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Woodward Tornadoes

Tornadoes in and near Woodward, Oklahoma (1940-Present)


Records taken from the Storm Prediction Center archive data, "Storm Data", and data from the National Weather Service offices in Norman and Tulsa. Data modified as described in NOAA Tech Memo NWS SR-209 (Speheger, D., 2001: "Corrections to the Historic Tornado Database").

Tornado F-scale ratings prior to 1950 are referenced from Significant Tornadoes, 1680-1991. by T. P. Grazulis.

ID #
Date Time
F-Scale Killed Injured County Path
  06/09/1941 0700 3 250   0 3 Woodward Woodward

Woodward was struck by a tornado at 7:00 am CST. The storm moved across a section of the city from northwest to southeast and caused considerable damage to many homes mid other property. The path of destruction was about 250 yards wide and about 3 miles long. No one was killed, but three persons were injured. Crop loss in the vicinity of Woodward was estimated at $35,000, while the total of other property damage was estimated at $65,000.

47-2 04/09/1947 1952 221 3200 F5 169
Ellis/ Woodward/ Woods .5 SE White Deer TX - 5 NW Pampa TX - Glazier TX - Higgins TX - 4 SE Shattuck - 4 NW Arnett - 3 SE Gage - 2 SE Fargo - Woodward - near Hartner KS - St. Leo KS

Please see the summaries on the main event page and the original summary page.

  05/15/1949 2130 4 67   0 0 Woodward Near Woodward

A small tornado occurred near Woodward during the evening of May 15, 1947.

  05/20/1949     67   0   Woodward 2.5 E Woodward

A tornado touched east of Woodward and part of an outbreak of more than 20 tornadoes that occurred in Oklahoma during the after and evening ours of May 20, 1947 and the early morning hours of May 21, 1947.

53-19 04/28/1953 1500 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Woodward 5 N Woodward

A small tornado was reported five miles north of Woodward moving over open ranch land. No damage was reported

60-29 05/03/1960 1930 0.5 100 F1 0 0 Woodward 6 SE Woodward

A small, but well-developed tornado was observed moving through open country 6 miles southeast of Woodward. No damage was reported.

79-29 05/09/1979 2030 0.3 15 F1 0 1 Woodward 4 W Woodward

A tornado picked up a mobile home and dropped it upside down 4 miles west of Woodward. One woman was injured when she was thrown through a window. Golfball size hail was also reported at Fort Supply Lake.

85-10 04/20/1985 2201 15 100 F0 0 0 Woodward 4 N Sharon- S of Woodward

A tornado set down 3 1/2 miles north of Sharon and moved intermittently in a north-northwesterly direction for 15.3 miles. One barn, several outbuildings and a grain bin were destroyed. Many other buildings were damaged and many trees and power poles were downed. Damage was estimated at $20,000.

91-58 05/26/1991 1753 2 75 F1 0 0 Woodward 3 E- 5 E Woodward

Thunderstorms developed across northwestern Oklahoma during the late afternoon hours and quickly became severe. During the night, the storms spread to north-central and northeastern Oklahoma. Three tornadoes were produced in the vicinity of Woodward from the same parent thunderstorm. The first tornado (Fl) developed 2.5 miles east of Woodward and moved east along a 2-mile path causing minor damage.

91-59 05/26/1991 1758 13 1000 F3 0 0 Woodward 3 E- 13 E Woodward

The second tornado (F3) of this event was the longest and most destructive it developed less than 0.5 mile south of the first tornado and moved almost due east along a: 9.5-mile long path, sometimes in excess of 0.5 mile in width. Even though it moved through mostly farm country, it did cause areas of F3 damage 8 miles east of Woodward along the North Canadian River. In total, three mobile homes were destroyed, one had minor damage; six barns or large outbuilding were destroyed, four were damaged; at least five small sheds or outbuildings were destroyed; ten homes damaged (mostly minor); and in addition damage was done to 36 power poles, fences, and trees along the path.

91-60 05/26/1991 1759 1.0 50 F1 0 0 Woodward 4 ESE Woodward

The third tornado (Fl) developed about 0.5 mile south of the second tornado and moved southeast along a 1-rmle path length doing damage consistent with a Fl tornado. It was
described as rope-like in appearance.

92-3 04/09/1992 1615 0.5 60 F0 0 0 Woodward 9 NNW Woodward

A weak tornado associated with thunderstorm outflow (also known as a landspout) occurred 9 miles north-northwest of Woodward.

92-4 04/09/1992 1615 0.3 25 F1 0 0 Woodward 10 N Woodward

A weak tornado associated with thunderstorm outflow (also known as a landspout) occurred 10 miles north of Woodward.

92-5 04/09/1992 1620 0.1 30 F0 0 0 Woodward 7 NNW Woodward

A weak tornado associated with thunderstorm outflow (also known as a landspout) occurred 7 miles north-northwest of Woodward.

93-19 04/30/1993 2158 0.1 20 F0 0 0 Woodward 7 N Woodward

A brief, small tornado touched down 7 miles north of Woodward, OK. No damage was reported.

93-20 04/30/1993 2215 0.1 20 F0 0 0 Woodward 4 N Woodward

A brief, small tornado touched down 4 miles north of Woodward, OK. No damage was reported.

  06/05/2001 1834 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Woodward 5 SSW Woodward

This brief tornado was observed by a storm chaser causing no damage in a field in southwest Woodward County.

  04/09/2012 1723 0.1 30 EF0 0 0 Woodward 3 SSW Woodward

A number of storm chasers reported a tornado approximately 3 miles south-southwest of Woodward. No known damage occurred and the location is estimated.

  04/09/2012 1735 0.2 100 EF1 0 0 Woodward 5 S Woodward

A tornado was observed by spotters and storm chasers south of Woodward. A camper was rolled over, trees were uprooted and light damage occurred to a building.

  04/14-15/2012 2342-0026 34 400 EF3 6 29 Ellis/ Woodward 2 SSW Arnett - Woodward - 4 N Woodward

The tornado developed approximately just south of Arnett (Ellis County) at 11:42 pm CST on April 14, 2012 and moved northeast. Only minor damage, downed trees and power poles/lines, was seen as the tornado moved over mainly rural portions of Woodward County, southwest of the city of Woodward. At approximately 12:12 am CST on April 15, 2012, the tornado struck two mobile homes 5 miles southwest of Woodward. The damage here was determined to be EF-2 in intensity, and also resulted in 3 fatalities. The heaviest damage, rated EF-3, was reported as the tornado entered the southwest sides of Woodward around 12:18 am CST. Several homes and businesses were heavily damaged as the tornado continued northeast. Several more mobile homes were destroyed by the tornado on the north side of Woodward, and resulted in 3 additional fatalities. The tornado finally exited the city of Woodward at approximately 12:23 am CST, eventually dissipating approximately 4 miles north of Woodward at 12:27 am CST.

  05/23/2016 1925 2.7 400 EF0 0 0 Woodward 5.5 - 6.5 NNW Woodward

A tornado was observed north-northwest of Woodward by multiple spotters and storm chasers. Two outbuildings were damaged, but otherwise meandered over open ranchland. Although the tornado was observed to have become rather wide, both the damage produced and preliminary data from the University of Massachusetts X-Pol mobile Doppler radar operated by Purdue University researchers indicate that the tornado likely only produced EF0 wind speeds. Based on the circulation track derived from the UMass X-Pol radar, the total path length was approximately 2.7 miles along a meandering path.