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Moore Tornado



Surveyer: Greg Stumpf, National Severe Storms Laboratory

  • Time: Approximately 8:34 - 8:41 pm CDT
  • Length: Just over 3 miles
  • Width:
    F0: 1/3 mile at its widest;
    F1/F2: about 300 yards at its widest
  • Maximum Damage Rating: low-end F2 (spotty); mostly F1

The tornado developed about 1/2 mile north of SW 19th Ave, just east of Santa Fe Ave. It tracked almost due north at first, and then curved NNE. The primary damage from this tornado was to vegetation, wood fence paneling, and roof shingles. Although the above map indicates distinct areas of F1 and F2 damage, these damages (structural damage to homes and businesses) occurred mostly in spotty locations. The reason for this was due to either suction vortex action, or the combination of building construction and orientation to the wind. Several homes lost all or parts of their roofs, leaving them uninhabitable. One home lost a portion of an exterior wall. The tornado crossed Sheilds Ave. and tore some roofing sections off of a few warehouses. The tornado then dissipated just west of I-35.


Map of Moore, OK



  • Light Green (F0 - mostly vegetation, wood fence paneling, shingles)
  • Green (F1 - major tree damage, minor structural damage to homes and businesses)
  • Blue (F2 - Roofs removed from homes, some exterior wall damage)

Damage Photos