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Tornadoes That Occurred in Oklahoma on March 13, 1990



An outbreak of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes occurred during the afternoon and evening of the March 13th and early morning hours of the 14th. Many reports of large hail were received, some as large as softballs. Four supercell thunderstorms produced a total of ten tornadoes in the state of Oklahoma on March 13th. A summary of these tornadoes sorted by parent supercell thunderstorm follows. A letter has been assigned to each supercell, and is based on the touchdown time of the first tornado produced by the storm.


Storm A


This parent supercell thunderstorm moved through central Oklahoma during the late afternoon and early evening of March 13th and dropped a total of four tornadoes.

Tornado A1 (rated F2) touched down at 4:44 PM CST 1 mile west of Bradley and moved northeast, dissipating 5 miles northeast of Noble at 5:37 PM CST. Near Bradley 2 mobile homes were destroyed, several homes were damaged, and 3 barns were damaged. In McClain County damage was intermittent from 5 miles west of Criner to Interstate 35 southeast of Goldsby. At least 8 mobile homes were destroyed and several outbuildings destroyed. In Washington, the second story of a home was destroyed.

There was one injury to a woman in a mobile home. In Noble, Cleveland County, damage was extensive. An apartment building lost part of its roof, and a mobile home was overturned. Several tractor-semitrailers were overturned at a warehouse. Numerous houses sustained roof and other structural damage in the Sky Ridge and Forest Hills subdivisions. The Noble High School stadium press box was destroyed, several light poles were snapped, and the scoreboard destroyed. Total damage was estimated between $750,000 and $1 million.

Tornado A2 (rated F2) touched down at 5:31 PM CST 2 miles west of Criner and followed a path very close to the first tornado, dissipating 5 miles southeast of Noble around 6:05 PM CST. Damage was intermittent and included mobile homes damaged just west of Criner, damage to outbuildings 3.5 miles south of Washington, and many uprooted trees.

Tornado A3 (rated F1) touched down at 5:53 PM CST and traveled a 5-mile path across Little River State Park in east Norman before lifting 4 miles southwest of Stella at apparoximately 6:03 PM CST. Damage was confined to downed trees and power lines.

Tornado A4 (rated F2) touched down at 5:59 PM CST 1 mile southwest of Stella and moved northeast, lifting 4 miles west of Meeker at 6:45 PM CST. A mobile home was destroyed in Stella, resulting in one serious injury. In Pottawatomie County, damage to the Shawnee Lakes area included the roof ripped off a home, several homes with minor structural damage, three mobile homes damaged, and a barn destroyed. In Lincoln County, a camper was rolled over onto a shed west of Meeker, and a mobile home 4.25 miles west of Meeker was destroyed. This tornado was classified as separate from Tornado A3, after close examination of Doppler radar radial velocity data.


Storm B


This parent supercell thunderstorm moved through north central Oklahoma during the late afternoon and early evening of March 13th and dropped a total of two tornadoes. The second tornado moved from Oklahoma into south central Kansas during its lifetime.

Tornado B1 (rated F3) touched down at 5:15 PM CST 5 miles northeast of Nash and dissipated 7 miles northeast of Wakita at 5:55 PM CST. A home was severely damaged 4 miles east of Wakita, as was a nearby garage and several outbuildings.

Tornado B2 (rated F3) touched down at 5:54 PM CST 8 miles northeast of Wakita and moved northeast for 4 miles before crossing the Kansas state line 6.5 miles southwest of Caldwell, KS at approximately 6:05 PM CST. The traveled for an additional 18 miles before dissipating 3 miles southwest of Mayfield, KS at approximately 6:55 PM CST. Damage in Oklahoma consisted of snapped trees (F0 rating), while some damage in Kansas was rated up to F3 in intensity.


Storm C


This parent supercell thunderstorm moved through south central Oklahoma during the late afternoon and early evening of March 13th and dropped a total of three tornadoes.

Tornado C1 touched down at 6:01 PM CST 5 miles west of Waurika and moved northeast, dissipating 3 miles southwest of Loco at 7:00 PM CST. Damage was confined to uprooted trees and the intensity was rated F1.

Tornado C2 (rated F3) touched down at 6:58 PM CST 5 miles south-southwest of Loco and moved northeast, dissipating 3 miles northeast of Ratliff City at 7:37 PM CST. Damage from just west of Ratliff City into town, included 5 destroyed mobile homes a motor home rolled 100 feet and destroyed, and severe damage to a gas compressor station. At the station, a large metal building and a mobile home were destroyed. A 5-ton crane was overturned, several vehicles were damaged, and debris was found over a mile northeast. There was one minor injury to a worker at the station. Total damage in the Ratliff City area is estimated at $500,000 to $750,000.

Tornado C3 (rated F2) touched down at 7:50 PM CST 8 miles south-southwest of Elmore City and dissipated 4miles southwest of Byers at 8:45 PM CST. Damage in Pauls Valley included the roof ripped off a farm implement company, damage to stock and other equipment inside the building, and the roof partially ripped off a nearby civic club building. Northeast of Pauls Valley, several barns were destroyed. Elsewhere along the path trees and power lines were downed.


Storm D


This parent supercell thunderstorm moved through east central Oklahoma during the late afternoon and early evening of March 13th and produced one tornado.

Tornado D1 (rated F2) touched down 8:10 PM CST 6 miles southeast of Slick and moved east, intermittently touching down for nine miles, and lifting 3 miles northwest of Beggs at approximately 8:20 PM CST. Several hams were destroyed and 14 power poles were snapped. Total damage was estimated at $75,000.


Other Weather Events


In addition to tornadoes, damaging straight-line winds were also reported. A mobile home was destroyed in Newalla (Oklahoma County) during the evening of the March 13th. During the early morning hours of the 14th, there were many reports of wind damage: a mobile home was destroyed and a home unroofed 1 mile north of Wilson; a barn was destroyed 3 miles west of Latta; several buildings suffered roof damage in Prague; a barn and cart were destroyed near Spaulding; five buildings suffered roof or other structural damage in Wewoka; a roof was damaged and a porch destroyed 4 miles southeast of Holdenville a mobile home and storage shed were destroyed in Fort Gibson; homes were damaged in Muskogee; and structural damage occurred at two marinas on Grand Lake 2 miles east of Cleora. Large trees were downed just north of Grove where a roof was also ripped off, and large trees were uprooted 5 miles southeast of Fairfield. Lightning struck a home in Whiteoak and the resulting fire caused $80,000 in damage.