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Heavy Rain and Severe Thunderstorms Possible in the Lower Mississippi Valley & Southeast

A few severe thunderstorms are possible over Texas, the lower Mississippi Valley, and Southeast into Sunday. Locally heavy rainfall and flash flooding may also occur in these areas. Elsewhere, rain and higher elevation snow will develop from Idaho into western Montana by Sunday evening, followed by cooling temperatures and a changeover to snow for most of the northern Rockies by Monday. Read More >

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Storm E


Storm E produced 7 tornadoes, including an F4 tornado (E6) that caused extensive damage to Dover in Kingfisher County.

E1 05/03/1999 2021 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Blaine 3 W Geary

The 1st tornado, E1, was very brief and caused no damage as it formed about 3 miles west of Geary in Blaine County.

E2 05/03/1999 2029-2041 9 150 F1 0 0 Canadian/ Blaine/ Kingfisher 10 WNW Calumet - 7 SSE Omega

The 2nd tornado, E2, formed in extreme northwest Canadian County and tracked northeast for 11 miles, clipping the southeast corner of Blaine County, before entering southwest Kingfisher County, eventually dissipating 7 miles south-southeast of Omega. Structural damage was confined mainly to outbuildings and roofs of a mobile home and house, however extensive tree damage with some large uprooted trees occurred along much of the tornado path, warranting an F1 rating in each county.

E3 05/03/1999 2041-2106 12 450 F3 0 2 Kingfisher 7 S Omega (1 S Altona) - 6 SSE Omega (2 ENE Altona) - 11 WSW Kingfisher (3 ENE Altona) - 7 NW Kingfisher

The 3rd tornado, E3, formed 7 miles south-southeast of Omega in Kingfisher County and tracked northeast for 12 miles before dissipating 7 miles northwest of Kingfisher. Extensive tree damage and damage to 1 farmstead occurred during the first 2.5 miles of its path. The tornado then reached its maximum width of about ¼ mile, 5 miles west-northwest of Kingfisher, where a large, well-built brick home was severely damaged. Although anchored to the foundation, half the walls were collapsed or missing, and the roof was gone, warranting an F3 rating. Along the remainder of the path, a handful of other homes had minor damage, and 7 mobile homes and numerous outbuildings were destroyed or severely damaged. There was also damage to trees, telephone poles, and farm equipment.

E4 05/03/1999 2055-2056 0.5 50 F0 0 0 Kingfisher 6 W Kingfisher

The 4th tornado, E4, was short-lived and small, and has been referred to as a satellite tornado, and formed about 6 miles west of Kingfisher while tornado E3 was most intense. This tornado rotated around E3 for a short period of time before dissipating. No damage was observed.

E5 05/03/1999 2103 0.1 25 F0 0 0 Kingfisher 6 WNW Kingfisher

The second satellite tornado to E3, tornado E5 formed 6 miles west-northwest of Kingfisher and rotated briefly around E3. Its life span was short, and there was no damage.

E6 05/03/1999 2110-2138 15 880 F4 1 6 Kingfisher 4 SSW Dover - Dover - 3 NE Dover - ~ 7 ESE Hennessey

The 6th tornado, E6, produced a damage path 15 miles long and ½ mile wide as it tracked through Kingfisher County. The city of Dover took a direct hit. About one-third of Dover's structures were destroyed. The tornado formed 4 miles south-southwest of Dover, and traveled north-northeast crossing route 81 on the north side of Dover, dissipating about 7 miles east-southeast of Hennessey. F4 damage was observed on the west side of Dover where a steel-reinforced concrete building only had a few walls remaining; large vehicles were rendered apart; mobile homes' frames were wrapped around tree trunks; and trees lost all their branches and most of their bark. One woman was killed inside a large frame home that collapsed. Approximately 34 mobile homes and houses were either damaged or destroyed in Dover. Outside of Dover, damage was rated primarily F1 and was confined to trees, telephone poles, farm equipment, and outbuildings.

E7 05/03/1999 2130-2137 4 440 F1 0 0 Kingfisher 3 NE Dover - 4 SE Hennessey

While tornado E6 continued moving northeast of Dover, another tornado, E7, formed about 3 miles northeast of Dover. This tornado formed near tornado E6 and tracked north-northeast for 4 miles over open country. F1 damage to trees, telephone poles, farm equipment, and outbuildings was observed.