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Click on the links in the table below in order to access radar imagery for particular storms from the tornado outbreak on May 3, 1999. Radar data from the Twin Lakes, OK radar (KTLX) are available for "Storm A" and "Storm B". Images from the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) for Will Rogers World Airport are also available for "Storm A" as it passed through the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Additional Information:

  • Radar loop of the outbreak by Travis Smith of NSSL
Time Reflectivity Velocity Notes
2314Z REF SRV  
2319Z REF SRV  
2323Z REF SRV  
2328Z REF SRV  
2333Z REF SRV  
2337Z REF SRV  
2342Z REF SRV  
2347Z REF SRV  
2351Z REF SRV  
2356Z REF SRV  
0001Z REF SRV  
0006Z REF SRV  
0010Z REF SRV  
0015Z REF SRV  
0020Z REF SRV  
0024Z REF SRV  
0029Z REF SRV  
0034Z REF SRV  
0038Z REF SRV  
0043Z REF SRV  
0048Z REF SRV  
0052Z REF SRV  
TDWR Reflectivity Loop
OKC TDWR Reflectivity Loop
OKC TDWR Velocity Loop