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Storm B


Storm B was responsible for producing 20 tornadoes in about 5 hours. One of these tornadoes, (B20), hit the Mulhall area, was rated F4, caused 1 fatality, and produced a damage path 39 miles long and up to 1 mile wide. This storm initially developed around 4:20PM CDT in western North Texas near the town of Quanah. It moved to the northeast, crossing the Red River and passing over Altus, OK. Near Altus it began to split, and Storm B was the "right split" storm, or the southernmost cell. The "left split" storm cell moved north-northeast and didn't produce any tornadoes.

The storm then tracked over Kiowa County, and produced its first tornado, a brief F0, at 5:36 PM CDT near Tom Steed Lake. For the next 3 hours and 8 minutes it would track over mainly rural areas of Caddo, Grady, and Canadian Counties, producing an additional 15 weak (F0 or F1) tornadoes.

At 8:44 PM CDT, Storm B spawned its first strong tornado (B17) - rated an F2 - in the Piedmont area of Canadian and Kingfisher Counties. This tornado stayed in contact with the ground for approximately 16 minutes before it lifted. The storm produced two more F1 tornadoes as it tracked from Canadian County into Kingfisher County, and eventually Logan County.

The last tornado that Storm B produced turned out to be the most violent tornado of any in the entire storm's path. In fact, tornado B20 was one of the most significant tornadoes of the entire outbreak. The tornado developed at 9:25 PM CDT 3 miles southwest of Cimarron City and remained on the ground for a full hour and 20 minutes as it tracked to the northeast, clipping parts of western Payne County, and eventually ending in Noble County. Parts of the damage path were as wide as one mile.

The combined damage path length of all 20 tornadoes attributed to Storm B is over 87 miles in length and the tornadoes were on the ground for a combined total of nearly 200 minutes.

B1 05/03/1999 1736 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Kiowa Just west of Tom Steed Lake/ 3 S Roosevelt

The first tornado, B1, formed about 3 miles south of Roosevelt in Kiowa County near Tom Steed Lake. Touchdown was brief with no damage reported.

B2 05/03/1999 1820-1824 ~2 25 F0 0 0 Caddo 12 WNW Apache

The 2nd tornado, B2, formed in southwest Caddo County about 12 miles west-northwest of Apache. The tornado was captured on video and remained on the ground for approximately 4 minutes before dissipating. No damage was reported.

B3 05/03/1999 1838-1859 7 150 F1 0 0 Caddo 8 S Fort Cobb - 1 W Washita

The 3rd tornado, B3, formed about 8 miles south of Fort Cobb and remained on the ground for 21 minutes, covering a distance of 7 miles. Damage, mainly F1, consisted of a destroyed barn 7 miles south of Fort Cobb, a stock trailer which was thrown about 100 yards, a destroyed house garage 6 miles south-southeast of Fort Cobb, and sporadic areas of downed trees and power lines.

B4 05/03/1999 1856 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Caddo 5 W Anadarko

The 4th tornado, B4, was short-lived and developed about 5 miles west of Anadarko in Caddo County. No significant damage was observed.

B5 05/03/1999 1912-1913 1   F0 0 0 Caddo 4 NNW - 5 NNW Anadarko

The 5th tornado, B5, was short-lived and formed about 4 miles north-northwest of Anadarko in Caddo County. No significant damage was observed.

B6 05/03/1999 1920 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Caddo Near north part of Lake Chickasha ( ~ 4 ESE Gracemont )

A storm chaser observed the 6th tornado, B6, about 4 miles east-southeast of Gracemont in Caddo County. Touchdown was brief with no significant damage.

B7 05/03/1999 1934-1935 0.5 25 F0 0 0 Caddo 9 E - 10 ENE Gracemont

The 7th tornado, B7, was reported by a storm chaser, and formed about 9 miles east-southeast of Gracemont in Caddo County. The tornado was brief and produced no significant damage.

B8 05/03/1999 1937-1940 2 300 F1 0 0 Grady 8 WSW - 6 WSW Minco

The 8th and 9th tornadoes, B8 and B9, formed nearly simultaneously. Tornado B8 developed about 8 miles west-southwest of Minco in Grady County, and was approximately 300 yards wide. The tornado tracked northeast for 2 miles before dissipating. This tornado moved over rural areas with only extensive tree damage observed.

B9 05/03/1999 1937-1948 5 50 F1 0 0 Caddo 5 S - 1 E Cogar

The 8th and 9th tornadoes, B8 and B9, formed nearly simultaneously. Tornado B9 formed 5 miles south of Cogar in Caddo County, and tracked north for 5 miles. This tornado moved over rural areas with only extensive tree damage observed.

B10 05/03/1999 1947-2000 4 60 F1 0 0 Grady 5 W - 4 NW Minco

The 10th tornado, B10, was captured on video. It formed about 5 miles west of Minco and tracked northeast for 4 miles before dissipating. Maximum damage, rated F1, consisted of a small house moved slightly off its foundation with most of its roof blown off. Trees and road signs were also damaged near the end of the tornado track.

B11 05/03/1999 1955 0.1 50 F1 0 0 Grady 5 SW Minco

The 11th tornado, B11, formed about 5 miles southwest of Minco in Grady County and was observed by off-duty Storm Prediction Center forecasters. The roof was ripped off a house, which would normally warrant an F2 rating, however the structure was considered somewhat unstable, so an F1 rating was assigned.

B12 05/03/1999 2003 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Canadian (~2.5 WNW Union City)

The 12th tornado, B12, formed about 2.5 miles west-northwest of Union City in Canadian County and was captured on video. No significant damage was observed.

B13 05/03/1999 2013-2014 .75 100 F0 0 0 Canadian 2 NNE Union City

The 13th tornado, B13, formed about 2 miles north-northeast of Union City in Canadian County and was captured on video. No significant damage was reported.

B14 05/03/1999 2016-2018 1 75 F0 0 0 Canadian 4 NNE Union City - 5 NNE Union City

The 14th tornado, B14, formed about 4 miles north-northeast of Union City in Canadian County and was captured on video. No significant damage was reported.

B15 05/03/1999 2025 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Canadian 3 ESE El Reno

The 15th tornado, B15, was captured on video as it formed about 3 miles east-southeast of El Reno in Canadian County. No significant damage was reported.

B16 05/03/1999 2034-2046 6 150 F1 0 0 Canadian 6 WNW Yukon - 3 W Piedmont

The 16th tornado, B16, developed about 6 miles west-northwest of Yukon (Canadian County) and tracked north for 6 miles before dissipating near Piedmont, also in Canadian County. Two witnesses caught this tornado on video. The majority of damage consisted of mangled and downed trees and downed power poles. However, 2 mobile homes sustained heavy damage (F1), a barn was destroyed, and 1 cow was killed.

B17 05/03/1999 2048-2100 8 200 F2 0 0 Canadian/ Kingfisher 1.5 W Piedmont - 6 NNW Piedmont

The 17th tornado, B17, developed about 1.5 miles west of Piedmont in Canadian County and tracked north for 8 miles in a zigzag pattern, ending in far southern Kingfisher County. Again the majority of damage consisted of downed trees and power poles. However, F2 damage was observed about 4 miles northwest of Piedmont, where a garage, attached to the house, was destroyed. In addition, a barn and mobile home were completely demolished, with debris from the mobile home, mostly corrugated metal, scattered along a 2-mile stretch of road. F1 damage, consisting of large downed trees and leaning power poles, was observed in southern Kingfisher County.

B18 05/03/1999 2058-2122 10 150 F1 0 0 Canadian/ Kingfisher N side of Piedmont (~4 N center of town) - 2 W Cashion - 4 NW Cashion

The 18th tornado, B18, developed about 4 miles north-northeast of Piedmont in northeast Canadian County and tracked northward for 10 miles before dissipating about 4 miles northwest of Cashion in Kingfisher County. F1 damage was observed in northeast Canadian County, where large trees were uprooted, and numerous power poles were felled or were leaning. F1 damage was also observed 2 miles west of Cashion in Kingfisher County, where telephone/utility poles were downed for approximately 100 feet, and an oil storage tank was knocked off its mount.

B19 05/03/1999 2110-2112 1 100 F1 0 0 Logan 2 SSE - 1 SE Cashion

The 19th tornado, B19, formed about 12 miles south-southwest of Crescent in Logan County, and was confirmed by an aerial survey. Damage, rated high F0/low F1, was observed for a distance of 1 mile and consisted mostly of downed power poles and strewn-about bales of hay.

B20 05/03/1999 2125-2245 39 1760 F4 2 26 Logan/ Payne/ Noble 3 SW Cimarron City - Cimarron City - Mulhall - 3 ENE Perry

A very unusual event took place in Logan County where 2 tornadoes, B20 and G5, produced by different thunderstorms, affected much of the same area between Crescent and Mulhall in Logan County. Assessment of damage from the individual tornadoes was difficult, and in some areas nearly impossible, due to overlapping damage paths. The 1st tornado, B20, formed about 7 miles southwest of Crescent and tracked northeast for 39 miles before dissipating east of Perry in Noble County. The 2nd tornado, G5, formed about 2½ miles south of Crescent and tracked northeast for 13 miles before dissipating 4 miles southwest of Mulhall. Damage paths were nearly parallel in Logan County with damage from the 2nd tornado displaced ½ mile or less to the north of damage from the 1st tornado.

Damage from B20 was first observed about 2 miles west of the intersection of SH33 and SH74 near Twin Lakes Rd., where 2 homes and other businesses were damaged. The width of damage is believed to have increased to nearly 1 mile as it tracked east of Crescent where numerous homes suffered major damage. Damage to 1 brick residence 3 miles east-southeast of Crescent was rated F4. All walls were knocked down, and part of the foundation was removed. The tornado then tracked through the small community of Abell (6 miles southwest of Mulhall), where 1 woman was killed in her home, and 6 people were injured, and then finally through Mulhall. Approximately 60%-70% of Mulhall's 130 homes were severely damaged or destroyed. In addition, Mulhall's primary water source, a water tower, and the Mulhall/Orlando Elementary School were destroyed.

Lesser damage continued to about ½ mile west of the Logan/Payne County border where tombstones and fences were blown over. Along Interstate 35 in northwest Payne County, a semi-truck trailer was overturned, and 2 cars were flipped. The driver of one of the cars was killed when his vehicle, parked under the Interstate 35 overpass at mile-marker 176.5, was picked up and dropped on its top.

In Noble County, major structural damage was observed in the Boonsboro Addition, a mobile home park located along State Highway 86, 6 miles south of Perry. Approximately 20 mobile homes were destroyed, and dozens of others were damaged. Damage continued northward to a location 3 miles east of Perry, where 3 homes suffered major damage on US 64 and 1 critical injury was reported. In total, approximately 25 homes were destroyed in Noble County, and 50 homes were damaged. The 2nd tornado, G5, occurred about 1 hour and 20 minutes after tornado B20, and also produced widespread damage.