyder

A tornado traveled 18 miles through Kiowa County, and destroyed 4 barns in the Snyder area.

9 05/24/1962 2313 N/A N/A F0 0 0 Kiowa 4 SW Snyder

A small tornado touched down briefly 4 miles southwest of Snyder and produced minor tree damage at a farm.

10 02/22/1975 0100 5 75 F2 1 2 Kiowa W of Snyder - Mountain Park

A tornado touched down just west of Snyder and moved north-northeast to Mountain Park. Power lines poles were knocked between Snyder and Mountain Park. A two-year-old boy was killed when the mobile home he was in was destroyed.

11 06/23/1976 2355 0.3 30 F1 0 0 Kiowa 3 W Snyder

A small tornado toppled a power line 3 miles west of Snyder.

12 05/20/1977 1800 4 100 F2 0 0 Kiowa Near Snyder

A tornado initiated near Snyder and damaged two houses, a pickup truck, and some outbuildings.

13 05/14/1986 1505 1.1 75 F1 0 0 Tillman/ Kiowa 5 SW - 3 SW Snyder

This tornado was the third of four tornadoes produced by a parent supercell thunderstorm in southwestern Oklahoma. The tornado touched down 5 miles southwest of Snyder and moved to the east-northeast before dissipating 3 miles southwest of Snyder. The tornado damage an irrigation pipe, power lines and poles, a barn, and some trees. All four tornadoes were observed and documented by numerous storm chasers, and by researchers from the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

14 05/14/1986 1509 3 500 F2 0 0 Kiowa 2 S - 2 SE Snyder

This tornado was the last of four tornadoes produced by a supercell in southwestern Oklahoma. The tornado touched down 2 miles south of Snyder and moved east, dissipating 2 miles southeast of Snyder. The tornado destroyed several barns and a travel trailer. It also damaged a house, power lines and poles, and trees.

15 07/17/1987 1530 0.1 20 F0 0 0 Kiowa 3 S Snyder

A small tornado touched down briefly 3 miles south of Snyder, and did not produce any damage.

16 10/29/1989 1646 0.1 30 F0 0 0 Kiowa 4 W Snyder

A small tornado touched down 4 miles west of Snyder, and briefly moved east-northeast over open country.

17 06/05/2005 1836-1839 1 50 F1 0 0 Kiowa 5 W Mountain Park - 5 WNW Snyder

This tornado, the first to occur near Snyder in 15+ years, was observed by numerous storm spotters, storm chasers and media personnel. The tornado caused major roof damage to one home. Another home received light roof damage. A barn was also destroyed. Trees and limbs were also reported down. One home was located 5 miles west and 1.2 miles south of Mountain Park. The second home was located 5 miles west and 1.5 miles south of Mountain Park.The destroyed barn was located 5 miles west and 1.75 miles south of Mountain Park.

18 11/07/2011 1515 6 400 EF0 0 0 Tillman/ Kiowa 2.5 WNW Manitou - 4 S Snyder

This large tornado developed west-northwest of Manitou, OK and moved north-northeast through rural areas into Kiowa County just east of U.S. Highway 183. The tornado then quickly dissipated about 4 miles south of Snyder, OK. No damage was reported in either county from this tornado.

19 11/07/2011 1538 0.5 100 EF0 0 0 Kiowa 2.5 E Snyder

This brief tornado occurred 2.5 miles east of Snyder and north of U.S. Highway 62. No known damage occurred with this tornado.

20 05/09/2013 1600 0.1 10 EF0 0 0 Kiowa Snyder

A brief, weak landspout tornado was observed in Snyder. This tornado caused minor damage to a carport.